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  1. I'm a fan of all the faves to an extent, but Kesha is probably the one I listen to the least
  2. Aries: Start All Over - Miley Cyrus Taurus: Clear - Miley Cyrus Gemini: War Games - Fatima Al Qadiri Cancer: I Bet - Ciara Leo: Do Not Disturb (feat. Chris Brown) - Teyana Taylor Virgo: I'll Kiss You - Cyndi Lauper Libra: Rain - Janet Jackson Scorpio: Nightmusic (feat. Majical Clouds) - Grimes Sagittarius: Can't B Good - Janet Jackson Capricorn: Sleazy - Kesha Aquarius: Good Goodbye - Lianne La Havas Pisces: Love Is Dangerous - Fleetwood Mac
  3. Gonna Apple Music it and pre-order that box set
  4. I don't really see her as a rapper either, but I still prefer her over the other artists listed
  5. How has this not been posted?
  6. M.I.A. > Nicki > Azealia > Kim > Lauryn > Iggy I don't get the hype over Lauryn at all
  7. Between the title track and HBTB, definitely Honeymoon. I'm not listening to TLY until it's out here
  8. Madonna: Lucky Star Like a Virgin: Into the Groove True Blue: White Heat Like a Prayer: Till Death Do Us Part Erotica: Waiting Bedtime Stories: Bedtime Story Ray of Light: Sky Fits Heaven Music: Don't Tell Me American Life: Mother and Father Confessions On a Dance Floor: Isaac Hard Candy: Voices MDNA: Love Spent Rebel Heart: Bitch I'm Madonna
  9. @Kali @ Oh I see, initially I was referring to the Edward vs. Taylor situation itself and not the video but I see what you meant now. Thank you for clarifying.
  10. When a gif sums up your feelings about a topic/post perfectly, words aren't needed
  11. Hylia

    Best song this era?

    Bitch Better Have My Money. American Oxygen doesn't exist to me
  12. IP is her best, I'll never understand the hate it gets