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  1. Except Grimes hasn't been teasing her album and releasing singles from it since 1952
  2. Why do you always bring Xtina up when you mention Cry Baby's top 10 peak on iTunes?
  3. She's still saying it's gonna randomly drop in October
  4. http://www.thefader.com/2015/08/28/grimes-eerie-collective
  5. She does have the EP with The Flaming Lips coming
  6. Do people like Carmen? I feel like most Lana stans I've talked to haven't liked it
  7. I still need to listen to the soundtrack. Is it just her and Cher?
  8. I love it, the title is serving me Unbroken teas. The Sirah collab seems kinda random though
  9. Credits: Roll Witchu - Janet Jackson Waking Up: Commander - Kelly Rowland First Day At School: Million Miles - Kylie Minogue Falling In Love: Shake Ya Bum Bum - Lil Kim ( ) Fight Song: Your Biggest Mistake - Ellie Goulding Breaking Up: Me Against the Music - Britney Spears & Madonna Life’s OK: Cloud On My Tongue - Tori Amos Getting Back Together: Bamboo Banga - M.I.A. Wedding: Sex on the Ceiling - Sevyn Streeter ( ) Birth of Child: Primadonna - Marina and The Diamonds Final Battle: Whisper - Regina Spektor Death Scene: Still Here - Oh Land (immortal tbh ) Funer
  10. I'm glad, his work as of late hasn't been nearly as good as his work on Back To Black
  11. Ricky Martin is the only one who's music I can tolerate, so him
  12. Cruel World > Honeymoon > Born To Die = Ride > Kill Kill
  13. Déjà Vu by Giorgio Moroder and pretty much every other dance/EDM album
  14. She's basically a diluted Lana/Sky Ferreira, but a couple of her songs are semi-cute I guess
  15. I like it, but I prefer a lot of other releases by females this year.
  16. Love your set, Reba is such a queen I was watching The Wizard of Oz for the millionth time today and decided to listen to her on Apple Music, and I'm in love with I Confessed To The Breeze
  17. It peaked at #23 in the U.S. but it was on her My Prerogative greatest hits album