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  1. Guess who’s birthday is tomorrow (it’s NOT me)

  2. kxaCjGx_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&f

    1. Honey


      As someone who has read/written FanFiction since 2011, the flashbacks that the brought are paiNful

  3. FOTP user Big Brother Live Feeds is a bully

  4. three hundred years. that’s one hundred nine thousand five hundred seventy two days. that’s 2,629,746 hours. that’s 157,784,760 minutes. that’s 9.4670856 x 109 seconds. a little party never killed nobody.

  5. I would like to invite Raid: Shadow Legends, AFK Arena, and Rise of Kingdoms to leave me alone on YouTube nicki5 

    1. Venom


      I agree ajay1

      This status reply was brought to you by RAID: Shadow Legends. Available now on iOS and Android devices.

  6. “Who is he talking to?” the people watching the cameras at work ask as I mouth Nicki Minaj lyrics to myself.

  7. Happening right now


  8. Lady Marmalade isn’t that good :/

  9. s6N3GTI.gif

    1. ajp


      Poppy heading to the recording studio nicki4


  10. Very happy that youtube has been recommending this masterpiece to me


    1. LittleDudeNT5


      Me too dead2 why. It's nearly 7 years old

    2. Princess Aurora
    3. Shego
  11. The irony of Jesus’ birthday causing hell to break lose in retail settings.

  12. Hilary Duff really did invent Christmas in 2002 with Santa Claus Lane.

  13. Yes ma’am we stan an AUTHOR


  14. ni3kb0a_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&f

    1. ajp


      That took me a few seconds to get the joke sia2


  15. The 2010s have had a ton of shitty, unlistenable hits whose popularity and chart topping make no sense, but Dance Monkey is by FAR the worst of them all. I can’t even stomach the whole iTunes preview. Chile give the girl a glass of water and a lozenge.

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    2. fab


      Poker Face and Bad Romance weren't even released this decade .. clown 

    3. Freaky Prince

      Freaky Prince

      And no #1s for Madeadna


    4. Hylia


      All better songs than Dance Monkey

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  16. Dua, Harry, Grimes, Kesha, and Meghan keeping me fed on this lovely night!