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  1. Ryan Zamolodchikova

    American Life isn't as good as everyone says but I still like some songs on it Lotus. it has some SONGS. Some.
  2. I really want the leftover tracks from After Partymad5

  3. Ryan Zamolodchikova

    I'm logging off the Internet and never coming back. Bye.
  4. I wish I could just go to sleep without this guy texting me trying to get me to suck dick in his car at 1ambrit2

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    2. Ryan Zamolodchikova

      It isn't goals when you just wanna sleep and need to be up in 5 hours mad5 

    3. Quill

      Stan Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova! But your dad just calls her Katya. cry6cry2 

    4. Ryan Zamolodchikova

      Yaaassssss that line alone made me go full stan on ha tbh she was always one of my faves but now she is the Supremeantm1

  5. Ryan Zamolodchikova


    DIC is getting some much attention by stans because it's the most pop song on the album imo
  6. Ryan Zamolodchikova


    I love that scene too but I actually don't like her cover of it It does, but the the songs >>>>>>> Bound to You and YHSTLOM>>>> Shanghai Surprise should be forgotten lol I think I threw mine out
  7. Ryan Zamolodchikova


    Crossroads is one of my favorite movies lol I loved it ever since it came out. It's just so cute and I cry every time when Lucy's mom says she was a mistake lol Don't slander Burlesque, it's so good! For Madonna I have Truth Or Dare Die Another Day A League of Their own on VHS Justify My Love VHS single Celebration What It Feels like For a Girl DVD single Shanghai Surprise on VHS Evita on VHS
  8. I need a music video for Slaytina

  9. Ryan Zamolodchikova


    I love the Bedtime Stories era remix singles. The whole Secret remix single >>>> Bedtime Story remix single >>>>> Human Nature remix single >>>>>
  10. Ryan Zamolodchikova


    Damn lol that's a big collection I just have some Britney and Madonna DVDs, Crossroads, Burlesque, Gwen's Harajuku Lovers tour, and the whole True Blood series
  11. Ryan Zamolodchikova


    Yas bitch Y A A A S S S S S
  12. Ryan Zamolodchikova


    Oh I didn't know I just saw her Instagram post then I bought it lol I didn't know they had the CDs on their websites because I only check Amazon
  13. Snatched that up real quick
  14. Ryan Zamolodchikova


    Idk how long the release date has been available but I know when I pre-ordered it off Britney's site when it was annoumced, it just said sometime in November. Anyways, the release date is November 11th! And it's available for preorder on Amazon for $24. (A lot cheaper than what I paid on her website which altogether with shipping was $60)
  15. Ryan Zamolodchikova


    Omg I love this so much