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  1. My attention span leaving the room during Lola until Alice’s hook starts again


  2. Footage of me walking out of the store with my games ready to hole myself up for days straight
  3. Did anyone else stan the PokéPark games? Cause I loved those
  4. I’m not doing story spoilers so I’m gonna take your word for it
  5. TEA ALERT! Luigi’s Mansion 3 left me wigless. Are you stanning?
  6. The response to gen V is still the worst I’ve seen. Particularly over the fact that in B/W, you could only catch Unova Pokémon until the post game, and the Pokemon from then were so polarizing on top of that. I’ll admit those games took a bit to grow on me, but I was never rabid like some of these people are
  7. What RihannaRTT said, people always bitch about stuff before a new set of games come out. I’ve just learned to ignore them
  8. Yes, it’s just you. She’s a queen and you ain’t gonna check her boo
  9. Not ashamed to admit I’ve already seen all the new Pokémon, and I fucking STAN them. I absolutely refuse to look at anything else though, the characters and story can all remain a surprise for me
  10. The noise level at work let’s me hear the instrumental of the song playing but not the vocals, so I can never tell if it’s Cheap Thrills, Crying In the Club, or Shape of You orangu1