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  1. i've reuploaded, and thanks!
  2. Beyonce - Trending Gainers Request (Week Feb 9, 2018)
  3. @Ronlop Hi Ron I've uploaded Primal to Encore - could you check if it's up? Also, I was wondering if you could add a feature to Kworb where we can see a song's peak position
  4. omg so much to keep up with
  5. ryan being LOGICAL and presenting FACTS before making a DECISION? right in front of MY salad?
  6. Girl a bitch wasn't even signed
  7. Capital M-E-S-S what is you doing bout it girl?
  8. @Ronlop I'm confused as to why Xylon got a Sony contract. Is this an offer...? Or did you mix it up
  9. Beyonce will continue the Primal era with a second single (probably Dealer idk) Xylon is on hiatus I'm signing Dua Lipa thank you
  10. @Hector @Jon. https://www.rabb.it/arcadius