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  1. Flying alone for the first time to Sydney in 7 hours asddsassass
  2. that's about enough, i was drunk but edu being opportunistic and jumping on a bandwagon to randomly lash out at someone is... unsurprising
  3. As I've clarified I randomly took an image off searching for fire on google... And had zero ill intent. It's hard to keep up with the cultural context of EVERY image you come across and it just happened this wasn't the tea, that's all. Sorry if you were affected by me using a photo.
  4. I didn’t know that image was from the wildfire, I got an image off “fire” from google images and it’s clear I’m not trying to be insensitive. If y’all want to make this a huge deal it’s not within my control but eh. And I’m kind of drunk now I’ll deal w this in the morning if I can bother nnn
  5. Uhhh....