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  1. Beel here

    if y'all are ordering takeout tonight, you can get free delivery through postmates with the promo code CHROMATICA. we love a company that stans cry7 

  2. Now don’t be pressed at hag, she’s in good shape
  3. Beel here

    she play game wiz no rule bey5 

    can't control, happenin almost evertime bey5 

    goin out to parties bey5 

    wiz a gay man at her side bey5 

  4. Beel here

    just ordered papa john's brit16 ready to have my colon slayed by problematic pizza

    1. Urbanov

      With Jalapeños? brit15 

    2. Beel

      no i get canker sores brit15 i just do a ham pizza w/ light sauce

    3. Urbanov

      Damn brit15 

  5. Beel

    It sounds like maybe you’re just stuck in the past
  6. Rain on Me is an instant classic. I used to love MATM but it's stale to me now
  7. Beel here

    so i bought a car about 3 weeks ago and one of my keys hasn't worked and i took it to the dealership and found out that the car i drove off the lot that day IS NOT THE CAR I BOUGHT dead2 

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    2. Beel

      Yes and they did that, but while I was on my way home they called my husband and told him we had the wrong car altogether and we needed to come swap it brit15 

    3. LÉON

      Your husband? giphy.gif  We really are fossils, huh?

    4. Beel

      our wild days are truly over oprah4 

  8. Beel

    Music Video

    omg YALL that SLAPPED so hard
  9. Beel

    Music Video

    generous queen giving the late ones 2 minutes
  10. Beel

    Music Video

    Got it up on my phone
  11. Beel

    I am dead, we are watching in REAL TIME as fucking Lana Del Rey literally positions herself as a figure of the right, all so she doesn't have to say the magic words: "I am sorry"
  12. Beel

    For fuck sake dude, let me engage with this. So from the description you gave in an above post I am assuming you are a Palestinian (sorry if I'm wrong). Yes, Palestinians are subject to disgusting oppression and racial apartheid from their Israeli occupiers. This is a well-documented fact and no one would ever take that away from you. But if you knew anything at all about the history of blacks in America you would know that at the very least you should recognize the analogues between their experience and that of your people and show some solidarity. What you instead chose to do was play oppression olympics, by which I mean you attempted to pit your people against another people to make it look like you have some kind of greater right to say what is racist and what is not. You look like a racist because you did something racist: you attempted to minimize black suffering in the United States, which spans hundreds of years and has no parallel in the world, so that you could try to overrule the way a black person felt about Lana's post!!! Apologize and move on. You said something STUPID and INSENSITIVE and your own people's experience does not in ANY way justify it.
  13. Beel

    Save it. You tried to play oppression olympics, to tell a black person you're more oppressed than his people have ever been, and you ended up looking like a big fat racist. Why dig the hole deeper?
  14. Beel

    Lana sucks at feminist analysis because she has said time after time that she isn't interested in it, so there's that. Anyway, I think that all of the girls she listed are or have in some way been actually in the business of reproducing sexist imagery for profit and in some cases calling it "feminism", so is she really any less empowered than they are because she romanticizes problematic relationships instead? I think she is in a way more honest than the others, in that she does not claim to write or perform feminist music or have any engagement with feminist politics. The music she gets criticized for explores the deeper psychology of women in bad relationships and I don't think that it necessarily glamorizes abuse in any way. As for the racial dimension, it really is telling that all of the women she called out are black or Latina with the exception of Ariana. I feel like her critique almost amounts to policing women of color who have been more successful than she has. She seems to almost understand that sex sells and that's why she has never been on the A-list, but if what she had to say was not couched in racism I would be more sympathetic to her.