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  1. STOP I do the same thing every day when I wake up. Ma announce the date please
  2. I had a dream last night where I logged into FOTP and the thread title had been changed to “Lady Gaga | Chromatica | September 3rd” I was like aw HELL naw, then I woke up
  3. Yes the era has been a mess, but it ultimately hasn’t spoiled my excitement for the album. I still bop to Stupid Love and every snippet I’ve heard so far has been stuck in my head. For me, I know it’ll be worth the wait.
  4. Featuring dem babies @GagaSavingPop and @Aidan.
  5. @GagaSavingPop what’s your favorite Taylor Swift album?
  6. Hope it’s a cover of the Cyndi Lauper bop
  7. TESSA IN EPISODE 6 HER MIND I like him! Season 7 really switches the game on who he is as a person but I’ll stay silent Can I go where you GOOOO?
  8. Maeve this season is what Jon Snow was in season 8 and that’s on facts! Omg what did you win? I once won a ticket to the ANTI Tour from the ANTI Diary but I sold it cause it was 6 hours away for the worst seat possible
  9. The past 3 episodes CHILE I’m scalped
  10. Maeves cute, but cute next to gorgeous (Dolores), you know, gorgeous is gonna devour cute! OT: Afterglow is the best song on Lover! Right @Sylk
  11. The way I shrieked


    1. WinnieIsFree


      Don’t know where I found it, but it made me yell 53F2D50E-9B0C-42F9-952D-758BC11A59B4.png

  12. I have to STAN this scalping. Aside from my Fiona and Tori stanning, I’ve never been able to stand this musty rat and I will always love to see someone clock him for filth


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    2. Hylia


       Chile the notifications…

    3. Urbi
    4. Urbi


      Now you can see how I felt when he gave DAMN. a 7 cry9 

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  13. This is still tea. I can get behind fun bops, considered trashy, shitty, or otherwise!
  14. Your trinity thread trinity?

  15. I just wish she would digitally release the album, a song, or at the very least say something about the album. I get why she’s doing this and I commend her, but being left in the dark like this sucks. She said in her Paper Magazine interview that she wouldn’t change plans just because Stupid Love leaked a month in advance, so I’m holding on to hope that the album cover reveal was planned and not just revealed because it leaked. She said more surprises were coming when she announced the delay, so I’m expecting ma to deliver something, no matter how delusional it makes me look.