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  1. Your trinity thread trinity?

  2. I just wish she would digitally release the album, a song, or at the very least say something about the album. I get why she’s doing this and I commend her, but being left in the dark like this sucks. She said in her Paper Magazine interview that she wouldn’t change plans just because Stupid Love leaked a month in advance, so I’m holding on to hope that the album cover reveal was planned and not just revealed because it leaked. She said more surprises were coming when she announced the delay, so I’m expecting ma to deliver something, no matter how delusional it makes me look.
  3. What if it’s coming on the 10th still and she just clowned us?
  4. We probably have because I love Greek mythology. It seems to be referencing just the scale/tone, with the different myths being in a short story format. I think I’ve mentioned it to you, but I also have Cirse which is based on The Odyssey that I’m gonna read too.
  5. I haven’t actually read many short stories but I did recently get a book of Greek Myths where they’re written in a format close to George R.R. Martin (the description said that fans of A Song of Ice & Fire would enjoy the book). The authors run a YouTube channel that I watch where they discuss Greek myths so I’m excited to read it
  6. That’s always been the case. Bobby said that when Gaga has a new date, she’ll announce it. Indicators for now are pointing towards a June release.
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    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Me waiting for the new Lady Gaga's era

  8. Hi my name is Hylia I have a basketball game tomorrow I’m a point guard

  9. Guess who’s birthday is tomorrow (it’s NOT me)

  10. Something bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face
  11. Gaga announce something challenge
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    1. Honey


      As someone who has read/written FanFiction since 2011, the flashbacks that the brought are paiNful

  13. Literally everything about this era, from the songs to the visuals has been perfect