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  2. Mariah's last album - 5th place in Billboard (43,000 pure sales), Madonna's last album - number 1 ( 90,000 pure sales) So yeah, look it up.
  3. MissCrawford


    Everything wrong about it >>> title, cover, background Siri Jean aka most personal album of the decade Flopanne aka album about some dead aunt you never seen in your life
  4. MissCrawford


    but we've been told that only old fags listen to Madonna nowadays Love his reactions, such a stan
  5. MissCrawford

    Yikes at least Madonna now not the worst with her Eurovision fail (the woman is 60 and she was never that bad when she was younger)... and sis this tragic lazy moves even Britney can do better in her bad times
  6. MissCrawford

  7. PS Shallow is not a female hit, it's fkn duet of two artists, were one of them is a men.
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    Kids I never loved this song
  9. MissCrawford

    Go back to Party City where you belong.
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    Madame X really is that bitch