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  1. Born this Way: 115 ARTPOP: 65
  2. Born this Way- 105 ARTPOP- 75
  3. Outside from the singles, Witness really isn't generic cutesy pop. 1989 lined up with Taylor's past work, while Witness didn't. Sometimes taking a risk doesn't pay off, which was the case with Katy and making her sound more serious and dark.
  4. She did directly bring it up in her Carpool Karaoke episode and basically confirmed Swish Swish being about Taylor, but still. Katy is more mature in this since she's directly addressed the feud head-on without beating around the bush, while Taylor is trying to avoid that all costs.
  5. All I need is her to serve vocals and visuals. I don't care what's performed as long as it isn't Sinners Prayer
  6. Logan

    Game Witness +/-

    1. Witness - 55 3. Roulette - 55 4. Swish Swish - 20 5. Déjà Vu - 45 6. Power - 60 9. Chained To The Rhythm - 35 (+) 14. Pendulum - 40 15. Into Me You See - 0 (-)
  7. I think every artist has a reason to be stanned, but for me personally, the artists I stan need some sort of talented quality. I'd mainly look at songwriting, producing, and vocals. If they don't have at least one of three, I can't physically stan them. A lot of the pop girls who can't sing are extremely good songwriters, while others can serve vocals but can't songwrite worth their life. The only artist I can really think of that doesn't fall under any of that is Selena, but there's probably more I'm missing
  8. Just V Magazine in general tbh... 2011 Issue 2013 Issue The ARTPOP one is by far my favorite though So many iconic looks in one shoot
  9. Born this Way- 100 ARTPOP- 80 Born This Way doesn't deserve this disrespect
  10. Logan

    Game Witness +/-

    1. Witness - 55 3. Roulette - 45 4. Swish Swish - 20 5. Déjà Vu - 50 6. Power - 65 9. Chained To The Rhythm - 30 (+) 14. Pendulum - 35 15. Into Me You See - 10 (-)
  11. This is old news, and Gaga has proven herself to be extremely charitable Even the beginning of your post cancels out anything else in it You also shamelessly lifted this from the Gaga section to try and drag her, but it fell flat
  12. Tea! I can see P!nk having a comeback, since the GP has been craving her music (look at Just Like Fire) Rihanna will always maintain a certain amount of success, since he hasn't drastically changed her image. Beyonce won't have any successful singles, but will be a touring/album force, as per usual. Taylor will probably have similar success to 1989, and everyone will be bitter about it If Gaga does anything similar to The Cure, she can have a comeback from Joanne. I believe in ha
  13. No tea, just facts A lot of people contribute to sexism without realizing it. I've been guilty of it myself It'll never change though, since someone always has to be "on top" and "the best"
  14. Born this Way- 100 ARTPOP- 80