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  1. I just cackled so hard when the judge called out the recording and it cut off. Sorry, I couldn't help it. But we heard what we needed to hear. I think pending an evaluation of Britney, which from hearing her today should go very well, she's going to be free. Finally.
  2. Y'all are so pressed about this. She sucks. Sorry
  3. Ok weird post given that I was a Marina stan like 10 years ago. Lyrically she has lost her self awareness, which was her best asset, and traded it in for a self righteousness that ironically enough is distinctively American.
  4. Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land sounds like she went to the Twitter feed of someone trying very hard to get likes, compiled the tweets, set them to music, and put out an album
  5. and jenaflopes, by contrast mad5 


  7. I just marvel at how weak her understanding of race really is. She is unhinged but not unintelligent. I don't know how you can draw any conclusion other than she just doesn't care, and in 2021 that's an exceedingly bad look
  8. if y'all are ordering takeout tonight, you can get free delivery through postmates with the promo code CHROMATICA. we love a company that stans cry7 

  9. Now don’t be pressed at hag, she’s in good shape
  10. thought this was really well-written and 100% genuine. taking responsibility but NEVER groveling to anybody. also -- "I understand my influence and impact" queen
  11. she play game wiz no rule bey5 

    can't control, happenin almost evertime bey5 

    goin out to parties bey5 

    wiz a gay man at her side bey5 

  12. just ordered papa john's brit16 ready to have my colon slayed by problematic pizza

    1. Urbi


      With Jalapeños? brit15 

    2. Beel


      no i get canker sores brit15 i just do a ham pizza w/ light sauce

    3. Urbi


      Damn brit15 

  13. It sounds like maybe you’re just stuck in the past
  14. Rain on Me is an instant classic. I used to love MATM but it's stale to me now