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  1. Easily State of Grace since it's my overall fave Red track
  2. While I'm glad his tracks were pulled cause I didn't want her album to sound dated, he needs to quit being bitter and let her have this song since she already released it anyway
  3. Grandloves (feat. Young Magic)- Purity Ring
  4. They betta stan Katy and Betty How do you stan for PewDiePie though?
  5. I Can't Make You Love Me- Priyanka Chopra
  6. Can't wait for more of this shoot she looks amazing
  7. "Omg! I'm freaking out!! I just got interview for a DVD project for #Eminem!!!! #Stan #ItsAStanThing #MonsterTour #MMLP2"
  8. I would need it to be titled HistoRIH
  9. So basically a live chat on Yahoo! on the 18th at 5 PM :giveup:
  10. The guitar solo at the end is everything
  11. Yeah I agree, the obsession is real :laughcry:
  12. 2nd clue I'm guessing the single will premiere at 5 PM on the 18th or that's when she'll do her live chat
  13. "It Takes Twelve (Disciples)" :lmfao:
  14. Someone on ATRL said that it was because Days in the East is about Rihanna and the number 6 represents Toronto