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  1. The fact that we're already using past tense.
  2. happy birthday dylan i hope you die of an anal prolapse bc glass is sharp
  3. This is an ICONIC moment thank you Robert for giving the gays everything we want: drama, attention from a hot model and attention in general
  4. XYLON'S EARNINGS Singles $159,194 BEYONCE'S EARNINGS Singles $28,200 Albums $108,500
  5. https://www.rabb.it/arcadius
  6. Are you coping well sis? Get the rest you need! Also am I right that ankle injury = medical leave = no need to go back to the army? Aka MORE TIME ON THE GAME? Wow talent wins Love u xox
  7. ........................
  8. 1. Xylon - Toronto Trains 2. Maxence - Pyramids 3. Evan Peters - Ignorance is Bliss 4. Xylon - Cruel 5. Troye Sivan - Eternal Winter 6. Maluma - Bad Habits 7. Brendon Urie - Oblivious
  9. BEYONCE CONTINUES THE LOST QUEEN YACHT TOUR (STOP 3), BEFRIENDS APPLE CDO'S WIFE After her first two stops on the New York Yacht Club x Rolex yacht tour, Beyonce continues her journey with the yacht club and performed on another cruise today. Members of the New York Yacht Club have requested for the following songs to be performed: The American Dream, Back Of The Bus, Sea Of Flowers, Find Me In The Wild, Two Ends Of A Rainbow & Violet. For this third performance, the star chose to perform Back of the Bus, Find Me In The Wild and Violet, due to the fact that she'd just performed the other three on Jimmy Kimmel the night prior. The yacht tour has certainly been an effective tool for Beyonce to socialise and connect with the wealthy, a currently untapped market among musicians. One of the audience members tonight was Heather Pegg Ive, the wife of Jonathan Ive. "I've been here the two previous stops, and Beyonce is a show-stopping performer. She is incredible. I'm so glad I'm a New York Yacht Club member and have gotten the chance to witness her upclose and personal," Mrs. Ive tells us. Beyonce and Mrs. Ive were seen socialising and sharing a toast over sangria (very appropriately so, for the Sangria Nights chanteuse). Could something exciting happen in collaboration with Apple? Who knows! But things certainly looked great as Beyonce made a conscious effort to network with Mrs. Ive. First performing Back of the Bus, Beyonce emotionally delivered the track to the great reception of the crowd. One old black lady was moved to tears and said, "This song echoes so well the sentiments of the black community of my time. We have progressed a lot but regressed a lot in recent years too - there is so much to be done." Next up was Find Me In The Wild, and Beyonce sang Florence's verse due to her inability to attend. One of the rich women said, "I'm quite sad that Florence is not here to sing the song. She is one of my favourite singers! If only she would embark on a yacht tour of her own." To close out the set, Beyonce performed Violet, which she dubbed one of the favourite songs she has ever done. She did this wearing an elegant violet-colored gown designed by Donatella Versace exclusively for the yacht tour performances of Violet. It was a splendid night of talent and excellent showmanship.