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  1. Congratulations, I know it'll go well! My dad had a very similar surgery last year, and although it's been hard, he's been able to lose weight and he's been so much more active and happy ever since. Things won't be easy, they never are with surgery, but what matters is perseverance. You seem like a strong person and I know you'll make it through this just fine! I'll be sending good thoughts your way on the 21st! Let us know how it all goes! hug1 

  2. Quote

    "Turn that shit off, you slut. My ears are bleeding, and I don't even have my hearing aids turned up." Hylia says to Sylk. "You are nothing but a JLo stanning rat! And as Godriah Carey is my witness, I will never apply your wig again!" Sylk says in response to Hylia. "Again? My wig remains firmly planted on my scalp, in fact, I think my real hair grew back after hearing that god awful song." Hylia says

    The accuracy lmfao1 

  3. Just now, Hannah. said:

    Not you accusing @Hermione of being the killer. After all, the entire greek system has the hooded gown that the killer uses!


    Flashback episodes exist for a reason!


    I can neither confirm nor deny these accusations


    Did you not see my comment to @Hyun. saying that y'all may not be over?


    Make my ghost a main character, and allow me to get a makeover in the afterlife. Preferably one where I have a good discography