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    BEYONCÉ - FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION BILLBOARDS (MEDIUM) Beyoncé continues campaigning for the GRAMMY Awards this year, where her album "How Can I Fly Without Wings?" and its accompanying singles are being touted as worthy contenders of select award categories. A 9x GRAMMY Award winner, the singer is hoping to be nominated in the Big Four categories, including Album of the Year (How Can I Fly Without Wings?) and Song of the Year (How Can I Fly Without Wings?). Other select categories include Best R&B Recording (Love Bandit) and Best Pop Vocal Album (How Can I Fly Without Wings?). SUBMISSIONS: Album of the Year - How Can I Fly Without Wings? Song of the Year - How Can I Fly Without Wings? Record of the Year - Love Bandit Best Pop Vocal Album - How Can I Fly Without Wings? Best Pop Solo Performance - How Can I Fly Without Wings? Best R&B Recording - Love Bandit Best Album Campaign - How Can I Fly Without Wings? Best Album Cover - How Can I Fly Without Wings? Best Music Video - Love Bandit
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    @Ronlop @Bleachella Paid FYC promo ($10 million). Forgot to add that "Love Bandit" is being campaigned for the Music Video category too.
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    BEYONCÉ SPEAKS TO THE PRESS AT RED CARPET EVENT BEFORE FILMING "BEYONCÉ: FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION" Artists have gone out in full force to campaign for the GRAMMYs season, but Beyoncé has been exceptionally quiet - up until now. The star arrived in New York City at a red carpet event, hours before she was scheduled to film "Beyoncé: For Your Consideration", a live event where press outlets and Academy members were invited. The event was broadcast live on NBC channels. "Which category would mean the most to you, if you get nominated?" I have such an attachment to "How Can I Fly Without Wings?", both album and song, and would love to be nominated up in one of the big four categories. The lyrics are intensely personal and vulnerable in a way I never was comfortable enough to be as a songwriter. Instead of using a lot of symbolism or drawn out metaphors, I opted to tell a story of trudging mountains, rivers and seas to convey the weariness life oftentimes brings. This entire album campaign has certainly been rewarding in that I've been able to tell my story - the thick and thin, living through it all. It's been a fantastic run and to be nominated and win would be the biggest and sweetest blessing. "Why should How Can I Fly Without Wings be nominated for Album of the Year?" Human beings are defined by our narratives and the challenges we go through and rise above. This album was not about the highlights of my life - far from it. It was about the tenacity I never knew I had in me to overcome all of the hardship I'd endured - intense media scrutiny, two divorces, a miscarriage, bad blood with some of my management. It's been a rocky several years and when I finally learned to climb out of it was when I finally found my sound. This album has helped me in a way none of my other works have. And as we go forward into 2020, I want to encourage other artists to also step forward and tell their own tales of struggle. Not anyone else's - yours. So I think the album deserves a nod because it's really a career-defining piece. Every lyric has its place, the sound is cohesive and the sound is polished and more mature. It's certainly the album I have waited all my life to make, and that I was meant to make. "What has been your favorite part of the album campaign?" Definitely the album showcase. My albums are made for the stage and engineered in such a way that they're meant to be heard live. I am a born performer and cannot imagine a life outside of the stage, without the audience's enthusiasm and energy. Performing the slower cuts like "How Can I Fly Without Wings?" and "Human Emotion" are definitely some of my favorite moments as well. This album campaign has afforded me moments of candidness in a reassuring fashion and to have such immense fan support has been so fantastic. "What is tonight's event going to be like?" I'm going to delve deep into the songs and the album, and to tell the story of the lyrics that are closest to my heart. Yes, art is subjective, but I find that sometimes leaves room for misunderstanding or misconstruing an artist's true intent, and the message sometimes gets lost. I'm also going to be performing some cuts off the album and hopefully delight everyone in the audience tonight.
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