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    This is so beautifully written omg
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    XYLON ON CHANTE FRANCE (RADIO) EUROPEAN PROMOTION - RADIO On the Adolescence era The Adolescence era has been such a breakthrough for me this year, and I actually have a place in music now! From the release of "Cruel" to the album release - every decision along the way has been made by me. I'm loving the independence and the free reigns I have to let my era play out exactly the way I wish. I think it's important as an artist to be able to make simple choices like this. Yes, a label pumps money into promotion, but if you don't like what you're selling then it won't come off as a genuine and people aren't going to buy your shtick. People are not stupid. I'm just glad I'm not in a place where I have to listen to higher-ups who have no idea what's best for my own career. Being independent is just the right move for me because I was always second-best, never deserving of resources and it was so stagnant for my growth. I hated every moment being signed to a corporation. I'll also be making the decision on what to release next as promotional singles and full-fledged singles. I'm looking forward to next week where I will inject even more life into the era, releasing a new promo single. On releasing a promotional single next week I thought it'd kind of be a neat idea, to release a promotional single with its own music video next week, sort of as a "thank you" to fans for making Adolescence my first #1 album. It's such a moment for my fans and I. Going #1 is a huge deal especially considering competition is so stiff these days, and as an independent artist, I take a lot of pride in that we made it all work. We approached these TV shows and radio hosts ourselves, we inked the Target deal ourselves, we inked the ABC deal ourselves. And at the end of the day we're reaping the rewards of our hard work. But I know it wouldn't have been possible without the fans - so this is a little thank you to them. Hopefully they enjoy whatever I release - but I've given fans the choice between "Blues by the Bar" and "Delusional Dreamer" on Twitter, so we'll see which they pick! On Beyonce's comeback I know I've spazzed out a lot about it but I'm just so so stoked for new Bey. I feel like she got a lot of flack for The Third Ward underperforming - but it wasn't even by any means a bad era. She got 2 #1 singles out of it, another top 3 single with Sangria Nights, and even Hold You In My Arms charted in the top 10. It really was the lack of promotion that disadvantaged her. But Bey is such a fighter and she never let the negative press get to her. Instead, I saw how she worked late into every night in studios recording, perfecting every beat and rhythm to make a record she can be proud of. That, to me, is inspirational. I've been able to listen to her comeback single and all I can say is her fans truly will not be let down. It is a classic Bey track in every shape and form. On what's next for him I'm going to continue promoting Adolescence. I'm not resting on my laurels! I have so much more to offer on this record, I'm not slowing down anytime soon. So if you're not a Xylon fan, sorry 'bout it but I'm here to stay and I'm here for good. I'll also be embarking on Troye Sivan's tour as an opening act in Australia, and right after I'll embark on my own solo theatre tour, which should be announced soon. Everything is just coming together seamlessly and I couldn't be happier.
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    XYLON PERFORMS JAZZY "ADOLESCENCE" MEDLEY ON THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT (UNITED STATES PROMOTION - TELEVISION) Having nabbed the #1 album across worldwide charts this past week, Xylon Bolt is unquestionably on a roll as of late. Xylon was initially best known for his controversial homoerotic performance with top male performer Maxence. Trying hard to push his foray into music, Xylon released a few singles which failed to make it big, bar "Flirtatious" which made it to the top 10. Later ascending to the top 10 of the singles chart again with his lead single "Cruel", the singer has made waves on radio as an up-and-coming force, one to be reckoned with. With his new #1 album, Xylon has visited a plethora of television and radio shows, and today brought his A-game to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. INTERVIEW On Adolescence going #1 and what that means for him It's really crazy, that the album's gone #1 in a tight albums race to the top and I couldn't be more grateful. I wrote this album in attempt to channel a lot of resentment and rage I had into positive, uplifting energy, and it really did pay off big time. Someone's gotta serve up the basic tropical pop bops and I stepped up and took on that duty. Xylon's a fun guy, Xylon's the guy you tell the DJ to turn up at the party - I appreciate lyrical depth but sometimes you just want to have fun. And that's what Adolescence aims to do. On a bigger scale, I think this album going #1 really validates the traditional promotional method. If you work at it long and hard enough, you can rely solely on performing and going on radio to make it big. You just need to go at it slow and steady and have the notion that one day people will hear what you sing. You have to have the patience to make it work. I think what I'm proudest of is the process and how slow-burning it has been. On whether he considers himself a threat Oh, definitely not. I'm not out here to be considered a threat. I'm out here to make you feel good, to turn up the party. I don't want to be a huge celebrity or anything, I just want to be a successful musician who has a loyal allegiance of fans. And I will do anything for those fans. At my core I just want to do my job well and I understand that comes with a price of competition and being pit against other artists, but is that really necessary? We can all co-exist especially in this age of instant gratification and streaming - if you don't like my music, there's a whole lot more out there for you to go forth and discover. Don't tie yourself up and tell yourself you can't listen to this, you can't listen to that. You can listen to whatever the f*ck you want. On the upcoming tour We've just submitted tour dates to Live Nation so they can get venues sorted, demand calculated and once all of that is done and dusted, we'll go ahead and put tickets up for sale. I'm beyond excited to get out on the road to perform for all my Xylophones. It's going to be a very simple, intimate show - no bells and whistles, just Xylon, some dancers, a guitar. I want to serve up the most genuine, authentic experience. The vibe of the concert is very much a sweet, snuggly home party with just a few friends. That's the type of space and atmosphere I aspired to create. On what he'll perform on tour I'll perform every track on Adolescence, that goes without saying. "To the Future" is included somewhere there, too. Oh, and "Flirtatious". I've also chosen to cover a few songs - if I'm not wrong Lana Del Rey's "Midnight" is there, and Beyonce's upcoming single, which is SPECTACULAR. I can't tell you much about that - it's her information to give - but it's on my setlist. I'm just most looking forward to performing some of the slower songs like "Forever", "Kaleidoscope" and "I Said Yes/ Young Girl". They'll serve up the most intimate experience and fundamentally I want to build that connection with my fans. PERFORMANCE After the interview, Xylon took the stage to perform a four-track album medley from Adolescence, consisting of the two singles "Cruel", "Toronto Trains", as well as album cuts "Blues by the Bar" and "Delusional Dreamer". The rendition of the tracks today was jazzy and unlike the pop renditions on the album. Lots of instruments were used to elevate the live presence of the tracks, including mainly trumpets. The medley began with "Toronto Trains", and Xylon came out decked out in a suit, looking incredibly dapper as he sang the track. When the song reached its chorus, he stood on a podium and rose as he grabbed onto a rope at the top, and, suspended in the air, flew across the audience. The audience cheered enthusiastically, as he landed in the middle of the audience area to sing "Blues by the Bar". Some of the fans even knew the words when Xylon held the mic to their mouths and had them sing. It was a cute intimate moment that solidified the fact that Xylon now has fans who will sing to the tune of his songs. The medley continued with an elaborate performance of "Delusional Dreamer", during which Xylon removed his blazer and threw it to the audience. The performance closed out with Cruel. Xylon removed his shirt, button by button to reveal a singlet underneath which nicely shaped his well-chiseled body. As the performance ended, Colbert thanked Xylon for putting up such a show and prompted the audience to buy the album.
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