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  1. Hylia


    Hi I just want to say thank you for your generosity with all that you’ve shared. You brought light into the darkness that was pre-Chromatica and anything you share with us will continue to be greatly appreciated
  2. The way it and all of these leaked ones SHIT on the original
  3. Wait… has that always been the standard cover? I’m so confused
  4. Hylia


    The way this serves 80s sci-fi movie poster shes fucking snatching me this era
  5. Hylia


    Two of my favorite Katy songs
  6. Hylia here

    Already stanning oprah15 


    1. Royalty

      I wanna see this movie so bad that scene was so cute shock1 

    2. Royalty

      Oh wait it’s a show rip4 

  7. Hylia


    The people have said NO
  8. Hylia


    This… is… my dance floor… I FOUGHT FOR
  9. Hylia


    Is the instant grat coming tomorrow (Friday)?
  10. Hylia here


    1. CHANEL #1

      i screamed lmfao2 

    2. Royalty

      @CHANEL #1 you scream 3 times? shock1 

    3. CHANEL #1

      @Royaltymess rip4 no idea why it posted three times rip2 

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  11. Hylia


    thank u, next Sweetener Dangerous Woman My Everything Yours Truly I literally enjoy each album she releases more than the last
  12. Hylia


  13. Hylia


    Their son will be the god warrior destined to battle X Æ A-12 Musk for the fate of the universe
  14. Hylia


    It’s coming this week? Her mind… it shocks me.
  15. Hylia


    @Harry Styles do you have any tea? We’re thirsty
  16. Hylia


    She’s over
  17. Hylia


    I used to have her, Taylor, and Grimes all on notification a few years ago, but I got fed up. I’m not dealing with this haus labs fuckery, you’re brave for doing so
  18. I. Have. No. Words. Un. Fucking. STANNED.
  19. Hylia


    STOP I do the same thing every day when I wake up. Ma announce the date please
  20. Hylia


    I had a dream last night where I logged into FOTP and the thread title had been changed to “Lady Gaga | Chromatica | September 3rd” I was like aw HELL naw, then I woke up
  21. Hylia


    Yes the era has been a mess, but it ultimately hasn’t spoiled my excitement for the album. I still bop to Stupid Love and every snippet I’ve heard so far has been stuck in my head. For me, I know it’ll be worth the wait.
  22. I just know Influenza Musk is gonna grow up to serve horror villain teas but seriously, congrats to her! Hopefully she’ll come through, prove Influenza was just a rumor, and give the child a normal name. (Doubt it though!)