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  1. Used a Quick Ball on a Gigantamax Centiskorch and it escaped after the first shake
  2. Defeated a Gigantamax Centiskorch finally… then it escaped from my Ultra Ball
  3. The other day I got attacked by a ton of Rotom while I was looking for someone else I was like damn ma, it IS that serious
  4. You’re like my yo-yo


    That glows in the dark


    What made it special…


    Made it dangerous


  5. I caught a Milotic in the Wild Area and I love to see it! 9 year old me thinking I could catch the Milotic in the Battle Pike finally got justice! (Though I think I caught a Milotic in BW2? Can’t remember clearly enough)
  6. TEA! New hairstyle, hair color, and outfit everyday! We came to WERQ the Galar region
  7. I just caught ANOTHER Gigantamax Corviknight! My mind, it’s so powerful
  8. Somehow I finally managed to catch a Gigantamax Corviknight earlier with just AI
  9. It took me over a year to even reach Ultra Ruin no words
  10. Attempting a Gigantamax Corviknight raid and, once again, the AI are NOT helping. I search for other players every time but no one responds.
  11. You guys ever see someone you haven’t seen in a while, and it looks like the universe decided to re-cast them with a different actor? orangu1 

    1. Hylia
    2. #Music


      !!!!!!! all the time orangu1 

    3. SHANE


      a different actor I'm dead YES dead2

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  12. I’m already sick of hearing AIWFCIY being spammed orangu1 

    1. Dennis Reynolds
    2. Hylia


      @Dennis Reynolds plot twist: your you know what will be what sends it to #1 this year

  13. I’ve amended my team a bit! I’ll get my FC and league card on here tonight
  14. I’ve ended up with AIs using Clefairys that do the same thing and spam Follow Me where’s Lusamine’s Clefable when you need her
  15. I still think USUM should’ve been a sequel instead, because the anime did a wonderful job including both Arthur Foundation storylines and they could have just done the same in the games. They had such a good thing going with BW2 so I’m hoping they do that again with SWSH because I would love to see where everyone’s stories head after the events of these games. X & Y also deserved more, like a sequel utilizing the anime’s Zygarde plot (because I enjoyed that way more than the plot of the game’s), but that’s in the past now.