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  1. Impossible Princess


    Rainbow Spaceship Hunt You Down in no particular order
  2. And like that, Kesha has released my favorite album of the year.

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    A PM with links or it didn't happen Thx in advance
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  5. Impossible Princess


    I've been in my Cocoon.mp3
  6. Impossible Princess


    Lust for Wigs
  7. Impossible Princess

    Obviously Madonna, I mean..... Ray of Light, Music, Erotica, etc. I honestly don't see Gaga ever becoming as experimental as her either. I think she prefers to stick more to a mainstream sound, which is fine with me I guess because I like her music
  8. Impossible Princess


    Cannibal vs Bad Romance vs Ride We R Who We R vs Alejandro vs American Sleazy vs Monster vs Cola Blow vs Speechless vs Body Electric The Harold Song vs Dance In The Dark vs Blue Velvet Crazy Beautiful Life vs Telephone vs Gods And Monsters Grow A Pear vs So Happy I Could Die vs Yayo C U Next Tuesday vs Teeth vs Bel Air Like no competition
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    I would recommend starting from the very beginning honestly. It's best to listen over the years chronologically and hear his evolution of sound. However, his self-titled debut is absolute trash though. Skipping it and beginning at Space Oddity would be wise
  10. Impossible Princess

    Omg stan Shurallah. A little sad Banks is nowhere on this list though
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  12. Impossible Princess

    My fight with @TattooedHeart Iconique
  13. I've gotten to where his stupidity doesn't even surprise me And the sad part is, his supporters will always find some way to justify his stupidity.