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  1. Hylia

    Music Video

    Way better than all of the droplets the video is so cute too!
  2. It’s so bad omg. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen and get ready for Rain on Me!
  3. Hylia


    Chromatica is for the queens and the queers only!
  4. The way Rita Ora manages to stick around and show up on these lists when she’s… Rita Ora is astounding
  5. She leaked snippets of every song
  6. Hylia here


    1. ajp

      It’s @SWINΞ gag1

    2. Billie Frank

      This new Gaga video looks better than Stupid Luv or whatever it's called. 

  7. Hylia


    Elton is here for his MDNA era. 🧚‍♂️ People seemed serious about it, but I never believed it because Alice in Wonderland makes so much more sense. 💀
  8. Hylia


    I feel like this also disproves the theory that Alice is about her dog that passed away. Alice in Chromaticaland confirmed!
  9. Happy Mother’s Day

    1. Winnie

      The way I literally almost logged on yesterday and was gonna post this to you. I got distracted tho rip4

      Our minds are connected I just know it clap3 

    2. Hylia

      When I go to sleep, do I just wake up and become you? See you on Chromatica clap3 

  10. Hylia

    Time for me to get into her!
  11. Everyone say thank you Taylor for saving us
  12. Hylia

    HOW on earth is anything in this thread about her?
  13. Hylia


    That was sweet
  14. What will the re-release be called? Place your bets ladies
  15. Hylia


    Throw Small Talk in a cell and throw away the key, maybe
  16. I think I can’t disagree
  17. Ma’s I’m so excited for this. I was worried with the singles in the past few years that she had lost her touch, but she’s clearly got her ducks back in a row. She’s coming to sweep my follicles off the floor.
  18. So you admit it? Lights is her magnum opus?
  19. Where’s the (Bright) Lights appreciation gals?