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  1. No one:

    @Sylk: “This artist Hylia likes is SHIT! Their album title is DUMB! They’s LOCAL!”

  2. Taylor when she announces a Greatist Hits Spotify Playlist on the 26th


  3. D3wYqFwWsAEW8i0.jpg:large

    1. Quill


      "bitch that I talk about" rip3

      Everything about this post. rip3

  4. Him deleting this right as people are about to retweet it lmfao1 


  5. When I hear someone scream at work, and Sweet But Psycho DOESN’T start playing bebe1 

  6. Restaurant I’m at played Carly’s This Kiss and I’m living

  7. No one’s ever gonna give you a trophy


    For all the pain and the things you’ve been through


    No one knows but you


    1. Urbi


      MF is such a jam oprah13 

  8. Literally no one:

    Porn stars:


  9. Every time I watch Queer Eye, I feel like I come out (not intentional) of it a better person

    1. Hylia


      Jonathan is probably my favorite too, he’s just so vibrant and open with his femininity and I’m here for that. I like to play around with my hair color and style so seeing him give all these tips and new looks to the people on there gives me a lot of inspiration. Plus he does a Game of Thrones coverage show called Gay of Thrones that’s absolutely hilarious.

      They all have so much to offer though and I would feel blessed to know any of them. They really are the kind of role models we need in our community and I hope Queer Eye shows more viewers that we are just as diverse of a people as straights are. 

    2. Hermione


      Yes! I think it's so inspiring and even attractive how in touch with his feminine side Jonathan is. He's so fierce, he reminds me of a male version of all the 90s supermodels. I want him to follow me everywhere and give me pep talks and positive affirmations. All five of them have beautiful souls.

    3. Manel



      Jonathan has helped me embrace my femininity in a world where gays are constantly forced to be masculine to prove they're worth of society's acceptance. I follow him on Instagram and watching him start his passion for skating (when he's 32) has proven me that you're never too old to start making your dreams come true and change your habits, because everything can always get better.

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  10. I’m so tired that I’m not sure if the artist sections names are actually like that or if it’s just a hallucination

    1. Ariana


      wait, I- 


    2. Hylia


      Just realized it’s April fools, ugh my mind it’s so slow sometimes

  11. Jesus 3 days after his Cross Vegas residency


  12. 26YrQLB.jpg

    1. Madonna


      ny4 I think the "I'd like to talk to the manager" meme is one of my favourites.

  13. Getting THAT image off the home page tyvm

  14. Anyway!

    1. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      Guess it’s time to make use of the ignore function again that I thankfully haven’t had to use in a year lol3 

    2. QUINN


      the shade

    3. Urbi


      Omg who is this about

  15. @Philip this your man?


    1. Urbi


      Don’t do drugs kids

    2. Philip


      he was, but we decided to take a break so I'm dating his credit card only for now moo1 

  16. vuRV0jP.jpg

    1. Honey


      This will haunt me, I know it will 

    2. Chris
  17. Just casually enjoying my break when a man walks by on the phone and says “well you’re wrong, and I have the testicles to prove it.” 

  18. Hi Morgan, I tried the new rice & bean recipe you sent me and the kids adored it. The noodles and chipotle really added a flavorful kick! I’ll have to send you mine for the white chocolate macadamia cookies soon. How is Louise? I heard the ballet recital went well. Tinashe wrote me recently, she says she’s coming home for a few weeks while she writes her next album. Joyride was so good, thank you for buying a few copies for the kids, I know it made her happy too.

    1. WinnieIsFree


      Hey Brenda, glad you enjoyed the recipe! I actually love those cookies can’t wait for the recipe. I heard Skylar is doing really well in the Girl Scouts, and sold the most cookies in her class!

      I’m so happy for Tekashi, or however it’s pronounced! My close friend Onika is getting married soon! Some ex convict or something, I’ll see how that works out. 

  19. “For the last time, no Shallow stream no whipped cream”


    1. Lukas


      The gag that most little monsters are pig power bottoms and Starbucks do not serve any bottom friendly drinks or food 

    2. Kylie


      I’m deceased

    3. Satori


      The Applause single artwork on the menu behind her I- dead1

  20. Glad I missed… that. Also glad to see we’ve finally flushed the toilet on a certain piece of shit.

  21. Me perching for Taylor to post an image on Instagram that has 4 of something in it today


    1. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      She’s going to post her 4 holes as today’s surprise 


  22. Nobody’s perfect

    I gotta work it

    Again and again till I get it right