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  1. Paul fucking Rudd. People were so bitchy about the female cast in the previous movie, while the movie was actually decent. And now, people haven't even seen the new one, but think the franchise is getting back on track. This new movie will probably be decent movie, like the previous one. Nothing will ever top the 80s movies, because of the original cast.
  2. I enjoyed the last album by Roxette and was looking forward to another one. Marie was so underrated among pop fans.
  3. Agent X


    From that bunch the only truly great album was Lana's. The most of the rest is bad, mediocre, decent or overrated. I haven't listened to Magdalene. And these are also great:
  4. Nobody claims bisexuality isn't a sexuality. Like I said, many sex songs tend to be trash. This one isn't an exception. If that is his fetish, his fantasy, then who cares. We all have different fetishes. It is all subjective. There are probably many sex songs where rappers sing about their own pleasure, while girls are just sex objects. Right? If a pop girl made a song about her own pleasure and not caring about boy's pleasure, then it would have been greeted like some empowering feminist shit. Would that be OK? People are too sensitive about this. It is just a song, not a real life. Should we expect from every artist sex songs that sing about both genders enjoying sex? I am not on his side, it is just that people here fetishize sexy male celebs all the time, so I don't understand a sudden judgment of someone's fetish. I have no idea about him being homophobic, but if people are pressed about that and not really about the fetish thing, they should be more clear about it.
  5. Exactly. It is a trash song about sex and this isn't the first one. So what if a bisexual girl is in the song? Who cares. Didn't Katy mention threesome in Last Friday Night? And what about girls who pretend to be lesbians like Rihanna and J. Lo? Apparently that was OK. Enough of fake morality. I mean, when Liam or any guy posts their sexy pics, gays are thirsting and acting like they contribute to gay community. Everybody has a fetish.
  6. Agent X

    She doesn't need to explain her work all the time. If she was inspired by something and that is obvious, we don't need a statement. Also, Madonna worked with many people like video directors and fashion designers who also like to be inspired by some visuals from the past. Things aren't that simple. You can blame Madonna for posing like some Hollywood actress, but a video director could be behind that idea and Madonna doesn't even need to be aware that her look or video is based on something. Madonna worked with David Fincher on many videos (Vogue, Express Yourself...). Both share love for old Hollywood, black and white movies, noir... And that is exactly the style of David's work. Tarantino's movies have many references to the 60s and the 70s movies. He love those movies and his movies not only express his love to those old movies, but also represent his style. Whitney's IWALY is iconic. Right? Yes, it is a cover, but she made that song iconic. Even Marilyn Monroe's iconic look wasn't her own creation. It already existed for years, before she made it iconic. The same goes for Madonna. For example, she made Vogue iconic. She didn't invent it, she only made it mainstream. And guess what, she didn't copy someone specifically, because it was a product of an underground culture. However, you can find some people were angry, not because Madonna did voguing. They were angry Madonna succeeded with it. She made it big and she got some money for it, while they didn't manage to do that for years, hence the underground culture. Since voguing was the product of the underground culture, not a single person, some people acted they were the authors and Madonna ripped them off.
  7. Agent X

    Cute pop star? Cute pop star would be Demi, Ariana, Selena, Carly... Madonna defined the 80s and the 90s, and even the 2000s. What other fucking artist managed to shape pop culture, keep public interest and stay successful for such a long time? And what about current year? Does that eliminate all her previous efforts by your logic?
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    Feeling the same.
  9. Agent X

    Britney and Xtina are so over. And Katy is joining that club. Adele is slow when it comes to delivering new music, but that is a good tactic. People want sappy love ballads, but she will flop at some point like any big ballad singer. Rihanna's last album sold around 1 million copies, which isn't good for her. She had one hit and everything else tanked. She isn't that different from Beyonce commercially. Lana Del Rey is a different artist, so sales don't even matter for her. Ariana has been serving basic music since the start. I wouldn't call her IT girl, but even if she is, she has become that last year. I can't imagine people wanting more, since her "hits" are forgettable. People who are into her, will start supporting her at some point. Katy has done catchier songs that started to flop, so I can't imagine Ariana's same-y songs to chart every time. I would add Madonna too. Her albums have been hit and miss since COADF. She won't deliver flawless album anymore. She can fuck off with autotune usage. She better focus on re-releases and outtakes. Gaga's next album will show us if she still has got it.
  10. It is a bop. The thing is she didn't evolve and delivered something that sounds like an outtake from the previous album.
  11. Agent X


    I think WTG tour is one of the tours with the best vocals.
  12. It is what she deserves. I can't at Madonna fans who are defending her on a certain forum that is becoming Madonna Nation vol.2. Madonna has become notorious for being late and she does it on purpose. It isn't cool and Madonna should understand that. Instead of apologizing, her response is "Don't hang your shit on me". It is frustrating when she doesn't admit her mistakes. The midlife crisis brought bitchy teen Madonna to torture us since 2008 and she has become out of touch.