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  1. Beel here

    Barbra could NEVER

  2. An excellent primer on what makes his whole rehabilitation so problematic Also, guys, it's fucking Ellen DeGeneres. Did y'all already forget about Kevin Hart? Like wbk she's trash who will throw gays under the bus to uphold her class interests
  3. Beel

    will y'all let cardi live. this is worse than outrage twitter.
  4. Beel

    xtina irrelevant!!1! hehe!!
  5. Cardi could shoot someone and I would still hate Nicki more for threatening my BABY DADDY DJ Self sry
  6. Bitter as a fucking lemon. It's cringeworthy.
  7. Make a vague mention of Madonna or Mariah Carey, it doesn't have to relate to the topic. Lambs and dinosaurs will hijack the whole thread and you'll have a hit on your hands, even if it isn't about what they make it about.
  8. Beel

    Interestingly though some dinos may posit that Madonna's sandbags have outlived Mariah's vocal cords so it is a winning strategy. Personally idk
  9. Beel

    Madonna didn't have the vocal talent to just get a deal based on a demo tape. Also her more radical image was something more than Mariah ever tried to do so it took more work So basically tits over talent
  10. Beel

    which thread was that
  11. A fairly trash attempt at depth
  12. Beel

    I knew you would be in here with your delusions, trying to say some Mariah-related event no one cared about then and no one cares about now ranks among the biggest controversies of all time... what a single issue obsessive
  13. Beel

    I FORGOT ABOUT THIS. What a damn mess.
  14. Beel

    Ariana after reading that her fiancé has butthole eyes