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  1. Probably...people fixed it right after the leak but when it did leak people cried foul right away.
  2. GROSS! I hate him because of his whole vile chicks need to use baby wipes not toilet paper bullshit.
  3. I remember the details of this leak... The person who leaked it got called out for trying to mix the ending of the version of I Love New York on the IGTTYAS with the start of IILWL...they are not mixed though
  4. Now this is more like it!!! about that little douchebag Bieber but this? YASS!!!
  5. I can't!!!!!!!!!!!! Run Madonna!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I'm here for I Think We're Alone Now. I don't know any of her other songs though.
  7. #1 Rebel Heart - 116,472 #2 Empire - 107,140