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  1. At least during the wait for ANTI, we got those three singles and the Home soundtrack songs. This time we just have Fenty Beauty, Fenty Housewares, and the new chain Fenty Bitch Better Have My Money Bank of Barbados.
  2. FOTP user Big Brother Live Feeds is a bully

  3. three hundred years. that’s one hundred nine thousand five hundred seventy two days. that’s 2,629,746 hours. that’s 157,784,760 minutes. that’s 9.4670856 x 109 seconds. a little party never killed nobody.

  4. I would like to invite Raid: Shadow Legends, AFK Arena, and Rise of Kingdoms to leave me alone on YouTube nicki5 

    1. Venom


      I agree ajay1

      This status reply was brought to you by RAID: Shadow Legends. Available now on iOS and Android devices.

  5. “Who is he talking to?” the people watching the cameras at work ask as I mouth Nicki Minaj lyrics to myself.

  6. Imagine us FINALLY getting the Hall of Origin through DLC after all these years
  7. Maybe I’ll actually stand a chance since I’ve only been using Galarian forms/Pokémon
  8. Gonna go look for Lapras after this, then I’ll have all 3 of them
  9. Battling a Gigantamax Alcremie now. Today really is the day of Pokégays receiving
  10. Barbie Tingz has been superior to Chun-Li since day one period
  11. I listened to it last night and I had forgotten how good the album was. Clownery aside, she’s always been so consistent with the bops and that’s what we need from her
  12. I’m partial to the first 3 gen 4 movies, especially Giratina and The Sky Warrior. It premiered in the US at a low time for me so it’s become a personal feel good classic
  13. That was one of my first Pokémon movies ever so it made me stan Kirlia and Absol
  14. Oop so is it female? Gallade is the superior Kirlia evolution (like Frosslass) and that’s on period
  15. Your Logan’s Run era
  16. Happening right now


  17. Lady Marmalade isn’t that good :/

  18. Words On The Trees is already topping decade end lists