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  1. What if it’s coming on the 10th still and she just clowned us?
  2. We probably have because I love Greek mythology. It seems to be referencing just the scale/tone, with the different myths being in a short story format. I think I’ve mentioned it to you, but I also have Cirse which is based on The Odyssey that I’m gonna read too.
  3. I haven’t actually read many short stories but I did recently get a book of Greek Myths where they’re written in a format close to George R.R. Martin (the description said that fans of A Song of Ice & Fire would enjoy the book). The authors run a YouTube channel that I watch where they discuss Greek myths so I’m excited to read it
  4. That’s always been the case. Bobby said that when Gaga has a new date, she’ll announce it. Indicators for now are pointing towards a June release.
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    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Me waiting for the new Lady Gaga's era

  6. Hi my name is Hylia I have a basketball game tomorrow I’m a point guard

  7. Guess who’s birthday is tomorrow (it’s NOT me)

  8. Something bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face
  9. Gaga announce something challenge
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    1. Honey


      As someone who has read/written FanFiction since 2011, the flashbacks that the brought are paiNful

  11. Literally everything about this era, from the songs to the visuals has been perfect