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    In Bed With Madonna gets 10.
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    Apparently a single will be released this week.
  5. 01 21st Century 02 Do You Feel 03 Automatic Driver 04 International Woman of Leisure 05 Everything I Live For 06 Otherside 07 He Rides 08 Gullible Fool
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    Something to Remember 1995: February 16: Madonna is reportedly set to record a cover of “I Want You” for an upcoming Marvin Gaye tribute project. (Liz Smith) March 8: Finally, another duet from Bono and a dead singer but this time Frank Sinatra is not going to be in the room, on the phone or musically mixed in, in any way whatsoever. This time, we're speaking about the role Bono will play as well as several other musical heavies in the tribute album Motown is putting together to honor soulful singer and domestic-violence statistic Marvin Gaye. It's gonna be big, as you can imagine. That's why Bono has good company in Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Neneh Cherry, Lisa Stansfield, Public Enemy, Digable Planets, Marvin's daughter Nona Gaye, and assorted others. The album, "Inner City Blue: The Music of Marvin Gaye," will be released in September. Amazingly, Michael Bolton who's made a career out of stealing sheet music wasn't even asked to participate. And who'll sing what? Bono and Marvin will croon a duet of "Save the Children" while Madonna who has been recording at Eddie Germano's Hit Factory will be joined by the Brit rap-reggae-hip hop-klezmer group Massive Attack on "I Want You." Stevie Wonder will sing "Stubborn Kind of Fellow." Public Enemy promises to take "Inner City Blues" to a new depth while Nona Gaye would do her papa proud with her version of "Time to Get It Together." Rounding out the album are Stansfield's "Just to Keep You Satisfied," Cherry's "Troubleman," Rosie Gaine's "Distant Lover" and Speech from Arrested Development will do right to the anthem "What's Going On." He'd better. So far, we haven't yet heard through the grapevine who will sing "Heard It Through the Grapevine." Look for a TV special to follow. (NY Daily News) April 1: Before Madonna goes into the studio to begin work on the EVITA soundtrack, she will record some new material for an album due out later this year. (Liz Smith) April 8: Madonna recently recorded a cover of Marvin Gaye’s classic “I Want You” with Nellee Hooper’s friends, Massive Attack. (MTV News) Late July/early August: Madonna shoots her second Versace campaign in Italy with Mario Testino. The shots will later be used in the Something to Remember album artwork. August 3: Liz Smith reports that Madonna will release a collection of ballads this Christmas, it will feature some of her greatest slow songs as well as two new ones – a cover of Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You” and a newly recorded version of “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.” The collection is tentatively entitled, I Want You. August 29: Madonna has completed a video in NYC for “I Want You” which will premiere on MTV in mid-September. However, the ballad compilation due this fall is entitled Something to Remember. The album is now scheduled for a late October release and will feature three new songs, including the Gaye tribute “I Want You” which Madonna recorded with Massive Attack. (MTV News) LATER: The video for “I Want You” is rumored to be based on the Italian film Voce Humana, directed by the famed Rossellini. In the film, Anna Magnani plays a woman who spends the entire film in her apartment (in a slip dress) arguing with her lover on the phone. Madonna will again draw on Anna Magnani in 2009 when she borrows her look from the 1951 Visconti film Bellissima for her Dolce and Gabbana fashion campaign for Spring/Summer 2010. September 5: Hitmaker David Foster will produce a track on the compilation. September 10: The tracklisting is leaked and the cover art is described as Madonna against a wall with wet hair in a Versace dress. (MLVC Mailing List) September 14: “I Want You” is scheduled for release on Oct. 3 and is described as a “haunting and minimalist” update of the R&B classic, combining hiphop and industrial elements. The video clip, lensed by Earle Sebastian, is a beautiful black & white piece shot in a New York City apartment in August. The video is described as stark and minimalist with a spare number of images. The album release date has been moved to November 7 and David Foster is contributing a second new song to the collection. (Icon Newsletter) September 16-17: Madonna records songs with David Foster in NYC. (Timothy White article, Billboard) LATER: Foster will record several demos with Madonna including – “I Can’t Forget,” “You’ll See” and “One More Chance.” September 20: WB reports that David Foster’s contributions will be two new songs: “You’ll See” and “One More Chance.” October 2: The video for "I Want You" premieres on VH-1. October 5: “I Want You” will not be released as a commercial single thus making it ineligible for the Billboard Hot 100. The first single release is expected to be “You’ll See” sometime next month. LATER: Massive Attack’s website explains the situation: “I Want You” was made for a tribute album to the late, great soul singer Marvin Gaye. The tribute album called Inner City Blues, would feature Marvin Gaye's songs re-interperted by various artists specfically for the project. Over a year before the release of the album 'Motown', the record label in charge of assembling the artists for the album approached Massive Attack and asked them to pick a song from Marvin Gaye's back catalogue to re-imagined and suggested they do a collaboration with Chaka Khan, an well-known American R&B singer. A backing track was made to accomadate her vocals, but due to Chaka Khan flaking on the recoding sessions, she was dropped. The possibilty came up briefly then of procuring Aaron Neville, another well-known American R&B singer but that fell through as well because of legality issues. At this point, in stepped Massive Attack's old Wild Bunch cohort, Nellee Hooper who made the suggestion of Madonna as vocalist. Hooper who had just recently finished producing Madonna's Bedtime Stories album was able to setup a meeting between Massive Attack and Madonna and from there surprisingly getting Madonna's vocal contribution involved less red tape and less prima donna behaviour than either previous option, Chaka Khan or Aaron Neville. Daddy G and Mushroom never got the oppertunity to meet Madonna during the recording sessions for "I Want You." Only 3D along with Nelle Hooper would meet with Madonna over in New York for a period of two days, record the vocals with her and then bring them back to Bristol to be worked on. Madonna was so impressed by the finished product that she choose to include "I Want You" as the first track on her next album, Something to Remember. The original plans for "I Want You" included a full-scale single release. Premiere Madonna remixer of the time, Junior Vasquez, did some remixes of the track and a promo video was even shot, but in the end legality problems between the Motown label and Madonna's record label prevented this from happening. October 6: The video for "I Want You" premieres on MTV. October 10: “You’ll See” has been tipped as the official lead single for the album and will be released on Oct. 24. LATER: The bauhinia flower is the type of flora used on the cover for the “You’ll See” single. It was the flower used in the new flag for Hong Kong once it was returned by Britian to China. October 12: Liz Rosenberg confirms that there will be no actual airplay or commercial single for “I Want You” and that it was just a promotional video for the Inner City Blues project. October 23-24: While in London to record the Evita soundtrack, Madonna takes these two days to shoot the video for "You'll See" with her "Take A Bow" video director, Michael Haussman - it will debut on MTV in early November. The video is a "sequel" to her previous bullfighting hit. The footage is visually based on the film Casablanca and - more specifically Ingrid Bergman's character – the bolero hat and walk through the train draw from this film's imagery. November 2: Madonna does an interview with German channel VIVA2 where she talks about working on this record: Madonna said that Massive Attack were always hanging around the recording studio with Nellee Hooper and Madonna while they were recording Bedtime Stories. Madonna and Massive Attack talked about working together and so since Madonna was suppose to do the Marvin Gaye tribute thing, they decided to work together for “I Want You.” [This would appear to contradict, somewhat, Massive Attack's statements - above] November 7: The LP is released. 1996: February 2: WB reports the next single from the retrospective will be “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.” Street date for the single is March 12 but there is some debate since Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans also recently recorded a version of this 1970’s Rose Royce hit (for Faith’s Bad Boy album) and their cover has been getting some unsolicited play at R&B stations. Meanwhile, some overseas markets will get “One More Chance.” February 16: The commercial single for “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” is set for release March 12 and will include a remix by Soulshock & Karlin who have worked with Tupac, Mary J. Blige, Monica, Seal, Brandy, Toni Braxton and Brownstone. "The LP has currently sold 240,000 copies in Chinese-speaking Taiwan, no easy feat – even for a Western superstar." (unsubstantiated statement from the MLVC mailing list) February 26: WB reports Jean Baptiste Mondino will direct the new video. March 10: WB reports that the video for “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” was shot last week in Argentina where Madonna is shooting Evita. The label also reported it is not going to solicite adds for the record at U.S. radio until March 25. March 21: MTV premieres the video for “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.” Madonna wears a dress by Victor Alfaro – a designer well-known for his “Grace Kelly”-style clothing. March 22: Madonna, back in NYC briefly from Argentina before she heads to Europe to finish Evita, does a small radio station interview-tour to promote the new single “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.” April 26: Madonna has given the go-ahead for a dance remix of “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” and WB will be servicing it to radio and clubs next weekend. The single is also slated to be the next European release and WB has sent promo copies to radio stations there with 4 new remixes. (MLVC mailing list) May 4: Warner Bros. International reports that as of January 1996, Something to Remember had sold 4.2 million copies outside of the U.S. (Billboard) May 11: Billboard DANCE TRAX: Madonna's take on the Rose Royce chestnut "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" (Maverick/Warner Bros.) sure has gotten its share of recent remixes. Although we are still feeling most connected to the languid R&B tone of the SoulShock & Karlin version, we sure were grinning from ear to ear after our first encounter with Marcus Schulz's bumpin' house mixes. He has done an excellent job pairing her sweetly theatrical ballad vocal with an appropriately NRG-etic beat that is embellished with vibrant organ lines and blippy synth effects. When combined, these keyboard lines add up to a very pastel, tea-dance-ready twirler. His five mixes lean largely toward the middle of the club road, though harder heads should investigate the Early Morning dub for a little underground comfort. Schulz's interpretations of "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" are out on promotional 12-inch and CD promos on Monday (May 6). Release beyond clubs and radio is still under discussion. Sure would be wise to give La M's many dance-rooted disciples a chance to purchase this cutie. Track listing for the 12”: • A1 - Extended Journey 8:03 • A2 - Hot Mix Edit 6:44 • B1 - Hot Mix Radio Edit 4:50 • B2 - Edge Factor Dub 8:31 • B3 - Early Morning Dub 10:04 May 15: The maxi-single featuring dance remixes of "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" is scheduled to be released May 28th in the U.S. June: Warner Bros. ends up cancelling the U.S. domestic release of the maxi-single for "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" due to the song’s poor showing on the radio chart. July: Warner Bros. says "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" and 3 all-new dance mixes by Italian DJ Mark Picchiotti will be released later this month in the U.K. on a 12” single. He is an extremely hot remixer in Europe right now and he reportedly did some promo mixes with Teri Bristol for “Bedtime Story – Chapter II” in 1995. • Mark!s Full-On Vocal (10:20) • Mark!s It’s A Girl Dub (8:02) • Mark!s It’s A Boy Dub (9:37) It’s apparently his “trademark” to use exclamation points for apostrophes in his remix titles. The U.K. promo pressing has a limit of 500. Whereas the U.S. remixes are more “lush house,” these remixes have been described as “trancey” or “slightly industrial.” (MLVC mailing list) July 28: The U.S. 12” vinyl promo only had 1,000 copies made and is now a collector’s item because WB scratched the maxi-single release. July 30: Adrian Wilde receives a single MTV VMA nomination for Best Cinematography in a video for “You’ll See.” [He will end up losing to the Smashing Pumpkins’ clip for “Tonight, Tonight.”]
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    The Immaculate Collection 1990: mid-August: Madonna attends Herb Ritt's birthday party in Malibu where she meets model and fledgling singer, Nick Scotti. After hitting it off, Madonna will land Scotti a recording contract with Warner's Reprise Records 3 months later (in November 1990). A song she wrote around this time with Steve Bray, "Get Over" was co-produced by her and Shep Pettibone for her upcoming greatest hits collection. It will instead be given to Scotti with Madonna on backing vocals. Scotti's version will also be featured on the soundtrack of the Warner comedy Nothing But Trouble - which is released February 15, 1991. Madonna's complete version (with just her vocals) has not yet been leaked but does exist. LATER: Also this month in Los Angeles, Madonna meets with Archer Communications (a Canadian sound tech company) and they convince her to use their new QSound 3-D audio technology on her greatest hits. Late August/September: Lenny Kravitz brings Madonna the song "Justify My Love" to record. He will later reveal this information: "The response at the time [1990] was enormous. I wrote the song soon after the success of Let Love Rule [which was released in September 1989 and peaked at No. 61 on The Top 200 on Feb. 10, 1990]. At the time I was the newest kid on the block. I wrote the song in the studio and when it was finished I thought: "This is not right for me". I didn't know Madonna at the time but I called her and said: "I have a number one hit song for you." And she said: "Oh really?" and I said: "Yes, a number one song." She asked to meet me in the studio and play the music for her. She heard it one time, then a second time and said: "Ok let's record it." It was crazy, it really went to number one. It was my first number one in the charts." (Feb. 19, 2005) LATER: In an interview for Truth or Dare with Kurt Loder (April 1991), Madonna says Lenny Kravitz brought her the musical track "Justify My Love" with lyrics already written but she changed the things she wanted to change lyrically (and vocally). mid-September: Shep Pettibone begins work on assembling Madonna's greatest hits collection and re-mastering them in QSound with engineer Goh Hotoda. The process will take about a month and half (per his statements in the Erotica Diaries, 1992). It is during this time that he and Madonna also record "Rescue Me." Both "Justify My Love" and "Rescue Me" are recording at studios in NYC & NJ. September 18: Madonna attends the NYC premiere of Goodfellas with Herb Ritts and her new boy toy Tony Ward - who will later appear with her in the "Justify My Love" video. LATER: In a MadonnaTribe FACT OF THE DAY (dated 3.19.2007) we learn this: Firstly, the name The Ultimate Collection was scrapped in favour of the now familiar The Immaculate Collection. Why this was changed is unknown. However, the two vast changes which 'The Immaculate Collection' underwent were the tracklisting and the cover design. Coming to the tracklisting you can see, from the following UK promotional press folder sent out to the media in anticipation of the collection's release that the tracklisting was due to run non-chronologically and the set was to feature only ONE new song, not two, as came to be the case upon release in November 1990: Original Tracklisting: 1. Like A Virgin 2. Material Girl 3. Crazy For You 4. Live to Tell 5. Papa Don’t Preach 6. Open Your Heart 7. Like A Prayer 8. Cherish 9. Lucky Star 10. Borderline 11. Into the Groove 12. La Isla Bonita 13. Express Yourself 14. Holiday 15. Vogue 16. New Song (as yet untitled) It is unknown whether the one extra track was to be "Justify My Love" or "Rescue Me" as completed test pressings of the album from that far back are not known to exist, but considering the lead up time required for such a project, and the resultant lack of a video or any promotion for "Rescue Me" it is likely that the one extra track was "Justify My Love." The most startling change which happened to the album though must surely be it's sleeve design! As every fan knows, Madonna did a daringly different photo shoot with legendary photographer - and long time Madonna collaborator - Herb Ritts for the album's artwork, showing arty black and white shots of Madonna lurking about and larking about in a men's restroom. What most fans probably don't know is the photo which was due to be the front cover was this design above. Keen eyed readers will spot that this image ended up actually being the rear sleeve to the LP and CD releases, and the small logo designed by Jeri and John Heiden was meant to be a small shield design purely to house the title. So, why was this most unusual shot of Madonna, with her newly collagen stuffed lips relegated to the rear of the sleeve and the Heiden's shield image promoted to the entire front cover? Because Madonna decided, upon closer inspection of the image, that she looked (in her words) 'too much like Mike Tyson'! September 24: This fall will usher in a number of ‘best-ofs’ including one from Madonna (tentative). (St. Petersburg Times) October 3: Madonna does a photoshoot with Patrick Demarchelier today and he says in a documentary (released later – possibly 1997) that he photographed Madonna in a session and then afterward, when she changed to go out that night, he stopped her and took a few more shots – these extra last-minute snapshots became the cover for the “Justify My Love” single with Madonna in a leather hat and vest. October 13: MADONNA, "The Immaculate Collection,"Sire. Her first greatest-hits collection will feature 17 tunes, including two new songs-one written with Lenny Kravitz and one co-written by Shep Pettibone, who also co-wrote "Vogue" with Madonna. Nov. 13. Her first collection of video clips since the Like A Virgin era comes out November 15. (LA Times) October 17: Archer's QSound is in vogue with Madonna (The Gazette. Montreal, Que.: Oct 17, 1990.) TORONTO - A Calgary company that has had mixed reviews for its three-dimensional sound system is hoping to get into the groove with pop star Madonna. Archer Communications Inc. said yesterday it has signed a deal for its 3-D audio technology, known as QSound, to be used on a greatest- hits package by the corset-clad chanteuse. The album release, on CD, cassette and vinyl formats, is scheduled for Nov. 13 on the Sire-Warner Bros. label. Through a licensing arrangement with Warner Bros., Archer will earn a royalty from each album sold, said company president Larry Ryckman. He would not reveal how much the company will receive. "This is a case of a Canadian technology being used by one of the biggest stars in the world," said Ryckman. "I'm very excited about that." Madonna chose to use the QSound system after Archer engineers demonstrated it for her in Los Angeles, he said. Spokesmen for Madonna could not be reached for comment. Madonna's Greatest Hits will be the first album released with QSound, a computer-based system that modifies recorded sounds so they seem to be coming from somewhere other than loudspeakers. By separating and mixing in the recording studio, engineers can "place" the apparent origin of the sounds anywhere within the listening room. Listeners need only a regular stereo system to hear the 3-D effect. In August, Archer announced it had signed a licensing agreement with PolyGram, one of the world's biggest record companies. The deal allows PolyGram to release at least 20 recordings using the QSound system over the next 18 months. The company's biggest splash in the marketplace was supposed to be a Coca-Cola commercial shown during the Super Bowl game last January. But many viewers failed to notice any difference in the sound because they did not have access to a stereo broadcast of the game. Madonna's Greatest Hits, is a remix of some of the artist's most popular songs, including Like A Virgin, Into The Groove and Lucky Star. The upcoming album will feature QSound remixes of her multi-platinum hits including Like a Virgin, Lucky Start and Into the Groove and two previously unreleased tracks. Archer's stock closed unchanged at $13.75 yesterday on the Toronto Stock Exchange. November 8: The single for “Justify My Love” is released to radio today. Novemeber 9: Madonna & boyfriend Tony Ward, begin filming the video for “Justify My Love” in Paris today with Jean Baptiste Mondino. (filming also continues November 10-12). LATER: "When Madonna called me," says director Jean Baptiste Mondino, "about filming 'Justify,' I said, 'Why don't you come over here (to Paris)? It would be nice to do something simple.' We locked ourselves in the Royal Monceau (a Paris hotel) for two days and one night without any idea of what we were going to do. The only idea I had was for her to come with a suitcase, like she was going for a fantasy. We rented to whole floor and shot everyone in their own room; there was no set. That's why the video shocked people. You could see it was not a fake. "We didn't think we were going to do something wild," he says, "None of what you see was planned. But when I started to edit, I said, 'This is never gonna be shown.'" Sure enough, MTV refused to air it, unwittingly paying Madonna a favor: She got to play the clip on "Nightline" an made a bundle off it on home video. The video features Madonna’s current boyfriend Tony Ward, dancer Jose Guiterrez and French model-fashion muse Wallis Franken (in the “night porter” role – tall, skinny, no boobs, short black hair). In May 1996, Wallis will commit suicide by jumping out of a window. She was apparently a masochist who went from homelessness to a life of luxury via her husband, and bisexual fashion designer, Claude Montana - with whom she had an abusive relationship. November 13: The Immaculate Collection is released. November 26: The video for "Justify My Love" is submitted to MTV for review and approval. It is rejected outright and ban it from the network the very next day. December 3: Madonna appears on Nightline to defend the video. December 7: "Justify My Love" is released as a video single. In 6 month's time it will sell over 500,000 copies - the biggest selling video single of its time. December 11: The Royal Box is released. Far from a proper boxed set, it features the CD, cassette and VHS of the TIC with some post cards and a poster. LATER: The art director at Warner Brothers tells VH-1 that the cover art and design for The Immaculate Collection was meant to represent the Gaultier corset that Madonna wore for the Blond Ambition Tour in 1990 (the gold triangular points, I assume). The cover was modeled after hosiery and lingerie packaging from the 1940’s and 50’s.
  8. I made a thread called Madonna Genesis that is focused on creation of Madonna albums. Information borrowed from another site. There are some interesting things like Madonna reworking Liquid Love for COADF and Nellee Hooper being planned to be the main producer of ROL. However, the most interesting thing was the American Life part, where some demos are mentioned that aren't mentioned on Wiki's page of Madonna's unreleased songs. X-Static Process originally sounded much more like “Impressive Instant” but was re-recorded with an acoustic style for the album. Mr. Ejector (or My Ejector, or Ejector) was a track that was recorded but not put on the record. It may surface as a B-side. It is said to sound like the final version of American Life. Adverse Youth is a ballad. Madonna’s spokesperson said many of the tracks NOT included were dance-oriented and Madonna wanted a quieter, “more acoustic feel,” however, why this ballad was left off is not known. I Can't Place It - or at least its demo version - is rumoured to be quite a guitar-driven track with a strange rhythm that kept stopping and starting, kind of like what happens to the start of the music of "Don't Tell Me". It is thought to be an early demo for I'm So Stupid.
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    Hard Candy 2006: April 1: Cyndi Lauper tells Neil Sean of Sky News she's hoping to team up with Madonna on a project soon: “I've been given the chance in the past to write with her but, as yet, it's never come off,” she said. “We're both admirers of each other's work and she wants to get together so this is going to be the year.” July 9: In an interview with OK! Magazine, Madonna talks about her next project/adventure: "I just want to do more of what I do and be better at it. There's nothing specific I want to achieve. I could do another dance album, but I don't like to repeat myself. Maybe I could do a ballad album, or maybe I'll write a musical, or I might direct a film and do all the music in the film, you know what I mean? Anything's possible." July 20: There is a possibility of a new album towards the end of the year, after she finishes promoting The English Roses 2. (MTRIBE) August 21: RUMOR: A rep from Warner Germany said that Madonna will be recording a new lush, synth ballad for the film Arthur & the Invisibles called “Find Me Nowhere.” It is believed that the song was a previously unrecorded demo that Madonna did with David Foster for the Something to Remember project in 1995. It is believed the song will also be the first single from an all-new album by Madonna – however it isn’t know if it will also be on the movie’s soundtrack or not. (poster on MadonnaNation) August 31: Neil Sean of Sky News reports from an interview with Madonna: "I have more club music in mind. It's where I started and funnily enough, it's now huge again. I'm writing the new album now, while we're on tour." September 5: Madonna is planning a studio collaboration with Lenny Kravitz after he joined her on-stage in Paris for a guitar solo to “I Love New York.” (UK’s The Sun) September 7: Sources say that the “real plans” are to release new music (a new album) in 2007. (Drownedmadonna) September 19-21: Madonna runs into Pharrell in Tokyo while on her Confessions Tour. He offers to write a song for her. (from an interview with Der Spiegel – a weekly German magazine, April 29, 2008): “On my last tour I ran into Pharrell in Tokyo and he frankly proposed to write a song for me.” October 5: There is final confirmation that Madonna will be going into the studio soon. (DrownedMadonna) November 11: The U.K. paper The Sun reports that Madonna may collaberate with with ABBA legends Agnetha Faltskog and Frida Lyngstad on tracks for her new album. Madonna has been in contact with the two legends for a few months. They will reportedly write and record together as soon as Madonna & Stuart Price have cleared their schedules. She is also working on fresh material with Lenny Kravitz. 2007: January 8: There was a brief comment from Stuart Price on the U.S. television station E! in their weekly news segment. He stated that he is working with Madonna on a new record for the new year and that it is going to be quite a work of art, that they are building the sound on dance, R&B, and a some rock n roll, a totally new sound from their previous collaborations and that they were very excited to finish. He also said she has collaborated with some top producers that are in fashion right now. LATER: On 03/07/09, the Pet Shop Boys give a Q&A session with the media to promote their new album Yes. During the interviewing, Neil Tennant said: After remixing "Sorry" in 2006, they were contacted again by Warner, in 2007, and asked to write & produce some tracks for an album Madonna was planning at the time (which later became "Hard Candy") Sadly, the same week Warner's changed mind and according to Neil’s own words "we got told to forget it as they decided to shove her down the r&b route" Neil stated Parlophone asked them to write for Kylie's "X" as well, before deciding to send Minogue out to other producers instead (one of the tracks featured on "Yes" (titled "Pandemonium") was actually written & demoed for her, along with other 5 cuts). January 11: MadonnaTribe has heard some exclusive and exciting new info about a new Madonna album that will be soon in the making and we are happy to premiere this info for the first time online. A few months ago we were told that "cartoon and new children books" were the main things to look forward in 2007, but what will the Lady herself be up to in the meanwhile? Sources have confirmed to us that at the same time Madonna is going to work a new album soon. We were exclusively informed that Madonna will be recording materials to include on a new album in the USA with Pharrell Williams, while rumored producer Timbaland is not in the picture. From what we have been told Stuart Price will not be on board as a main producer for this album either, as Madonna really wants to make an American hip-hop album, that will put her in the American mainstream for a change. We have no doubt it's gonna be amazing, but in any case we have been told by our sources that it won't be happening any time soon this year. But don't worry, Madonna won't disappear at all this year, the campaign for "M by Madonna" for H&M is gonna be global and huge, and that's definitely something to look forward to. As always we remind you that this album project is in such an early stage that anything can happen until the moment it will hit the stores, but we like to inform our readers about the buzz going around. Thank you! January 18: Popbitch says Madonna may collaborate with Pharrell Williams, Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000 from Outkast), and Snoop Dogg on her new album. January 25: At the premiere of Arthur & the Invisibles, Madonna is asked about her next album and answers: "I have not started yet but I will soon. I fancy more dancing." February 1: According to a newspaper from Hong Kong, Madonna will record a new song appealing world peace, which is called "Give Your Love" with hundreds of other internationally renowned artists. Pretty much similar to "We Are The World" back in 1985. There is also a series of concerts planned to be held simultaneously in different cities in the world in August. The whole project is organized by a non-profit making organization World Peace One. More details can be found from their website: http://www.worldpeace1.com. LATER: Madonna’s management confirms that she has been asked to do this project but has not accepted it at this time (2/5/07). February 6: According to a gay Brazilian blog, good sources say Pharrell Williams is flying to London to meet with Madonna next week and work on two tracks for her next album. February 7: Timbaland on an MTV interview: “I reached out to Madonna, and she was already trying to find me," Timbaland explained on Wednesday while in town for Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds Tour. “I'm like, 'She was? Hmm.' It's funny. People will reach out to me, and I guess I beat them to the punch sometimes. It's crazy to see how many people want to work with me. I'm still in shock.” Z-100 Interview with Timbaland this week: "I wanted Madonna for my album. But she's in London and I'm here. We tried to work together and she was excited - and she don't get excited about nothin - but she was excited to work with me and I was excited to work with her. And she asked if I could send some music but my time is very short. So I couldn't do it." February 8: Timbaland was on MTV’s TRL today and Vanessa asked him who he was working with for his new record, Shock Value (Mosley Music Group/Blackground/Interscope), to be realeased on March. He mentioned all the different artists like Elton John, Jay Z, The Hives etc, and he then mentioned that Madonna contacted him and wanted to do a few tracks with him... but not for his own album. February 9: Larry Flick interviews Madonna today for Sirius Radio. When he says she should make “a full-on, balls-out rock-n-roll record.” She says: “I’ll go downstairs and tell Pharrell that right now.” He also asks, “So when you’re writing songs now, do you write on your guitar?” “Yeah, I’ve been doin’ that right now, actually. I mean, I don’t write everything on my guitar, and I collaborate with lots of people and sometimes they bring the music, sometimes I do. It depends. I do love, it’s very therapeutic for me to write on my guitar.” She also says she’s listening to Gnarls Barkley’s CD and Justin Timberlake’s. The interview was done via phone from her London home on Friday, February 9. The interview aired for the first time, February 14 at 9:30am. LATER: Madonna says the first thing she wrote with Pharrell was the track “Candy Shop” which will be the first track on her new album when it is released. (Q Magazine interview, May 2008) February 11: At the Warner Brothers post-Grammy Awards party tonight, an insider says: While LIZ ROSENBERG was dragging Michael Buble around, GUY OSEARY and STUART PRICE showed up to the party. "I asked Stuart if he will collaborate to Madonna new album," Eric told Drowned Madonna. "He said: 'I can't comment on that for now.. it's all a big secret still'." "When I congratulate LIZ for Madonna’s Grammy, she said thanks you very much sweet heart," Eric added. "And then I ask her to come on cam, but she said she was too shy for the camera... and that she had no comment yet for Madonna upcoming album." February 15: Pharrell Williams and Al Gore announce (via press conference in Los Angeles) seven concerts to be held on July 7, 2007 to promote global warming awareness and the S.O.S. campaign. February 16: Madonna is photographed leaving her London gym today with a CD in hand that says, ‘Moby tracks.’ It is unknown if this is just a mix CD, or if the DJ has supplied her with music for a collaboration. February 23: Billboard: Next up on Timbaland's production docket are "Eve, M.I.A., Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott and Madonna," he says: "Missy and I still talk. She's like a sister to me and I'm with her till death do us part. I haven't gone into the studio yet with Madonna. I need to call someone now to talk about that further." – this interview took place on late Friday afternoon, February 16, 2007 in Los Angeles. February 27: In a letter to ICON dated today, Madonna says she has been recording with Pharrell Williams, but the rest is a secret. March 5: Badly Drawn Boy folk/pop star Damon Gough is so keen to work with Madonna he has already written a song for her. Gough referred to the singer on his 2002 hit “You Were Right,” and despite having worked with Hollywood star Jack Nicholson and French singer/actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, the 37-year-old is still desperate to record with the pop superstar. He says, "I'd like to work on collaborations with some other artists like Madonna. She would be my first choice. "I do have one song in particular I think would be perfect for her. (It's) one that didn't get released so it didn't have an official finished title. But the working name was “In Two Minds”." (Contact Music) March 12: French magazine, MUTEEN, says in its April 2007 edition that Madonna wants to compete with Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez and has approached Timbaland and the Neptunes for a forth-coming album. March 13: Chicago radio station B96.3 FM reportedly interviewed Timbaland today. He said he records all his music in a studio in Virginia. He also said that he has met with Madonna and they have an idea of what they are going to do together. He said he has been “laying down some beats for some music she has written” and they will enter the studio in late March or early April to record. NOTE: Timbaland has been touring with Justin Timberlake on his FutureSex/LoveShow tour from January 8 to March 29. They will resume the tour on the UK leg at the end of April which could indicate this rumor is true because Timbaland will be in England in April 27. March 15: Hiphop producer Swizz Beatz (a.k.a. Kasseem Dean) was on NYC’s Hot 97 radio station today where he announced he is currently working on some BIG divas’ upcoming projects – including: Britney Spears Whitney Houston Jennifer Lopez Eve Mariah Carey Madonna March 16: In an interview with Jump Off TV, Swizz Beatz says his current projects include Usher, Mariah, Madonna and Rihanna. March 17: The Sun reports that Madonna is moving to NYC, but she’s already cracking on with a new album with work split between London & Los Angeles. March 19: Timbaland was on The View today in NYC, and Rosie O’Donnell said: "Madonna told me herself that she was working with you," and asked him if it was true. He totally avoided the subject and said: "I don't know. We have secret code for that. We can't talk about it." Madonna was also photographed entering a West London recording studio today (March 19). A handler with her was carrying a guitar case. March 30: In the March 30 Entertainment Weekly, an article/interview with Timbaland says he’s in talks to contribute tracks to Coldplay's and Madonna's upcoming albums (the latter with Timberlake). Madonna’s rep says she MIGHT work with Timbaland & Timberlake. April 2: Madonna has spent the last three weeks in a recording studio and has promised her label a new album by November. (PerezHilton) RUMOR: A new Madonna track has been running around the studios (Warner) for the past few weeks and being tested as a collaboration with Justin Timberlake, who also got the track into his hands. (Falcon from DM board) April 5: From a soon-to-be published interview with Justin Timberlake: Q: WHO DO WRITE FOR MUSIC-WISE RIGHT NOW? A: I did something for Macy Gray, and some stuff for Rihanna. And I will do something for Madonna in the near future. April 6: In an interview with the April 2 edition of the METRO France newspaper, Timbaland says: "I have a track for which I would need Madonna, so I perhaps will give it to her for her next album... she is dying to work with me and me with her. I wanted this track for my album but I don't have time. I will have time for her!" April 8: MadonnaTribe reports: Madonna has not abandoned some of her collaborators from the past few albums, and a few familiar faces from her recent releases and world tours are currently working with her in the studio in London. There are a few tentative release dates for the new CD we've been reported about, but let's stick to facts when it comes to "when the new album is coming out", but be warned: it won't be a very long wait and everything hints that there's a lot of very exciting things coming in. April 10: Justin Timberlake was seen heading into a West London studio today with Madonna. He had just flown in from Los Angeles today, and they worked well into the evening. It is believed they are working on several tracks together. Madonna had to leave the studio by back door to avoid the press, and Timberlake left looking exhausted. LATER: The sessions will produce: “Miles Away,” "The Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You,” and “Voices” April 11: CONTACT MUSIC on Justin Timberlake: Justin Timberlake: I am working on new music right now but not for myself. Chloe Franklin: Whom are you writing music for, can you say? Justin Timberlake: I did a Song for Macy Gray. Timbaland and I did a song for Rihanna. And we are currently working on new stuff for Madonna in London. Timberlake was spotted heading into a West London studio with Madonna yesterday to work on the forthcoming album, reports British newspaper The Sun. He is in the country for a few weeks as he prepares to kick off the UK leg of his current world tour. Madonna is famous for reinventing herself and this time her album will have a real hip-hop feel. She has lined up a Who’s Who of the genre’s megastars, including Timberlake’s producer pal Timbaland to help her achieve R&B credibility. Hip-hop legend Pharrell Williams is already working on at least four tracks and his fingerprints look set to be all over the new release. Madge’s last offering, Confessions On A Dance Floor, was a massive success, with Brit DJ and producer Stuart Price the main influence on the 2005 album. There will also be some dancy Price-produced tracks on the new offering and she has also been joined by Chicago house DJ and producer Felix Da Housecat in the studio. A source told me: “Confessions On A Dance Floor was a worldwide smash — but this will be different once again. “The last album was a credible disco record and Madonna wants to give hip-hop the same treatment this time. “It’s not all hip-hop though, there are a lot of producers from a lot of genres in there. It could be her most ambitious project yet.” The album is due out in November. April 12: Justin Timberlake and Timbaland are in the studio again today with Madonna. The renown producer sighs: "We are working around the clock. Justin was meant to be out tonight but he's too tired. Madonna's a funky lady, she's up for everything." On the music they’ve done so far: "It's kinda like “Holiday” with an R&B groove." They worked from morning until it was dark today. April 13: Madonna is in the studio again today (coming straight from her gym) with Timberlake – who arrived 10 minutes after her. April 18: US Weekly: Justin & Madonna’s Sexy Duets Justin Timberlake is getting into the groove with Madonna: The pop prince – along with rapper/producer Timbaland – has written three or four dance tracks for the megastar’s upcoming album. “They have a good thing going,” Timbaland, 36, told US of the Madonna-Timberlake collaboration (which took place this month at a London recording studio). “He’s had a busy few days.” Indeed, a source tells US that Madonna, 48, has been cracking the whip, making her new protegé work up to 16 hours a day and then calling him in the middle of the night with new ideas. “Justin had no idea what a workhorse she is,” says the source. Adds another source, “They spent a lot of time talking about the sound they want.” (Though it has been reported her album will be hiphop-inspired, the insider says there will be “a lot of different sounds and styles.”) The Britney Connection: Another topic of conversation? Timberlake’s old flame Britney Spears, whom Madonna famously kissed at the MTV VMA’s in 2003. “It came up in conversation that one of the songs sounded like one of Britney’s old tracks,” says the insider. “Madonna then smirked and said, ‘Hey, I tried to help her!” April 21: E! News: Producer Sean Garrett says the next things on his plate are projects for Madonna and Michael Jackson. He is currently writing/producing for Britney Spears (three tracks so far) – (they’ve been in the studio for 5 months only breaking while she was in rehab) & Whitney Houston. May 1: MTV.com: Timbaland Protege Danja working with Madge "I think I got all the success first, before stating my presence," Danja recently explained to MTV News over the phone from London. "Before anyone really knew who I was I already had four #1 hits [Timberlake's "SexyBack" and "My Love," and Furtado's "Promiscuous" and "Say It Right"] and two Grammy Awards. So now I kind of got to work backwards." With that MO in mind — and, conveniently, while Timbaland has been out promoting Shock Value — Danja has finally been able to make some serious noise of his own. He's been spreading his "ringtone" sound, which he describes as the way he tests his melodies to make sure they're catchy right away. Danja, however, is quick to note that his star turn isn't coming by way of Timbaland's scraps. He explained that in light of the duo's recent successes, both of their phones have been ringing nonstop, but that Khaled specifically sought out Danja's services, as did Trey Songz's camp. "Me and Tim got a lot of the same phone calls once all of these hits started hitting," Danja said. "We'll call each other and be like, 'You trying to do this?' So we'll just do it together. Of course me and Tim are partners, and while he's on the road, I kind of just been holding down the studio. We're teaming back up for Madonna. [And] we teamed up for Duran Duran. We did a 50 Cent [track] together. We did a T.I. joint together. So we were kind of back and forth. But he doesn't call me and hand me work that he doesn't want to do. That ain't our relationship. I think we both do things that are inspiring for the both of us. If the energy ain't right for him, it ain't right for me. That's how we work." Danja was introduced to Timbaland in 2001 after a music symposium in their home state. Afterward, the young producer was able to land a meeting with Timbaland that very night through a mutual friend, and Danja played beats for him. According to Danja, Tim was impressed with what he heard, but negotiations between the two led Danja to decline an invitation to meet Timbaland in Los Angeles. Two years later, Danja was able to score another sit-down with Timbaland through the same friend. This time, Timbaland did most of the talking and offered the younger producer advice. "He was just kind of explaining the road he wanted me to take," Danja said. "At that particular time, he said he was ready to share a lot of his knowledge and everything going into the future." By December 2003, Danja had relocated to Miami to work with Timbaland. Ever since then, they've amassed a number a hits for big names like Jay-Z, the Game and Diddy. It wasn't until recently, though, that an experience actually made Danja put into perspective how far he'd come since first meeting Timbaland. "I just had that moment recently in the shower," he said. "After sessions are over I'm kind of focused on what I'm doing. But for some reason a lot of things were hitting me at once. I felt grateful for being here. I went straight from Madonna to Duran Duran [in one day]. So I had to sit back, understand and realize where I am." May 7: MTV.com interview with Justin Timberlake: Timberlake: I just flew in from Glasgow. [I'll be] on tour in Europe and the U.K. ... until the end of September, when we come back to America. MTV: And you're working with Madonna? Timberlake: We did work in the studio together, we came up with some really cool stuff. I don't know what else to tell you except that you'll hear it soon. MTV: What's the name of the song? Timberlake: I don't want to tell you that, because she'll either kill me or she'll have me kill you. And I think we have enough celebrities going to jail. [He laughs.] Timberlake was also featured on Access Hollywood promoting Shrek 3 and when Billy Bush asked him about working with Madonna he said: On the experience: "She's Madonna. It doesn't get any cooler than that." "I spent a week in the studio with her in London and we... we produced about five or six... some really good tracks... some finished, some not finished." "I'm gonna go back in July and work on some more stuff." Billy Bush: Are you going to be singing with her? Justin: "Uh, possibly, yeah. Her work ethic is very infectious in the studio. I was kind like, man, I'm too slow. She's a workhorse. I'm just a fan. I'm basically just a fan who, like, tricked Madonna." [laughs] May 11: Matthew Rettenmund has an interesting report on his gay-friendly BoyCulture blog today: “I hear Madonna's new song with Pharrell is called “Hey You” and will be a Microsoft-branded Live Earth charity download almost by the time you read this.” The song is NOT a duet. It is also not planned to be sent to radio or released commercially. It is just for Live Earth and will only be released as a download for the Microsoft Zune platform. The song itself is about making a difference, loving yourself and others. It is not a cover of the Pink Floyd classic, nor is it anything like the music from Confessions on a Dance Floor. It is a very simple song with a midtempo beat (at best). May 12: DrownedMadonna reports that the charity download single “Hey You” will be available next week. May 13: From the Spymac.com blog: Madonna has a brand new track entitled “Hey You” that will be a digital release next week to support LIVE EARTH. The track is produced by Pharrell Williams and will also be featured on the forthcoming album rumored to have the working title MADAME. May 15: Madonna tells The Daily Record: Madonna has also just announced that she has recorded a song, “Hey You”, with Pharrell Williams. She said: "I'll release it as a Live Earth charity track. I hope you'll support this project. It's very important to me." According to sources at Warner Music Denmark, it is confirmed that Madonna's new Live Earth tune will be available to download from the MSN platform this week. May 16: The UK SUN: Madonna will be releasing a new song she has written especially for the Live Earth gig. “Hey You” is a collaboration with hip-hop legend Pharrell Williams and Madonna will perform it live at the July 7 Wembley Live Earth concert. She wants the song to hit the airwaves in advance of the event so the crowd know it and it will become an anthem on the big day. Madonna has been working with Pharrell on tracks for her forthcoming album. It is scheduled for release in November and will also feature songs she has written with the man with the midas touch, Timbaland. Today, the 45-second intro to “Hey You” is leaked. There are reports that the chorus is very “operatic and weird.” May 17: PRESS RELEASE: Inspired by the upcoming July 7th Live Earth series of concerts, Madonna has written a new song, “Hey You,” which will be available to be downloaded in the MP3 format on Microsoft’s home page, http://liveearth.msn.com, on May 16. The first million downloads of “Hey You” will be free as Microsoft has pledged to donate $0.25 per download to the Alliance for Climate Protection for the first million downloads. Madonna is scheduled to perform “Hey You” live at the Wembley Stadium Live Earth concert in London, it was confirmed by her record label, Warner Bros. Records, who have also announced that they will be releasing a live CD/DVD of the Live Earth Concert Series. Madonna’s new song, “Hey You,” recorded in London, was produced by Pharrell Williams and Madonna. She is one of seventeen headliners that have been announced including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Genesis, Beastie Boys and others who will perform at Wembley as part of the 24-hour, 7-continent Live Earth Concert Series. "On 7/7/07, Live Earth will inspire people from around the world to combat global warming with live performances from superstar artists like Madonna," Live Earth Founder Kevin Wall said. "The early release of "Hey You" is an incredible boost to our efforts to get people engaged in the environmental cause. We are thrilled that Madonna donated her art to Live Earth and is a part of this movement for us." Live Earth is a monumental music event on 7/7/07 that will bring together more than 100 headlining music artists and 2 billion people to launch an ongoing, mass movement to combat the climate crisis. Concerts will take place in New York; London; Sydney; Tokyo; Shanghai; Johannesburg; Rio de Janeiro; and Hamburg. Live Earth’s 24 hours of music across 7 continents will deliver a call to action and the solutions needed to answer the call. Live Earth marks the beginning of a multi-year campaign led by The Alliance for Climate Protection to move individuals, corporations and governments to take action. The concerts will be streamed live at LiveEarth.MSN.com and available on CD/DVD. LATER: The lyrical content of “Hey You” borrows heavily from Madonna’s own unreleased/unfinished track “Keep the Trance” (Madonna/Mirwais/Price) which was written in 2005 for the Confessions on a Dance Floor album. It features approximately 75% of the same lyrics in a similar rhyme scheme. May 21: VSD (French magazine): Madonna is preparing a new album for 2008. No title has been revealed, nor the style of the music, but Justin Timberlake is in on the adventure. May 25: “Hey You” is now available for purchase as a better-quality download, one week after its free-download release. Warner Music's release schedule has been updated and there is a Madonna Best Of Remixes set tentatively scheduled for Fall/Winter 2007, and a new studio album scheduled for early 2008. May 28: Jasmin (French magazine): The singer is preparing a new album (with Timberlake, Annie Lennox and P!NK). LATER: Madonna and P!NK contribute vocals to an Annie Lennox track (along with 21 other female vocalists). June 3: France’s STAR CLUB magazine (who interviews Justin Timberlake) says that the singer will return to the studio with Timbaland soon for a period of time to work with Madonna (who’s album is expected in November 2007) and 50 Cent. June 10: According The People.co.uk: Madonna is dithering about releasing songs recorded with Justin Timberlake. She went into the studio with Justin, 26, last month in a bid to get some R&B credibility. A pal explained: “She wants to reinvent herself.” But he added: “She's got second thoughts because she's not sure the stuff she did with Justin is quite right for her new sound.” June 15: A video for “Hey You” is released. The video is directed by Johan Söderberg and Marcus Lindkvist and it's the same broadcast yesterday on MTV Turkey. Söderberg has already worked with Madonna. He also edited the “Hung Up” video, I'm Going To Tell You A Secret and directed and edited the “Sorry (Remix)” backdrop from the Confessions Tour. June 20: Justin Timberlake interviewed by the UK’s Daily Record: With his personal life settled, Justin is back to concentrating on work. He is looking forward to throwing himself into more acting next year, revealing: "I like letting the control go on a film, especially with a director you trust. "In music I am 100 per cent in control but in film I feel like a footballer and just have to ask, 'What position do you want me to play? Good, I'm in.'" But before then, he is continuing a new-found collaboration with queen of pop Madonna. The exiting pairing has already produced five songs - a couple of R'n'B numbers and a couple of dance records. Justin said: "Some of the dance stuff hasn't the in-your-face energy of “Hung Up” but it's got this mellow R'n'B thing on top of dance accompaniment which Timbaland is doing the beats for. "It's all still in demo phases and I don't know if it'll be an album but four or five songs will make really good records." June 21: Entertainment Weekly: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You and Timbaland have been writing and producing songs for Madonna's next album. How's that been going? JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: The records that we've done so far are really exciting. There are some dance records, there are some mid-tempo ballads, there's all types of different stuff. But I don't want to gas it too much. People might like it or people might not. I don't want to say, like, [carnival-barker voice] ''It's going to change the world!'' You know what I mean? But we like it. June 23: The UK Sun: Justin Timberlake, who has sold 14 million albums as a solo artist, recently worked with pop queen Madonna on her new album with producer Timbaland. I asked if Madonna’s fearsome reputation was deserved. He replied: “I didn’t find that she was a slave-driver — she’s just a workhorse. I admire that.” June 28: Liz Smith at Variety Magazine reports that Madonna's next album is expected to be released “late this year.” Justin Timberlake is No. 68 on Entertainment Weekly's Top 100 list of "The Stars We Love Right Now." Justin is busy collaborating with Madonna for her next album, which arrives late this year. June 29: It is revealed that during her latest trip to New York, Madonna had a meeting and a dinner with Warner. Guy Oseary and Angela Becker were there. They discussed possible release options for her new album - whether there will be a release this year or next year. Madonna would like to release her new album this year, alongside October-November, because she would like to tour next year. Anyway, there is not a DEFINITIVE release date as of yet. We also have been told that there are already 8 songs in the mixing studio and there will be an exclusive listening within the next months - 3 songs - to only Warner executives. Furthermore, Madonna does NOT include "Hey You" in the tracklist for now, but they are discussing wheter adding it as a bonus track or not. Anyway, the new album will be very different from "Hey You". (DrownedMadonna) London Times (Timbaland interview excerpt): He is also unforthcoming about the sessions he has been conducting in London for Madonna’s next album, conceding that Justin Timberlake may have been involved, and saying of the work done so far: “I love it.” July 8: In post-Live Earth news reports, it is mentioned that Lebanese-born (but London-based) pop star Mika is participating in the new album. Mika had a #1 hit in the UK earlier this year. LATER: In an interview with Boyz magazine (January 2008): Boyz: What are these rumors about writing for Madonna? Mika: I have absolutely no idea where they came from. They've been around for about eight months and I keep denying it. I was even on Graham Norton and I had to say, 'It's all make believe'. He just looked a bit disappointed and went, 'Oh'. I think that was the only reason he booked me on his show. July 9: Madonna attended Justin Timberlake’s show last night at the O2 Arena in London. Today, the pair was seen entering a Notting Hill recording studio to record more tracks for her new album. After a long day in the studio, Timberlake is seen having dinner with friends at Nobu, and acting “unusually chipper.” July 11: Madonna may have more than just Justin Timberlake and Timbaland in her pocket working on her next album. Although the trio was spotted arriving at a Notting Hill recording studio in London on Wednesday, Keisha Buchanan was also seen entering the studio. Keisha, 22, is the lead singer and a co-founding member of English girl group Sugababes and the only member of the original line-up to remain with the group. Keisha also might recording demo tracks for her own un-released debut solo album. July 16: Yesterday (July 15) Justin Timberlake spent the day in a west London recording studio with Timbaland and Madonna. Things must have gone well as the producer and the Material Girl looked in fine spirits when they emerged late last night. LATER: Madonna tells a German interview (5.26.08) that by the time they’d written “4 Minutes” they knew each other and had already written some songs together. It seems likely that it was written in this July 2007 session – especially since Madonna had “social consciousness” themes on the mind post-Live Earth. July 18: Lyrics to a song called “Candy Store” are leaked in several M user forums. See which flavor you like and I'll have it for you Come on in to my store, I've got candy galore Dont pretend you're not hungry, I've seen it before I've got turkish delight baby and so much more Get up out of your seat (your seat) Come on up to the dance floor Ive got something so sweet (so sweet) Come on up to the front door I need plenty of heat (heat) Form a special connection Just start moving your feet (your feet) Move on over to me I'll be your one stop (one stop) Candy shop (candy shop) Everything (everything) That I got (that I got) I'll be your one stop (one stop) Candy store (candy store) Lollipop (lollipop) Have some more (have some more) All the suckers are not all we have in the store Chocolate kisses so good you'll be beggin for more Dont pretend you're not hungry Ive got plenty to eat Come on in to my store cause my sugar is sweet! Get up out of your seat (your seat) Come on up to the dance floor Ive got something so sweet (so sweet) Come on up to the front door I need plenty of heat (heat) Form a special connection Just start moving your feet (your feet) Move on over to me I'll be your one stop (one stop) Candy shop (candy shop) Everything (everything) That I got (that I got) I'll be your one stop (one stop) Candy store (candy store) Lollipop (lollipop) Have some more (have some more) My sugar is raw (erotica whisper) Stickey and Sweet (high pitched vocoder) Dance Dance Dance (like erotica moaning kind of echoes throughout whole song) See which flavor you like and I'll have it for you Come on in to my store, I've got candy galore Dont pretend you're not hungry, I've seen it before I've got turkish delight baby and so much more Get up out of your seat (your seat) Come on up to the dance floor Ive got something so sweet (so sweet) Come on up to the front door I need plenty of heat (heat) Form a special connection Just start moving your feet (your feet) Move on over to me I'll be your one stop (one stop) Candy shop (candy shop) Everything (everything) That I got (that I got) I'll be your one stop (one stop) Candy store (candy store) Lollipop (lollipop) Have some more (have some more) July 21: More on the rumored “Candy Store” track: "It's a GREAT track. I adore it... more than "Hung Up" and its got HIT written all over it. It's sort of electronic hip hop. It has that Justin Timberlake beats, with electronic blips and low level groans. It's VERY American sounding, BUT VERY European at the same time. The beats and the bass are very Justin Timberlake, Timbaland etc., but there is a whole electronic thing, almost like Mirwais-lite. It's very layered. Her voice goes from deep, to high, to spoken. The music has beats, and groans, and blips, and guitars. There is a lot going on. This could, very well be just a demo... and it may not end up on the final album... but I'm pretty certain it WILL be the lead single and a great way to kick off a new era." (Ditaluver@mnation) LATER: (7/23/07): The track was co-produced with Pharrell, who speaks at the end of the song. July 25: Rumors FROM THE ICON MESSAGE BOARD: hi madonna fan. the following is a list of six working titles for songs for madonna's up and coming album. 1. Going Down 2. Turn It Up 3. Do I Care? 4. Wizzle 5. Candy Store (featuring Pharrell) 6. Pretty Little Thang The rumors of a electronica/dance trip-hop sound are accurate. the bass kicks ass. Madonna is on the right path with these new songs. It's very now. “Wizzle” is a song written by Madonna alone. It started out as a joke and turned into a very well produced track with the help of Timbaland. It's a play on words and funny. Use your imagination On the lyrics: “Turn it Up” is a classic Madonna dance song. reminds me of “Vogue.” Justin Timberlake helped write “Pretty Little Thang.” Lyrically it is a song that reminds me of “Thief of Hearts.” “Do I Care?” is another Justin and Madonna collaboration. He lends his vocals for the background. A lot of hard beats were applied to many of these tracks. “Candy Store” is being talked about in being the lead off single. There are more, but these are working titles I've heard myself. There is a sexual innuendo to these songs. Look for a 'parental advisory sticker' placed on this new album. July 26: A low-quality version of the bridge from “Candy Shop” is leaked online. July 27: More rumored tracks and lyrics show up online: “Unnamed Track as of yet from Madame” (lyrics are very similar to “Rain”) = reportedly a Pharrell collaberation Here comes the sun (here comes the sun) = Pharrell vocal I'm tired of coming undone (oh, coming undone) There's been so much darkness Too much of the time I think its a sign (must be a sign) Here comes the rain (Here comes the rain) Wash away all the pain (wash away the pain) Coming together, going apart I want you to stay (Hope you wanna stay) Always the bride's maid, never the bride Two steps behind, you've got too much pride Always supporting, never the star Get it together, cause the beat goes on Here comes my hand (here comes your hand) take it while you can (take it while you can) Ill throw you some rope if it will give you hope want you to understand (understand) LATER (8/20/07): It is revealed that this is the song “The Beat Goes On” done with Pharrell. “It Hurts” (written by Madonna, produced by M + Timberlake) “My Engine’s On” (written by M, Guy Sigsworth; produced by M, Guy Sigsworth & Timbaland) Madonna may name the album BLACKSTAR. July 28: The exclusive listening for WB executives has already happened – three songs were heard, one of which has “hit” written all over it, and it wasn’t the previously leaked “Candy Store.” The tentative release date for the album is October 29, 2007. Madonna is currently in talks with director Chris Applebaum to direct a video. (DrownedMadonna) July 30: MTV News: Could a 17-second snippet of a song called “Candy Shop” be a leak from Madonna’s upcoming album? Fans speculate that it’s of a track Madonna was working on with either Timbaland or Pharrell — but reps for none of the three camps would confirm. “I have no comment about the song ‘Candy Shop,’” Madonna’s longtime rep Liz Rosenberg told MTV News. “Madonna has studio time booked and is continuing to work on her new CD. The songs are not mixed, and until that time, we can’t finalize the track list.” The yet-untitled album is due later this year. Today, Madonna has a BIG meeting with WB in NYC. All parties agreed to postpone the album’s release to late November 2007. More meetings will be held soon to determine the final release date. August 8: MTV.com: Timbaland Talks About His And Justin Timberlake's Collabo With Madonna For The First Time: 'She's Got A Hot Album' NEW YORK — Timbaland is finally back in the States after touring overseas with Justin Timberlake, and yes — his trip was productive. Not only did the duo shoot a video with 50 Cent, but they also worked with a cultural icon. "We just did Madonna's record," Timbo said, sitting in the TRL green room. He was part of the cavalcade of stars — including Kanye West, Common, Rihanna and Robin Thicke — who came out for the VMA press conference on Tuesday. "Me and Justin did the records" for the album, he continued, saying Madonna is almost done with the effort. "She's great. ... She's got a hot album. Her album is up there with Justin's album." Tim says he and Justin wrote and produced 10 songs for Madge's LP, many of which will make the club jump. "Ah, man," Tim gushed. "There's this one song, we taking it back to 'You must be my luck-eee starrrr!' ... Remember 'Ugly' by Bubba Sparxxx? I got a beat similar to that. The hook is no words. It's saying stuff named after coffee — all these different names for coffee — is the hook. ... The name of the song is 'La, La.' Pharrell did a hot one for her too called 'Candy Shop.' She's off the chain." The production legend said there isn't a title for the opus yet, but he will be reconvening with the singer in September to finish it up. Other than Madonna, 50 Cent is the only other person outside of Tim's Mosley Music Group that he's worked with lately. Melbourne Herald Sun Interview with Justin Timberlake: More importantly for Timberlake, he's written and produced songs for everyone from Rihanna to Reba McEntire, not to mention Duran Duran, Macy Gray, 50 Cent and Madonna. Paparazzi photographs of Timberlake and Madonna leaving recording studios in London have appeared in magazines all around the world. The pair share more than a CV that includes kissing Britney Spears. So far Madonna, Timberlake and FutureSex/LoveSounds co-producer Timbaland have written six songs for her forthcoming album. "There's a couple of duets in there," a cagey Timberlake says of his work with the queen of pop. Madonna offering the creative olive branch to a young performer (Timberlake is still only 26) must be like getting to meet pop's answer to Yoda (admittedly a hotter version thereof). She was topping charts when Timberlake was filling nappies. "She's a very talented lady," Timberlake says diplomatically. "There are definitely moments when I think, wow, I'm singing with Madonna. But she's so cool. She's very clever, very innovative. I was humbled WORKING with her. She's fun to work with and she takes advice. Plus she has an amazing mind." Pressed, Timberlake says some of the Madonna tracks have grooves that sound like her first album, but with more advanced lyrics. "It kind of meets in the middle between what she does and what I do. It's exactly how you want to hear Madonna right now. It doesn't sound quite like anything she's done yet it still sounds like Madonna." August 13: The UK Sun: Madonna is going to NYC in September to put the finishing touches on her new album. Then, she’ll be taking off a few weeks to be with her family. August 16: Timbaland declared in an interview for an English magazine that Madonna's first album (Madonna) was a big inspiration for the new album. He said that he, Madonna and Justin Timberlake listened to it several times to take the energy of the sound of the first album. When asked about the title of the album, Timbaland said it was not definitive but it could be called Odyssey. August 17-18: NYC: Certainly, the photographers crowding David Beckham’s Galaxy team's hotel in midtown Manhattan were more used to snapping movie stars. After an opportunity with Beckham, several were heading across town to grab pictures of Madonna, who was filming a video clip nearby. (SMB.com) August 19: The NY Post reports that Bronx-native Swizz Beatz is currently working on material with Madonna and Mariah Carey: Bronx native Swizz Beatz, born Kasseem Dean, who laid low after helping turn DMX into a superstar, while creating smashes for Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes and Eve, among many others.... Dean headed into a different part of his New York studio - the recording booth - and laid down lyrics for 12 tracks, including the first single, “It's Me Snitches,” which has already received a lot of radio play....But even though it's his time to shine, he's still willing to share the spotlight. Dean has already been recruited to produce new records by a slew of artists - from Madonna and Mariah Carey to Usher, Chris Brown, Cassidy and Britney Spears. Now there's someone who can use a bit of sweet Swizz Beatz. On the UK chart show today, Kayne West was interviewed and said he was talking to Timbaland about sampling weird sounds and he said that when Timbaland was working with Madonna, there was a track where he couldn’t get the kick-drum right, so he mic’ed a table and tapped out the sound he wanted. August 20: A 20-second mono-snippet of “The Beat Goes On” leaks. It features Pharrell on background vocals: Here comes the sun (here comes the sun) I'm tired of coming undone (oh, coming undone) There's been so much darkness Too much of the time I think its a sign (must be a sign) Here comes the rain (Here comes the rain) Wash away all the pain (wash away the pain) Coming together, going apart I want you to stay (Hope you wanna stay) Always the bride's maid, never the bride Two steps behind, you've got too much pride Always supporting, never the star Get it together, cause the beat goes on On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes Here comes my hand... (here comes your hand) Take it while you can... (take it while you can) Ill throw you some rope if it will give you hope want you to understand.... (understand) Here comes your smile (here comes your smile) Hope it stays for awhile (stays for awhile) You know its contagious It might sound outrageous But I feel so alive... (feel so alive) Always the bride's maid, never the bride Two steps behind, you've got too much pride Always supporting, never the star Get it together, cause the beat goes on On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes I can’t keep waiting for you I can’t keep waiting [take it down] Anticipating with you You keep me Waiting [take it up] I can’t keep waiting for you I can’t keep waiting [take it down] Anticipating with you You keep me Waiting Always the bride's maid, never the bride Two steps behind, you've got too much pride Always supporting, never the star Get it together, cause the beat goes on On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes [take it down] On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes [take it up] On and on the beat goes On and on the beat goes [take it down] On and on the beat goes INSTRUMENTATION I can’t keep waiting for you I can’t keep waiting [take it down] Anticipating with you You keep me Waiting [take it up] I can’t keep waiting for you I can’t keep waiting [take it down] Anticipating with you Cause see the beat goes on………. August 21: The full high-quality song of “The Beat Goes On” leaks. The track is digitally labeled as being from the album Madame. It is rumored to be one of six tracks that was heard at a listening meeting with WB last month. August 24: A WB fall release sheet shows updates for its October schedule: • MADONNA "TBD" (2 CD) 2 289404 WB • MADONNA "TBD" (2 CD + MVI) 9 289468 WB • MADONNA Best Of Remixes 2 231356 WB August 25: Another snippet of “Candy Shop” is leaked with the digital designation that it is part of a ringtone. August 31: The Santa Cruz Sentinel runs an article on stylist and Santa Cruz native, Arianne Phillips. It mentions that “she’ll also be working on Madonna’s next album.” September 2: According to inside sources, nothing is coming THIS year (at this point) regarding a Madonna release. Warner and Madonna started to put something out this year, hence the different configurations on the schedule. So we should wait the new year for her new album. Even the Best of Remixes 2 is not happening this year anymore. Its release was decided last April. The remixes album has been in the air since 2004, and Drowned Madonna revealed it 3 years ago. Once again Warner has NO plans this year to release anything special like an Anniversary Box Set. There is a possible release of sort into 2008. So look into the new year. (DrownedMadonna) September 3: MTV.COM: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston: With all those legends lined up to either finish collaborations or get in the studio for the first time with Akon, you would think his dance card would be filled and he might not have time for anybody else. Not if you're 50 Cent. 50 has the Akon collaboration on his LP Curtis, and the in-demand singer says he and 50 Cent are going to do even more songs together. September 8: British underground hip-hop producer T2 has revealed in an interview with RWD Mag that he has been asked to collaborate with Madonna: Q: What’s next for you? A: I’ve been asked to collaborate with people like Madonna, and at the same time I’m still keen to work with people from the hood. So there’s a lot of things in the pipeline. I’m all for developing artists and I’m still on the look out for new talent as well. Q: Ok rewind - you’ve been asked to work with Madonna? A: I can’t really go too deep into that at the moment, but I can say that it is what it is, so just have a look out. We’re not even aiming low, we’re looking to take it as far as possible. September 14: RUMOR: Madonna has just commissioned Fedde Le Grand to do remix and submit demos which might make it (or not) to the album. Check out Le grand’s "Let me think about it" by Ida Corr. That song really blew Madonna. (There's a portion in that song that sounds suspiciously like Madonna doing back up vocals "umm umm umm" I don't know if it's really Madonna or just coincidental) Some of the leaked songs won't be able to make it to the album cut. Sorry guys but everythings very quiet these days. I'll update more once I got some items to share. (MadonnaNation board) September 15: Today, in Jerusalem, Israel, Madonna meets Israeli president Shimon Peres and tells him that she would include a song about peace in her next album. September 18: According to today's free UK paper Metro, Madonna is quoted saying that she recorded 22 tracks for her forthcoming album but has been asked to edit it down to 14. Here are 12 titles from the 22 tracks recorded for the new album: "Candy" (real title of "Candy Shop"), "Fundamental connexion", "Keep my love", "Still doin' it", "La,La", "Happy"*, "The beat goes on", "Mary M", "L.S.D", "Tears for Freedom", "Light my Fire", "6". (MadonnaNation board rumor) September 19: MTV News: Akon's melodic thuggin' on the airwaves has helped turn records by superstars like Gwen Stefani into harmonic hits. Now the singer is moving into the realm of three of music's most iconic legends: Madonna, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. While Akon hasn't been in the studio with Madonna yet, he said he expects to "shock the world" with her Madge-esty before the end of the year. September 20: RUMOR: It ain't over till it's over! The album is not finished yet, there's no title yet. Working title is still Black Madonna. Apparently, though she have recorded a lot tracks good for more than 1 album. Madonna is still open to work with other producers. She still getting and soliciting demos from different artists and producers aside from penning some new songs for her album. This might be one of her most expensive album. She's kinda worried that her sound would sound old when it's release next year considering that there are many artist releasing new album this fall. This might be her last studio album for Warner and she wants to end it with a big BANG!!!!Expect more names to pop up anytime from now til before the release of the album. (MadonnaNation board) October 10: In an interview to Italian music magazine Musica & Dischi, the man in charge of Warner Music Italy, Massimo Giuliano, not only says that Warner artists had a great year in Italy in 2007 (Confessions Tour was a huge commercial hit) but mentions that Madonna's new album is expected for a February 2008 release. As previously reported Giuliano confirms that this album is one of the last two records Madonna owes to Warner to end her current contract with them. October 13: In an article from the Wall Street Journal about Nate 'Danja' Hills, the 26-year-old producer that is helping reshape the music industry's hit-making machine in the digital age: Hills, who used to collaborate a lot with Timbaland in the past, has recently teamed up again with him for an occasional collaboration on a high-profile project: Songs for Madonna's next album. Demand for his aggressive, sculpted beats, offset by spacey melodies has packed his calendar with clients ranging from Mariah Carey to rapper Missy Elliott. October 16: During the press hoopla over Madonna’s new $120 million deal with Live Nation, WB and Madonna both say that they will still be working together for her final album for Warner which is due next year. October 17: Publicist Liz Rosenberg says that the 49 year-old icon's next record (which may feature songs from recent studio sessions with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake) could drop in March 2008, with yet another greatest hits package slated for later next year or early 2009. Rosenberg adds: "We intend to work our asses off to make them both huge successes." (EW.com) October 18: According to DrownedMadonna.com, Madonna’s new album is being reassessed and the Pharrell stuff could not be in. October 21: Nate “Danja” Hills (who produced Britney’s “Gimme More”) told People magazine: “The songs are crazy. It's harder with a hiphop influence but you can still dance to it.” October 25: News about the album (madonnalicious): • It has a tentative release date in the US of Tuesday 11 March • It has a working title of Connextion - although this will be changed for release. • It currently contains 12 tracks • The Beat Goes On track that was leaked a few months ago actually is the finished product for the album • Another song is a ballad, much like the tone of Promise To Try but is more about a rebirth than death • There is another song with a strong techno 'thump' with just Madonna singing, no other musical sound and it works pretty well, almost haunting and stays with you October 28: Today, Pharrell Williams posts this on his Billionaire Boys Club blog: L.A. Part 1, fun times at the studio - October 28th, 2007 | Category: Announcements Hidden in a secret studio the work goes on. 2 rooms, one for Madonna and one for N*3*R*D! The Bape crew is in town and Goodman who is here filming for NIGOLDENEYE broke the fish eye lens so we took it upon us to have a little fun! October 31: Madonna is seen entering a recording studio in Los Angeles. According to one website, she was there with Pharrell Williams. LATER: According to MadonnaDownload (Nov. 3), Madonna was recording this whole week. She was joined in the studio by Pharrell on Halloween, but he wasn’t there any other time. She went every day this week in the afternoon and stayed until night time. On Friday, Nov. 2, she arrived in the evening (after she attended services at the Kabbalah Centre) but no producer was with her. November 1: Madonna is seen in the recording studio again today (reportedly with Pharrell again). November 2: Madonna is photographed entering the studio again. November 3: Madonna is photographed entering the studio again – this time with a book. November 4: At a Miami book signing, Rosie O’Donnell tells a fan about Madonna’s album and that she’s “heard the whole thing and it is great” – adding “the stuff with Timberlake is awesome.” November 5: Here are the latest news about Madonna's upcoming album that Drowned Madonna has heard: Madonna has not finished with the final product yet. She's been back in the studio over the last few days mixing some of the last tracks. As for now, Madonna plans on doing a photoshoot for the album after the holidays. Finally, the tentative release date is Spring 2008, probably April, Madonna's entourage told Drowned Madonna. November 8: Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes, a friend of Mike "Spike" Stent, posted on his MySpace blog that Stent is currently working on Madonna’s new album in Los Angeles. They are mixing the final cuts now. November 10: Madonna's photo shoot for her new album has been brought forward to December 12, 2007. There is not definitive photographer yet, but there are high chances that it will be Steven Klein once again. (DrownedMadonna) The French press is still reporting that Mika has a duet with Madonna on her next album. November 11: The tentative release date for the new album is still April, late April to be precise. The first single will be chosen within the next few days though. (DrownedMadonna) November 13: MadonnaTribe has just heard an exclusive report from the recent session in Los Angeles which is likely to bring yet another collaborator to the new Madonna album. While Madonna was putting the finishing touches to her new album at RecordPlant studios in L.A. last week, Kanye West was recording his own stuff in the next room. Kanye was actually working on the new Michael Jackson album - and it may be just a fortunate coincidence that brought him to temporarely switch from the King to the Queen of Pop. Pharrell - who was working with Madonna next door - invited Kanye in to meet her, the two hooked up and Madonna came up with an idea for Kanye to rap on one of her songs on the spot! Drowned Madonna has been informed that Madonna will film her appearance for the upcoming Annie Lennox's new video “Sing” within the next 2 weeks. She is thinking, JUST THINKING, of going brown for the video. Also the new album could be launched using a brunette look a-la-“Frozen” but with a much more in your face sense of fashion. Word is that the new Madonna's look for next year could be more punk than rap. We remind you that this is JUST ONE of the options under consideration right now. November 15: In an interview on Pete Tong’s show on BBC Radio 1, Stuart Price said Madonna wanted to make an “urban album” this time around, so she’s working with Pharrell and Timbaland. He didn’t believe a new world tour was going to happen any time soon. November 17: Star Academy, the French version of American Idol, annouced today that Madonna may return for another appearance (and possibly as a judge) in early 2008. The show ends in February 2008. November 18: MadonnaTribe has heard some exciting and exclusive news about Madonna's new album that we are happy to report for the very first time online. There are 5 final songs that are produced by Justin Timberlake and Timbaland and that had their final mixing at Hit Studios (Miami) last week. From what we have been told there's a song called "4 Minutes to Save the World" and it's an upbeat and very catchy hip-hop Madonna/Justin Timberlake duet. Another song is called "Across The Sky". It has lots of acoustic guitars, the flow is very much like "The Power Of Goodbye" and sounds like a real hit. Madonna is hitting really high notes there while Justin Timberlake is on back vocals. The third song is titled "Dance Tonight", a funky mid-tempo tune, yet another Madonna/Justin duet, think "Rock Your Body" by Timberlake with the claps and everything, this apparently has the same structure as well. Even the "Devil Wouldn't Recongize You" is a fourth song. Amazing ballad, very "Cry Me A River" by Timberlake in its structure and Justin on back vocals on this one too. The fifth song is named "Miles Away" and we have been told this is the THE BEST of the whole bunch. A hit written all over it. Full of acoustic guitars, beautiful up-tempo song and Timberlake on back vocals again. The song structure may recall Love Profusion, but it's much better. From what we have been reported, there's no need to worry about Madonna's new album. It's going to be an incredible album that will mark the year of her 50th birthday in such a fantastic way. 1. 4 Minutes to Save the World (duet with Timberlake) 2. Across The Sky 3. Dance Tonight (duet with Timberlake) 4. Even the Devil Wouldn't Recongize You 5. Miles Away From Fanzine: “to continue a member's story here, apparently first single resolutions are being made as I write this down. Up until now a collaborated first single with not only Madonna was taken under considerations (perhaps a Timbaland/Timberlake collaborated track), now however, there's a new fierce candidate! A crazy dark dance track produced by Danja features solo Madonna singing partly with vocoder and strong stylish beat. A mega-hit production. With only a small spoken part by Danja. Some say her vision on this record is going to take pop to a whole other level. Definitely exciting!" November 21: MadonnaTribe: The total number of tracks currently making the album is 13. November 30: From BANG Media International via Monsters and Critics: Madonna’s new song with Pharrell Williams is so "hot" it will "make the music speakers bleed". The ’Hung Up’ singer has been in the studio with hit producer Pharrell creating tracks for her upcoming album, and he claims their collaboration will take the music industry by storm. Speaking at the launch of his new shop Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream in New York on Wednesday (28.11.07), Pharrell said: "It was crazy. I don’t want to say too much. I’d rather wait for you to hear it. It’s awesome though. It makes the speakers bleed. It’s hot!" Earlier this month, it was reported Pharrell had been recording with the 49-year-old singer at Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles. The pair reportedly bumped into Kanye West, who was working with Michael Jackson in a studio next-door, inspiring the hip-hop star to rap on one of Madonna’s new songs. December 2: On Monday, December 3, Madonna will meet with Warner executives at their NYC offices to discuss the album. Madonna is shopping around for video directors and choreographers for her first single. She is looking for NEW people to choreograph for her and she also would like to pair with a new director... BRAND new. But she wants only top A LISTERS video directors. Madonna want a great video for her new single. The budget for the video is huge! Choreographer and directors will send their reels to Madonna next week. Then, Madonna will narrow down to a few. Whoever will get call to talk to Madonna, will have to fly to New York City and listen to the single in presence of Madonna at the Warner Bros. offices and discuss about the video. Security is VERY tight! RUMOR: Joseph Kahn has applied. He has directed videos for Eminem. December 3: Today, 30 WB people were invited to the NYC offices to see “Madonna’s candy, sweet candy.” The invitations had a candy theme, as did the conference room where the listening party was held. December 4: Drowned Madonna can exclusively reveal that Madonna's new album is tentatively titled Give It To Me. "This next song is called 'Give It To Me' and that’s what I want to call the record," said Madonna. The first single is still undecided. It will either be "4 Minutes To Save The World" or "Candyshop." "The Beat Goes On" is on the album, but is completely reworked. It also now features Kanye West. There is one track that is dance and acoustic some way at the same time and it is called "Miles Away." Madonna has a lot of harmonies on it. Her voice sounds great. A gem! There are 13 tracks on the album, which also includes a re-invention of "The Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You", which, as you probably remember is a song that Mike McKnight revealed and described in an exclusive interview held by Drowned Madonna several years ago. The song was originally wrote by Madonna for a musical and was also originally planned to be performed in the Re-Invention Tour. The album is still planned to be released on LATE APRIL, as Drowned Madonna - the only discordant voice from all reports - revealed. Madonna herself said that her album will be out the last week of April. Drowned Madonna can tell you Madonna album listening party in details: The room was decked out in a candy theme, champagne was being served, candy everywhere you look for everyone. The conference room it was held in was totally transformed. There were red and white stripes & stools as the theme plus like colored bricks and lots of candy all over. There were all Re-Invention Tour stage shots in the room including a big poster that may be the cover of the Lisbon DVD. No other photos of anything else, just RIT. Madonna came at 5:30pm with Ingrid Casares and Guy Oseary, wearing all black - blouse, skirt, and boots. Liz Rosenberg was there of course, she is the one who organized the party and set up the theme. Madonna sat on a couch with Liz Rosenberg and Ingrid Casares as the tracks played. Madonna dictated what tracks would be played and specifically said they were not being played in any order. She said she had just finished mixing the album a few days ago. Madonna played "Candyshop," then "4 Minutes To Save The World" first. She then had a vote on which one would be the first single. She said many times throughout the session that the first single has yet to be decided. She is all about "Candy Shop" and looked upset and surprised there was a better reaction to "4 Minutes To Save The World". "4 Minutes To Save The World" is like a dancey "Hey You". It goes something like "Hey girl, save the world...". "The Beat Goes On" sounds NOTHING like the demo we heard. As we told you, it features Kanye West. Madonna said it's not a single. Madonna made the song out to seem like a joke. "Miles Away" and "The Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" has then been played. Many times she would not announce the names of songs before playing them but there were songs with the following main hooks: "She's Not Me" , "Feel It In My Heartbeat" and "Dance Tonight" . There is also a song which Madonna called a "psychological mind f*ck" which questioned who was the master or slave, if you’re walking the dog or the dogs walking you. Finally, Madonna said there are thirteen tracks, but she only played 10 songs. December 6: Madonna has christened her final Warner Bros. studio album Licorice, and will release the set in late April. The news was broken today (Dec. 6) on former Billboard editor Larry Flick's Sirius Satellite Radio show "OutQ." On the broadcast, Flick also aired two songs from the album, "Candy Shop" and "The Beat Goes On" featuring Pharrell. Both cuts leaked online earlier this year. Unconfirmed reports say Madonna previewed the album in recent days for Warner Bros. staff members in New York. Kanye West is said to guest on "The Beat Goes On," while an older unreleased tune, "The Devil Wouldn't Recognize You," appears in a new version. RUMOR: Moe on the MadonnaNation board says: “I can say that Candy Shop and TBGO the final album versions are so far from what leaked months, and I hear the album is amazing.” December 7: REUTERS: Madonna's record label has denied reports that her new album will be called Licorice and will come out in late April. Billboard.com reported that Sirius Satellite Radio host Larry Flick, a former Billboard editor, announced the title and release date on his "OutQ" show Thursday. "Sirius does not know what they are talking about," Warner Bros, spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg said in an email to Reuters. "Wrong title. Release date wrong etc." MadonnaTribe: MadonnaTribe has received more info about one of the songs on Madonna's new album. One of the 5 songs we first reported on November 18 from the Timberlake/Timbaland session is a nice, mid-tempo love song with classic "Madonna lyrics" and a theme concept that loosely reminds of the idea behind the song "Like a Virgin". “Across The Sky,” tells the story of a woman who is quite disenchanted by love, a woman who knows deception, a woman who lied and has been lied to quite a lot in her life. A woman who admits she is not a saint but that finally feels like a new person now that she has found a new love in her life and she is ready to travel "across the sky" with her man, poetically holding his hands in hers. Musically the songs contains a lot of acoustic guitars and has a very catchy chorus. Justin Timberlake is "oooing" on backing vocals. Apparently, the song would be perfect for a third single release from the album. Fans who might be worried that Madonna has been looking for much new musical directions with this album must be reassured that she has re-invented and adapted that genre to her own unique style. MadonnaTribe: Madonna will be shooting the album cover on December 22nd in the United Kingdom. The photographer is again Steven Klein. The album design will be once again in charge of designer Giovanni Bianco. MadonnaTribe: MadonnaTribe sources can bring more exclusive news about the title track of Madonna's new album. “Give It To Me” is a song produced by Pharrell Williams, and it's a very catchy uptempo track that reminds of early Madonna tracks from the "pre-Madonna era" such as "Love on the run". The fans who were worried that this album would be too hip-hop would be happy to know that it's very 80's in its structure and it's pure Madonna. A person who apparently heard the song said it sounds quite "cartoonish". The “Give It To Me” phrase has nothing to do with a supposed “sexual content” as rumoured on a few Madonna forums, but it's said in the sense of "I'll handle the situation for you". A male voice is also singing backing vocals on part of the second verse and Madonna reprises a couple of lyrics from "The Beat Goes On" on this one. The break is very strange, the song basically stops suddenly while Madonna says "Don't Stop It" the male voice, probably Pharrell himself says "to the left, to the right". This song would also make a great single! December 12: MadonnaTribe sources can bring more exclusive news about two tracks of Madonna's new album. Of the lot of songs produced by Timbaland and Justin Timbelake that MTribe reported about shortly after they had their final mixing in Hit Studios Miami in November, "4 Minutes To Save The World" is possibly the one with a stronger "classic" Timbaland vibe. If there's actually some "hip hop" or "urban" vibe in Madonna's new album, we've been told that "4 Minutes" is probably the track where you can feel it the most. The song has an instantly catchy vibe, with percussion layers and hypnotic synthetized strings. While in other songs of the album Justin can be heard on backing vocals - as exclusively reported on this site in mid-November - "4 Minutes To Save The World" is actually a duet as in this song's verse Madonna and Justin basically sing one line each or better answer one to another on a back and forth basis. On the other hand, we've been told that "Dance Tonight" sounds like the funkiest song of the lot. You could say it's a dance track from the beginning to the end - there's dance in the title, dance in the theme, dance in the lyrics, and dance in the instrumentation. It has a captivating late 70's - early 80's disco sound - fingered bass, claps, triangle - recalling songs that made the history of dance as we know it and groups like Kool & The Gang, Skyy, Delegation, even a bit of the early Michael Jackson and huge references to the signature sound of Narada Michael Walden and to the origins of disco-rapping. To compare it to another Madonna songs the most similar thing that comes to mind is "Don't Stop" or maybe "Your Honesty" from the Bedtime Stories sessions. Lyrics-wise "Dance Tonight" also shares the same idea of fun of "Don't Stop" reprising the classic Madonna theme of letting yourself go and be guided by music, and doing positive things while you dance the night away. December 12: Timbaland, being interviewed today at NYC’s Z-100 Jingle Ball, said to be on the look-out for Madonna’s first single – due out next month (January 2008). He said: “For the first quarter, January, we wanna look out for Madonna's first single which features me and Justin (Timberlake),” said Timbaland. “I did most of her album,” Timbaland added. “Me and The Neptunes did the album. She (Madonna) has an incredible album!” December 15: Final confirmation is just in from M-Tribe's sources that the first single from Madonna's upcoming album will be "4 Minutes To Save The World". We can also exclusively report that Madonna will film the video for the opening single of her 2008 album in January. The clip will be directed by Jonas Akerlund and both Justin Timberlake and Timbaland are going to be there too. As exclusively reported on this site last month, "4 Minutes To Save The World" is an upbeat hip-hop Madonna/Justin Timberlake duet and is one of the tracks produced by Justin together with Timbaland - a song with an instantly catchy vibe, with percussion layers and hypnotic synthetized strings. In more album related last minute news, we've always been told that "Across the Sky" is not set to be released on the album anymore. BREAKING NEWS: Today, Timbaland previewed “4 Minutes to Save the World” at Philadelphia’s Jingle Bell in front of a live audience. Before the show, he did an interview with Q102 radio. He said he just came from Miami (prior to doing the Jingle Bell concert in NYC), but he did not accompany Timberlake in Australia for his tour. Part of the interview: On his possible retirement: "No, the next thing I'm shooting....the next video I am doing is me, Justin and Madonna." Is there anyone else he wants to work with? "That was it, that set the deal, Madonna set the deal....after I did her album I'm cool. Me and Justin went in and did her album in London." December 19: In an interview with Celebrity Magazine, 50 Cent says the following: Can we expect any other collaborations from you in 2008? 50 Cent: ''I'm currently recording a couple of songs for Snoop’s next album and Ice Cube and I are working on some hot jams. And I've already collaborated with Madonna on her forthcoming album.'' December 20: Madonna does a photoshoot with Steven Klein in London today for the new album. The shoot today is minimalist with Madonna in white fishnets, cream lace-up boots and white thong panties. RUMOR: From MadonnaFanzine regarding the video for “4 Minutes to Save the World”: From an overlooker at RSA Films they sketched some concepts for black leather outfit for Madonna in the story about a couple of somewhat spies, I imagine Madonna, Timberlake and Timbaland. Lots of arrows in the sketches too which indicates on action and movements, and that big supposed dance mash tease between Timberlake and Madonna. December 21: Actress turned singer, turned designer Tuesday Knight is designing and working with Madonna on photo shoots for her upcoming album. Tuesday has also designed jewelry in the past for Madonna for her film Evita and for her 2003 VMA Performance with Britney Spears. When Madonna and Tuesday met recently to discuss the plans for her designs, Madonna loved everything that is coming off of Tuesday’s new line. Madonna's manager Angela Becker has previously told In Touch Weekly: 'Madonna is a big fan of Tuesday’s and loves her jewelry a lot. She is always showing us what she is designing next, and it should be considered Art.' December 22: LATER: The album cover photoshoot reportedly was supposed to be today with a boxing theme. December 25: A Spanish fan says that: The tentative release date for Madonna new album in Spain is April 22nd which fits what Drowned Madonna exclusively revealed about the release date. The album will also be available in USB format. The document also lists a new Madonna Collection including all her singles to be released November 25. Finally a new Timbaland album is due november the 4th and according to the document it will include a collaboration with Madonna as well as other artists like: Dido, Linkin Park, Cher, Kanye West, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Akon and Mary J Blige.
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    Confessions on a Dancefloor 2003: February: At some point this month, Madonna does a sit-down interview with W Magazine (for the April 2003 cover story). In it, she comments on the musical project she is rumored to be working on: "Yes, I'm working on a musical project. It's already been written and it's totally original. The director and I have put together a creative team, and we're working on getting financing right now." March 13: Insiders have suggested that Madonna’s next big project is a movie musical called “Hello Suckers” an original screenplay extravaganza to be directed by Scott Elliot (“A Map of the World”) and produced by Barbara de Fina (“You Can Count On Me”). May 13: Scott Elliot is directing Madonna in the Texas Guinan bio movie musical that was once a go with Courtney Love ("It just didn't work out," said Elliott). May 21: Madonna states in an interview that she is currently working on a movie musical script about a real-life actress who worked in Hollywood in the 1920’s. September 24: Madonna’s brother-in-law Joe Henry, told an Italian magazine that he has been working on a couple of songs with her for a musical that she will star in next year. Later: These songs will include "The Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" which will show up on Hard Candy and "Jump" which will show up on COADF. October 28: Madonna and Luc Besson shoot the video for her song "Love Profusion." LATER: Madonna will tell interviewers for the COADF promotion that she began work with Luc Besson for another musical project in the fall of 2004. It is possible this video collaboration led to that musical film idea. November 30: Mirwaïs is said to be working with Madonna on 3 songs for a new musical. They’ve scheduled recording time in Los Angeles in December. December 2: Madonna has been working on a musical with Patrick Leonard called Hello Suckers!. The two of them have already been working on music and lyrics over the past year and have completed a large body of material. Madonna plays a 1920's vaudeville-like tap-dancing star. (Madonnalicious) LATER: Madonna will record a number of tracks for this musical which will leak (or are rumored to exist) much later in various forms. Among them are "Is this Love (Bon D'Accord)" - which will later reincarnate as "Voices" on Hard Candy, "If You Go Away," "Curtain" (which has not leaked yet), and "How High" which will have its lyrics used with a demo submitted by Bloodshy & Avant in early 2005. A song called "Miss You" has lyrics which were later used in "Like It or Not" but it is unclear if this song was from the American Life sessions or indeed written for the musical. 2004: January 27: From an interview in the Belgian magazine, HUMO, with Joe Henry: HUMO: Did she ask you for more songs, afterwards? Henry: Well, right now we're writing some songs for a musical. It's about the era of the 'silent movie'. I learned not to harbour any expectations and just seize every interesting opportunity. You know, I've noticed that many journalists think I resent “Don’t Tell Me,” but what can be more beautiful for a songwriter than having one of your songs covered? And when they still ring true in a completely different version... . I can't think of a bigger compliment. February 19: The first preliminary setlist of Madonna's upcoming Re-Invention Tour is leaked and it includes a track called "The Devil Wouldn't Recognize You," a track from the musical she has been working on the past year. Later: Mike McKnight (sound engineer for Madonna) tells Drownedmadonna.com in a 2005 interview that "The Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" was on the Reinvention setlist to be performed but was pulled and never done in the actual show. He says that Madonna did the track with Mirwais and does not mention Joe Henry, which suggests Madonna may have taken the track she wrote with Henry to Mirwais who would do his own music and production for it. The song is replaced by a ballad version of "Deeper and Deeper" in the live show. April 8: Madonna will release a studio album during 2005, and she has already begun to work on it. She is reportedly collaborating with Joe Henry and Pat Leonard – although some reports suggest their involvement was only with a soundtrack she was developing, and that project was shelved 6 months ago. One thing is certain, however - Mirwaïs' role on this new album will be very limited. Also, she might bring in two other producers that also worked on the American Life album – possibly Guy Sigsworth and Stuart Price. April 11: She has reportedly done one song with Mirwaïs but it isn’t known yet if that song will appear on an upcoming compilation of remixes for American Life or if she’ll save it for her new album in 2005. The song was recorded last week. She continues to field new collaberators for the new album. May 11: Headcleanr (a.k.a. Ray Carroll) from the Sire electronic-duo The Waterlillies is one of the new producers she may be collaberating with and also Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) is rumored to be helping out. Very little has been done so far as Madonna is still writing and plans to do so through out her upcoming tour. The new studio album won’t likely be released until late 2005. May 27: Guy Chambers, one of the U.K.'s most prolific & talented writer and producers, is most famous for working with artists such as Robbie Williams, Mel C and Kylie Minogue. In an interview on UK TV show London Tonight at the Ivor Novello Awards, he was asked who he wanted to work with next. He replied "Madonna" with a smile on his face - he then quietly said "In fact, I am going to meet with her management in the US in August." May 30: DJ and remixer Peter Rauhofer says in an interview that Madonna’s next album will likely be a soundtrack to a movie she’s starring in – Hello Suckers! He said the material was done with Patrick Leonard and the style reminds him of a “broadway musical.” June 8: Madonna has landed a new film role - playing a gunslinging 1920’s cowgirl for whom she’s a dead ringer. The singer will play silent movie star Texas Guinan in MARTIN SCORSESE’s big-screen musical Hello Suckers! The tale is based on the life of legendary bareback horserider Guinan - who appeared in Hollywood Westerns. Texas-born blonde Guinan also became a rebel nightclub host who openly flouted anti-booze Prohibition laws and kick-started her stage shows with the hellraising catchphrase “Hello Sucker!” The film is Madge’s chance to get even with critics who slated her parts in Eighties films Shanghai Surprise and Desperately Seeking Susan then 2002’s Swept Away, directed by hubby GUY RITCHIE. Madge will co-produce it with Goodfellas director Scorsese and also write the music. It will be shot next year and the soundtrack will be the Material Girl’s next album, with the first single a cover of 1920s hit “There’ll Be Some Changes Made.” The movie will be directed by Jonas Akerlund who masterminded Madge’s anti-war video for her hit “American Life.” Madonna idolises feisty Guinan - star of The Hellcat, The She Wolf, The Gun Woman and Little Miss Deputy - and will love stepping into her stirrups. An industry insider said: "This project is really personal for Madonna as she worships Guinan. Critical acclaim in movies is also the one thing that has eluded her but this is a special film with big names involved. "Madonna has already recorded an album’s worth of songs for it and is determined to make it work." The film arm of her production company Maverick bought the rights to the film in 2001 and planned a stage show but later hit on the movie idea. Madge has been laying down tracks for it since last year. COURTNEY LOVE was cast as Guinan and even wrote some songs but has been axed over her recent drug troubles. June 9: According to an industry insider, Madonna will work on her new album in 2005 but it is currently too early to consider who will produce with her. If Madonna leaves WB due to her current legal battle over Maverick Records, there is expected to be a number of remix albums and compilations flooding the market before she even gets a new album out on another label. Reportedly, Madonna has already stated that she is done with WB however, they are still hoping to get more out of her. Madonna has met with Quentin Tarantino recently regarding “a musical” but so far, their talks have just been discussion about the project. Madonna apparently has no plans to start any major projects until her contract dispute with WB is resolved. June 16-24: LATER: Madonna writes a song called “I Love New York” while doing sound checks for her Re-Invention tour at Madison Square Garden in NYC after receiving a police escort to MSG. She just started playing a riff at sound check and that is how it came about. LATER: Price says in an interview with British magazine The Word (June 2008): We were at Madison Square Garden in the middle of the 2004 Re-Invention tour, and it had got to that point where everyone was just completely bored. Touring with Madonna is like taking everything you've learned from the age of 14 about playing small pubs and clubs in bands and chucking it all out of the window. It's more like Cirque Du Soleil than the Pheasant & Firkin, put it that way. Essentially, the show has so many moving parts that if you go out on a limb you might end up losing a limb. Madonna can be quite spontaneous, but she's not spontaneous when it comes to doing a show in front of 20,000 people! Similarly, the soundcheck is often quite a choreographed affair, but this time she just started messing around. She started playing this very basic, two-chord riff on the guitar and making up these lyrics about how she loved New York. It was just a real fun, mess-around song. Later I went into her dressing room with a guitar and a portable multi-track and said, "We're just going to stick something down for a reference", so we had a rough sketch of the song. July 23: Hello Suckers! is reportedly Madonna’s next project once she completes the Re-Invention tour and the soundtrack to this musical is reportedly her next album affair. August 4: Inside sources say Madonna has contacted U.K. electronic band Goldfrapp for a possible collaboration. She has attempted to work with them before in 2002 when Guy Ritchie and Madonna asked the British duo to score their film Swept Away - Goldfrapp rejected that offer but did give permission to use track (“Lovely Head”) for the 2002 film’s opening credits. August 29: Iggy Pop & the Stooges open for Madonna at Slane Castle in Ireland. Madonna watches the performance with Stuart Price and makes a suggestion: LATER: Price says in an interview with British magazine The Word (June 2008): Later on in the tour we were playing Slane Castle with Iggy Pop, and while we were watching him Madonna said, "Let's make the song a bit like The Stooges." She was making a documentary on that tour, I'm Going To Tell You A Secret, and there was a scene in it that featured New York, and she decided she wanted a kind of Stooges version of I Love New York to play over it. So I took the riff and the guide vocal away to a friend's house in Reading. We went into his bedroom and propped the bed up against the wall to make room for the drum-kit. His brother played guitar, I played bass and we tracked this Madonna song in the bedroom of a house on the Wokingham Road! And that's the version that appears on the documentary. September (early): There is a report that Depeche Mode songwriter, Martin Gore, recently met with Madonna and Stuart Price while on her tour. He may be working on some demos for her. September 27: Pat Leonard recently finished writing a “period musical” with Madonna. September 29: Joe Henry tells the press that he and Madonna collaborated on 3 songs last year (and recorded them together) for a movie that is set in the silent film era. September 30: Last week in London, Madonna checked in with Martin Gore and claims to have “loved” one of the demos he was given to work on. October 11: According to well-informed sources, an all-new Madonna album (currently in the planning stages) is due in November 2005 with a lead single planned for Summer 2005. October 25: Stuart Price is at the helm of the album, his role is as producer; Stuart has a lot of input with the type of music, sound and over all direction of the album. The sound we are being told is more electric than the work she did with Ørbit. Also, Monte Pittman is involved, Madonna is working with him, but what they are working on is unknown at the moment. Mirwaïs doesn't seem to be too heavily involved with this album at this time and his role is yet unknown. LATER: In an interview with John Norris on MTV Overdrive (broadband channel), Madonna says the album didn’t start out as an all-dance record. She did some songs with Mirwaïs and some with Stuart Price. She says she tried several different things, and then Stuart brought her the music to “Hung Up” and she wrote the lyrics very quickly – in about 10 minutes driving around in her car – “it was like instant, divine inspiration” – and she knew she wanted to make a dance record. She sent an emissary to Stockholm with a letter she’d written to Bjorn & Benny begging them to allow her to use the sample. She says they did not say YES right away, but rather took some time to think about it. They have rarely allowed their music to be sampled. The sample was reportedly quite expensive, and they got a writing credit on the song. UK TELEGRAPH: The pair agreed to let Madonna use their most famous disco hit after striking a lucrative copyright agreement that observers say will give them a significant share of royalties from airplay. "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” is the essence of the new song and we have agreed to split the copyright with Madonna and her co-writer," Andersson said. He declined to go into details and insisted that financial concerns were not the primary motive for the decision to give Madonna permission to use the track. The ABBA track went to No. 3 in the U.K. in 1979. A lot of the songs were written very quickly, but they did take a lot stuff they worked with on tour and morphed into songs from things Stuart Price and Madonna collaberated on during the tour – inbetween sound checks, back stage and in “hotel rooms in boring cities.” She says she wanted to make something “buoyant” and “fun.” “Hung Up” was written for the disco section of a musical she was working on. It was one of the first songs she and Price wrote (out of 20 songs total for the musical done over a couple years). Then she decided not to do the movie and they started listening to old disco records: Georgio Moroder, Cerrone, ABBA ABBA ABBA. There is a bit of tribute to Donna Summer (I Feel Love) and the Bee Gees. Stuart Price tells Mojo magazine of the album: “It came out of the ashes of a film script she was working on – a musical, it had a ‘futuristic club section.’ Initially, we were just doing songs for that. “Hung Up” was the first one. For months I had wanted to use that loop from “Gimme Gimme Gimme,” and she said ‘I want the future disco section to sound somewhere inbetween Danceteria, Studio 54 and Abba on drugs.’ I said, ‘Errrr, ok, let me play you something.’ Three days later, she’d written a song with it. Within a month we had the bulk of an album. They did all their work in Price’s studio flat in Maida Vale, in the loft. LATER: Based on Price's comments, I am led to believe that "Hung Up" was written for the Besson musical as I cannot see Hello Suckers! having a futuristic disco section being that it was a 20's-style period piece. U.K. Observer: Madonna says she intended to do the bulk of the album with Mirwais and a few songs with Stuart Price. But the first song she did with Price - “Hung Up” - resonated so monstrously that she decided to go the other way – and it decided the direction of the album. Madonna: And that song made up my mind in which musical direction to go in. Until then I had done an entire soundtrack to a musical called Hello Suckers!, and that didn't pan out because I decided I didn't want to do it. Then I decided to write a musical with Luc Besson, with him doing the screenplay. So I started a whole new chunk of songs, and then I read the script and I hated it, and I thought, 'That's crap, let's scrap that'. And then I was exhausted. We finished the tour, and my record company was like, 'You owe us an album', and I was, 'I don't have any more ideas, I'm tapped out'. So I came over here to work experimentally, and because that song turned out so great, I said, 'OK, that's it, I'm making all dance music'. The entire time I was recording the album I was also editing a documentary film that I've just finished, and that was a very painful... It's called I'm Going to Tell You a Secret and it's not a conventional documentary. It's cinematic, it's like a journal. I was flying to Stockholm every other week to work on the edit, then coming back here, and it was very difficult, taking 350 hours of film and putting it into two hours. I was so wiped out by it. November 9: Madonna is currently writing and recording in London for a 2005 album, although its release may not come until next November. It might be an extension to her Warner deal with the same royalties for one album. If the album does well, she could reportedly get an even better deal if she proves American Life was a fluke and not the beginning of the end of her recording career. November 11: Tonight, Madonna is inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame and afterward she says to reporters of her new album: I’m getting ready to record another album and I begin writing, in fact, next week. Well, I’m working with Mirwais again and probably Stuart Price who was on tour with me – I wrote a track with him on my last album…and… who knows? I kind of figure it out as I go along and things always change by the time I get finished recording my album…so, I don’t know…stay tuned. November 24: In People Magazine, Madonna says: “I’m writing for this musical I’m working on based on the life story of Texas Guinan, a woman who was a silent movie star and hell-raiser during Prohibition. It’s a good story but I don’t know if its acceptable or not. I have to record a new album, but I don’t really like the idea of just making another record. So I’m throwing a lot of balls in the air and will see what happens.” November 30: Madonna.com confirms that she is in the studio today recording new material but it does not say what it will be for. A London tabloid says it is “trip hop” music. December 3: Madonna was in the studio with Stuart Price this week. LATER: In an interview with Attitude in October 2005, Madonna says she did not intend for Price to be the primary contributor but that she only intended to do a few songs with him. Also, after she did three songs between Price and Mirwais: “Hung Up,” “Sorry” and “Future Lovers” she said she did some other songs that were slower, but then she decided she wasn’t in the mood for ballads this time around. December 10: Madonna & Guy are seen leaving the London Kabbalah Centre tonight. LATER: In an interview with Israel's biggest newspaper Yediot Aharonot, Yitzhak Sinwani says it was around this time that he moved to London (working for the Kabbalah Centre) and performed some songs he had learned from home (Israel) at the Centre’s traditional Shabbat dinner one Friday night. She later tapped him to do vocals for her album (for “Isaac”) and on her 2006 Confessions World Tour. (12/11/06) December 24: According to his friends, Stuart Price is busy producing Madonna’s next album. BBC DJ Pete Tong has stated that Price is “the most important and prolific young producer in Britian today.” December 28: Madonna is currently working on music for a new studio album for WB, however, she is also recording material for a possible release with her new documentary due in the spring. The Hello Suckers! musical is currently in a lull because Madonna owes WB a new studio album next year so that is currently her primary focus. Madonna is also up for a supporting role in the film The Streets of Paris (FineLine) and if she wins that role, it is likely that the production for Hello Suckers! will be postponed until late 2005. 2005: January 5: Madonna has finished several new songs with Stuart Price. Last year, she also did a barter collaberation with Missy Elliot (in exchange for Missy appearing on Madonna’s tour in video form) - that song may appear on the rapper’s next album, which features guest stars Tweet, Ciara, 50 Cent, and Ludacris. January 7: The track she did with Missy Elliot is called “Cali Dreams” and is about the cost of fame. Madonna only provides backing vocals and was rumored to be called “Liquid Dreams.” It has not yet been determined if it will be used but it isn’t a “Me Against the Music” type of project. Madonna has also tapped an American producer, Emilio Estefan, Jr. to crank out a demo for her. She is a big fan of Estefan’s work and wants a Latin track on her next album. January 8: During the sound checks of the tour this year, Madonna was playing a new song with the working title, “I Love New York.” The song was co-written with Monte Pitman. January 9: Madonna has completed two new songs and is working on two more (in progress). A new song title has also been revealed: “Goddess” February 3: Madonna has been taking karate lessons at the Budokwai club in south London – she plans to showcase the discipline in an upcoming video. February 6: Stuart Price aka Jacques Lu Cont, winner of Best Remixed Recording at Sunday's 47th Grammy Awards. The Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix of the No Doubt cover of "It's My Life" won over the Full Intention Club Mix of George Michael's "Amazing", the Felix Da Housecat's High Octane Mix of "Motor Inn" by Iggy Pop with Freedom, featuring Peaches, the Basement Jaxx Mix of N.E.R.D.'s "She Wants to Move" and Sasha 's Remix of "Watching Cars Go By" by Felix Da Housecat. February 13: Stuart Price, aka Jacques Lu Cont, plays the Good Vibrations Festival in Melbourne, Australia today. LATER: Price plays a dub version of “Hung Up” with the ABBA sample (no Madonna vocals) to great crowd reaction. From an IntheMix review: Jacques Lu Cont started his set with a remix of Gwen Stefani’s ‘What You Waiting For?’ before mixing it into a remix of a classic ABBA tune. I didn’t get to witness much of Jacques Lu Cont’s set however from I did hear he seemed to have played a lot arm raising, crowd favourite tracks, making is set a lot of fun, but in comparison to other acts he didn’t really stand out. LATER: Price says in an interview with British magazine The Word (June 2008), that he was working on the track “I Love New York” while he was in Sydney, Australia (Feb. 19 – was the day he played the Sydney Good Vibrations Festival). February 14: Swedish duo Bloodshy & Avant revealed today in an interview to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that they are currently working on a new song for Madonna. Christian "Bloodshy" Karlsson, 29, and Pontus "Avant" Winnberg, 29 are the guys behing Britney Spears' "Toxic", the winner of the 2005 Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. They had already worked with Britney and Madonna producing a remix for their "Me Against The Music" single. They have just started working on the track, but the idea is to come up with a huge dancefloor-hit, they say. Madonna herself called Christian on his mobile and caught him when he was on a beach in Thailand to ask them to collaborate with her. LATER: In an interview with a Swedish correspondent in NYC (in Oct. 2005) Madonna says she wanted to work with them after she heard her daughter listening to Rachel Stevens’ solo debut Funky Dory (released March 9, 2004) which had a song produced by Murlyn Music hotshot Bloodshy, “Sweet Dreams My LA Ex.” She said that plus their work on Britney Spears’ “Toxic” convinced her that she wanted to work with them. Swedes Produce New Song for Madonna They were given a Grammy for their Britney Spears song. Now the Swedish top producers are working on a new hit - for Madonna. "This is really something big," says Christian "Bloodshy" Karlsson. Swedish producers Bloodshy & Avant wrote and produced Britney Spears' hit "Toxic". This Sunday they won an American Grammy for their work. "It's absolutely amazing. An American Grammy is probably the biggest award you can win in my business. Now I'm beginning to understand how it would feel like to win gold in the Olympics," Christian "Bloodshy" Karlsson tells Aftonbladet. The Swedes beat big acts like Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx in the category "Best dance recording". "This is really unbelievable. Those are really heavy names and we beat them just like that," says Christian Karlsson. Bloodshy & Avant were not in the US to accept the award in person. The reason: they're working on a new hit - for Madonna. "Madonna herself called me. I was at the beach in Thailand when my cell phone rang, and it was her. I can't even explain how unreal it felt to stand there with Madonna on the line," says Christian Karlsson. The Queen of Pop discovered the Swedish duo after their work with Britney Spears and asked them to write her a song. "We've hardly begun working on it yet, so we've got no idea when the song will be released or what will become of it. Our goal is to give her a real dancefloor filler (disco stomper)," says Pontus Winnberg. LATER: Early versions of “How High” and “Like It or Not” produced by Bloodshy alone are also in the vaults, assumably without the additional mixing of Avant and Stuart Price. The instrumentals to both songs were written before the lyrics were. These appeared on Bloodshy's MySpace in 2006 as "Snookercrunk" which is an almost identical version of "Like It or Not" without vocals, and "Lester" (4:01), which is an early version of "How High" (3:26). February 15: A London paper says Madonna will reinvent herself next as the Queen of Rock and her new album, which is nearly completed, will have a “heavy guitar sound.” Madonna is reportedly drawing her latest musical inspiration from acts like Franz Ferdinand. She apparently wants to go in the direction of “real sounds – like those of a real band.” Other contributers on board include the album’s main producer Stuart Price, Mirwaïs, Bloodshy & Avant, and Monte Pittman. The collection may also include her recent cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” LATER: This is just a personal observation, but around this time a lot of the rumors seemed to indicate a ROCK direction, and I often wonder where that came from. I suspect that Price - having done a very Stooges-rock-inspired version of "I Love NY" with friends in Reading could have led to gossip about the record that this was its true direction. Especially if those who helped him started talking to people about what they worked on together. February 22: Madonna met with Nellee Hooper today in NYC regarding a song she wrote in the past with Marius DeVries – Marius had the idea to give it to Nellee. Madonna is currently in NYC to work on some new music and meet with some different music people. Update (3/3/05): The song that Marius wrote with Madonna, has a working title of "Stare" or "The Stare." She has asked Nellee Hooper to make it a dance song with heavy guitars. She is looking for a heavy guitar sound with dance contamination – this led her to Nellee. February 25: Madonna has used the London Community Gospel Choir on a new track for her album. The choir, who previously worked on Nothing Fails, are supposed to have already secretly recorded their part in a London studio recently. The gospel style choir have already laid down their vocals at a secret session in a London studio and will have a starring role on the new album. A source said: "Madonna loved their sound and professionalism on American Life. They have an impressive track record in their own right and she felt they were perfect for a Rolling Stones-style song like “You Can't Always Get What You Want.” The choir has also previously worked with Stevie Wonder, Sting, Sir Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, George Michael, Elton John and Sean 'P Diddy' Combs. Madonna is also reworking a track from the William Orbit-sessions for Ray of Light called “Liquid Love” – a heavy guitar track with HIT written all over it. Madonna will play the axe on it herself. March 8: According to an insider, Madonna has completed recording on 6 songs and the sound is very rock and dance inspired. This is apparently a “whole new direction” for Madonna and the tracks are reportedly quite impressive “sure fire hits.” The album is due later this year or early in 2006. She has previewed three of the tracks she did with Stuart Price for people at Warner Bros. who described them as “full-on dance” tracks that are “very catchy sounding.” March 9: A new inside source says the songs are “dance-able rock” that are much like Chumbawamba or The Darkness. March 10: The album may be about half done although it isn’t on Warner’s release schedule for 2005. The label very much wants to release it before the holidays, but Madonna is thinking about spring 2006. She is still very unhappy with them due to the Maverick Records debacle. March 14: Madonna may also record a theme song for Guy Ritchie’s Revolver film depending on timing as she is currently writing for her new album. Her label rep has confirmed that she is working with Mirwaïs and Stuart Price. The only song title confirmed so far is “I Love New York.” April 6: According to Warner France, the album is completed and the marketing plans have begun. Currently, the first single and its release date are being decided – there is still debate about whether or not to release it pre-summer or post-summer. They also have said that the album has little to do with “rock.” Today, (Apr. 6) Madonna is seen leaving a recording studio in North London. April 11: According to insiders, WB is always presenting ideas for compilation albums to Madonna, most of which she rejects. The most recent idea was a 2-disc set – one disc her greatest ballads and the other remixes. She rejected the idea and said that if such a project were to happen, those would be separately released. WB has now stated that a new album will be released before any kind of compilation. April 14, 15, 18: Madonna entered a London recording studio on these dates around noon and stayed until 8PM. April 16: More rumors: the album will be released in early 2006. Mirwaïs wrote several new titles but it is not known if they will be included. The only track that is certain to appear is “I Love New York” which may be previewed early as part of a promotional push for the documentary. April 22: Insiders reveal that Madonna is definitely working with Mirwaïs. He is currently at work on new tracks in a London studio and they are both “very pleased” with the progress to date. April 26: Madonna played WB five tracks that she did with Stuart Price, who will be the main producer of the new album. However, like Music, the project may have several collaberators. Two of these five songs were done with Mirwaïs and are dance tracks. Madonna still holds a lot of demos that she didn’t show to Warner because she still wants to rework them. She plans to record through the summer, and this is why a number of songs aren’t done yet and she is planning on recording some of them in NYC. She still wants an early 2006 release. • “Hung Up” • “Sorry” • “Future Lovers” • “Let It Will Be” • “I Love New York” May 1: In an interview Stuart Price tells the press that for the new album (which he has written new songs with Madonna) he “isn’t do anything I wouldn’t normally do.” Price is well-known for his 80’s-style dance pop. May 17: Madonna has SLOWLY been submitting tracks to Warner and the group that she’s submitted so far have been given under the album name: Defying Gravity. May 25: According to ContactMusic, a Warner rep says the new album has “a rockier edge and the usual electronica influence.” The label is very excited about the 8 tracks completed so far and sources say it is “full of hit singles.” There is a track called “Defying Gravity” which could end up being the title of the record too. The label expects the album in January 2006. May 26: Madonna.com says that she is currently collaberating with producers she has never before worked with. (I suspect they could either mean Bloodshy & Avant or perhaps Anders Bagge and Peer Astrom who submitted "Get Together" late in the project) June 3: The new album, Defying Gravity, will be released in November 2005 to coincide with the launch of her new perfume. <--- Obviously this info turns out to be FALSE. June 5: Madonna has reportedly contacted two very well-known video directors for her next video. She’s going to review the ideas they submit for the track and she will pick the better of the two. The director’s names are not yet known, but neither has shot a video for her before. June 7: In an interview with MTV at the Lotsa de Casha party at Bergdorf Goodman, Madonna says she did a lot of the album with Stuart Price but that she also worked with Mirwaïs and Bloodshy & Avant. She says the album is “all dance – no ballads.” June 8: In a TV interview on The View, Madonna herself says that the album is due in “late October/early November” of this year and will features “all dance” music. She plans to tour in 2006 to support it. June 9: Madonna says she hasn’t written anything lately as far as books since she has been recording for her new album. She claims she is finishing up that process now. She skips rabbi Philip Berg’s birthday party tonight in favor a music listening meeting (for her new album) with Warner Music’s head honchos Edgar Bronfman, Tom Whalley and Lyor Cohen. June 14: There is much speculation at Warner that a new Madonna single will see release in July or August. According to the label, Madonna is still finishing up in the studio with her collaberators. An insider at WB says a single could see radio release as soon as July 4. Those have listened to the album so far are saying it’s “sooooo good!” There is also speculation that it could become a classic Madonna album. The sound is described as “very fresh and very clean.” Mirwaïs has a very limited role on this album and there is only one heavily-influenced Mirwaïs track. The album is “beautiful, upbeat and filled with happy songs.” June 15: Madonna reportedly “belts” on this album and “(I Love) New York” is quite “anthemic” and is one of the strongest tracks on the album. The record is dance with a rock influence. June 17: Madonna.com confirms a late November 2005 album release with a tour to “hopefully” follow in the summer of 2006. June 26: Madonna has sampled an ABBA track for her next album due in November. July 2: Madonna tells MTV in an interview at Live 8 that her new album is being mixed this week and she’s calling it: Confessions on a Dancefloor, and she thinks people will love “(I Love) New York.” July 6: Madonna is in talks with a major international fashion firm to design her costumes for an upcoming promotional tour for her new album. The new album’s promo-tour schedule could include an appearance on the MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon, Portugal on November 3. July 8: RUMOR (RAUHOFER BOARD): Madonna's team has contacted: • Basement Jaxx • Jacknife (remixed U2’s “Vertigo”) • Superchumbo (Tom Stephan) – Kylie Minogue, Darude • Peter Rauhofer • Jan Driver • Fierce & Coppola …about re-mixing Madonna's new single. They send a copy of the first single to all of them. They are not confirmed yet. Again Madonna hand picks each remix. July 9: BBC Radio 1 announces the first date for the album’s release: November 28, 2005. Within 10 days, Stuart Price will fly to Los Angeles to mix the new album. Madonna will join him there after her family vacation at the end of July. July 12: Madonna plans to meet with WB’s marketing team at the end of July, and there is a big photo shoot planned for the second week in August. She has picked Steven Klein to do the photos again. The first single will be a massive techno/disco stomper reminiscent of “old Madonna” and will be released to radio soon. WB is working around the clock to prepare as this is considered to be the biggest release of the year. A heavy promotional tour is also planned with lots of dancing. The first single will go to radio in September, and have a commercial release in October. The B-side will be the unreleased Laylo & Bushwacka mix of “Hollywood.” July 13: HMV lists the album release date in the U.K. as November 14. WB & Madonna officially chose a lead single today. Remixers are not yet decided. July 18: Website Madonna-Electronica.com previews a heavily-techno sample of a reported song from the album. July 21: Madonna is currently in Los Angeles mixing the album with Stuart Price. One of the songs to possibly be chosen for the first single is “Hung Up.” The album artwork will be shot by Steven Klein in mid-August in the U.K. – he may also direct her new video there too. Giovanni Bianco, who designed the tour program for Re-Invention may also come on board (if his schedule permits). Klein’s shoot has a tentative title of Regression, which could also be the album’s new title. (DrownedMadonna & Madonnatribe). July 25: Madonna is seen leaving a recording studio in L.A. with Stuart Price. Christina Aguilera is also seen leaving the same studio around the same time. This leads the press to speculate if they have recorded something together. A source says she is working with Aguilera on one track and with Gwen Stefani on another. July 26: Madonna.com confirms the album is called Confessions on a Dancefloor and the first single is “Hung Up” which Madonna co-produced with Stuart Price. July 27: Madonna.nu reports that the album is now scheduled for November 15 release. Steven Klein’s photoshoot for the cover will take place in L.A. on August 11. She is not planning to work with Aguilera for this record but she is finishing up her record this week in the same recording studio. Liz Rosenberg debunks the Aguilera rumors and says Madonna is also not planning on teaming up with Gwen Stefani for this album either: “It’s all Madonna, all the time – a total dance record called Confessions on a Dancefloor. No ballads, no messages – it’s back to Madonna Queen of the Dancefloor!” July 29: Madonna will hold meetings next week to begin planning the publicity for the album. Arianne Philips is currently putting a look together for the the album theme. A listening party for WB executives is also scheduled for next week. - Madonna.nu The first single could see a radio release before the end of August but the retail release of “Hung Up” isn’t scheduled until November 7. August 2: “Hung Up” is scheduled to hit radio the first week of October according to radio websites and WB. The release will feature some heavy promotion by the label and Madonna, however the nature of this promotion is unknown right now. Liz Rosenberg denies the rumors that the song samples ABBA’s “Ring Ring.” August 3: The video shoot for “Hung Up” has been pushed back to the end of September (Sept. 19 to be exact). The album photoshoot will still take place August 11. August 4: Giovanni Bianco, designer of the tour program for Re-Invention, confirms he will be doing the art direction for the album. Liz Smith reports that the big guys at WB (including Tom Whalley) are the happiest music executives in town and are “blown away” by Madonna’s new album - which they describe as a “dance-driven pop record.” Madonna.com officially announces release dates: “Hung Up” will debut on U.S. radio October 17. Confessions on a Dancefloor will come out November 15. August 7: Italian fashion duo Dolce & Gabbana are just one of the designers who sent Madonna some clothing and accessories for her upcoming shoot with Steven Klein on August 11. LATER: (Oct. 6, 2005) Stefano Gabbana says the pink outfit Madonna wears on the album cover is a D&G creation. August 11: The album photshoot takes place. She is photographed leaving the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre a few days later with ginger-colored haired. The following news comes on August 28, 2005: Klein photographed Madonna for her upcoming album on 12 elaborate sets. LATER (Oct. 3): Details of the shoot: (a) Wearing baby blue short pants with heels and a blue top - on a lighted dance floor in a checked pattern like in Sat Night Fever - but all white floor. b)Black background with her in a red dress - very Liza Minelli of the 70's type dress - this look to be used for cardboard standees and related promo materials. c)Pics of her posing with a chair in white dress. Multiple poses with multicoloured lights on her. d)In an orange jumpsuit thing - posing in front of a wall of mirrors - the only yoga pose her with her on her back = legs bent over her to her arms holding a disco ball. August 12: RollingStone: Madonna is returning to her roots with the club-friendly Confessions on a Dancefloor, due November 15th. For her tenth studio album, the follow-up to 2003's American Life, the pop legend worked closely with British producer Stuart Price (a.k.a. DJ Jacques Lu Cont) at his London apartment. Price met Madonna later in her career, playing keyboards on her last two tours -- "I was a bit too young to be a fan in the Eighties," he says, laughing. She approached him after last year's Re-Invention Tour, when she began work on a music-driven screenplay, bringing him onboard to create a sound she called "future disco." The idea for Confessions on a Dancefloor came from those sessions. "We live real near each other in London, and we could just send ideas back and forth and get together and work on stuff," Price says. "The creative process was very short. There were a couple of weeks in London at my studio where we were doing a song every day." At night, the producer would test out the tracks during his club gigs. "Whenever I was DJ'ing, I'd take dub or instrumental versions out with me," Price says. "I had my camera with me, and the next day I'd tell Madonna, 'This is what a thousand people in Liverpool looked like last night dancing to our song.' You can work on a song for twelve hours, but I guarantee you'll know within the first ten seconds of putting it on at a club whether it works or not. So these songs were tested on unwitting subjects throughout Europe." But Price insists that he and Madonna did not blindly trust the club scene, wanting to create something more lasting. "There's a bit of a danger with dance music that you can create something that's cool but doesn't have much substance to it," he admits. "Every few months, a club record comes along that hits a nerve with people, and they connect to it. They don't know why, but there is something magical in it. That's what we were trying to make." The first single is the uptempo synth-disco jam “Hung Up” which Price calls "a big feel-good song. You put it on and you want to get in your car, turn it up and drive around smiling." August 15: The film Hello Suckers! is no longer happening at this point. Madonna did begin working on a musical driven screenplay after her Re-Invention tour was over, but the album Confessions on a Dancefloor came from those sessions. Insiders are promising a “new sound” from Madonna on her new album. August 16: Due to a horse-riding accident today, Madonna broke her collarbone and her hand, as well as cracking three ribs. Liz R. says it’s too soon to tell if this will affect plans for a 2006 tour, but the promotion for her upcoming album in November, “will definitely be affected.” August 17: Rumor: A song co-produced by Stuart Price entitled “Get Together” will appear on the album according to someone in the Rauhofer forum. August 18: Stuart Price DJ’ed tonight at the club Space (on Ibiza) and played some of Madonna’s new songs. He sent pics from his cell phone to her showing her that 1000’s of people were dancing to her songs. August 21: NEWSWEEK says the disc is a “tribute to ‘80’s house, modern French techno, and anything else with a beat with no ballads.” August 22: Roger Sanchez, the chart-topping producer and superstar DJ, says that what he’s heard of the album is going to be “massive.” He hopes to work with Madonna soon. August 26: Madonna has sent a water-marked CD around of her first single, “Hung Up.” She is apparently trying to decide which one of two version of the song will be the official release. August 28: Warner France may debut a 30-second clip of “Hung Up” on September 15 as an exclusive, downloadable ringtone. August 29: Madonna.com PRESS Release: "I want people to jump out of their seats!" Never one to understate, those were the exact words Madonna used to describe the songs on her upcoming album, - Confessions On a Dancefloor. The 12 delicious tunes of pure 'unapologetic dance music' including the single "Hung Up" (out Oct.17th) is scheduled to be released on November 15th on Warner Bros. Records. This time out, the original Queen of Dance Music returns to where she began and kicks it up a few extra notches. "It's in her blood" says Madonna's co-producer/partner in crime, DJ and Madonna musical director, Stuart Price. "She has a dance halo over her head. We made this record without any preconceived notions. It was straight from the gut - unencumbered -not over edited - very spontaneous, concluded Price. If Confessions were equated to a new dance step, it would a stunning blend of musical styles with one foot in the roots of early disco (à la Giorgio Moroder/Abba on ecstacy) and the other foot gloriously ensconced in the future of music - a dance step that could only be accomplished by one artist. Confessions On a Dancefloor is all about having a good time straight through and non stop." says America's ultimate Dancing Queen. August 30: Madonna has been filming a Mottorola commercial on a UK TV set which will feature an instrumental version of “Hung Up” over the end of the segment. August 31: Madonna's new single “Hung Up” was played to a selected group of important UK programmers yesterday (the people who choose the radio playlists etc.). Plans are also being made for a 30 second downloadable clip from the single to be made available from October 12th for your mobile phone. The single does contain a sample from an Abba song “Gimme Gimme Gimme”. Previous reports had suggested an Abba sample from "Ring, Ring" was used on the single but that was denied by Liz Rosenberg. The song was a hit for Abba (moreso in Europe) in 1979. September 4: Various heads at Warner (and from local markets) have heard the album now and there are very positive comments circulating. The album reportedly has a “strong Eighties feel, with sounds a lyrics that take us back to her joyful first album.” “Hung Up” is said to be “a powerful hit” and the other songs on the record are “as good as the first single and even better.” WB has already purchased ad space in major magazines and plans huge campaigns in every market. September 5: The official lyrics to “Hung Up” are leaked online. Drowned Madonna.com: The video for "Hung Up" is currently set to be directed by photographer/director David LaChapelle. "Principal photography" is TENTATIVELY scheduled for thursday September 15th. Madonna of course will be there. Two options are still under discussion for the plot, with the definitive to be chosen today in a meeting. The team is leaning for the one that features a club scene. LATER: Mark Romanek was also in the running to direct this video which he mentions during the release of his Best Of… video compilation this month. As for the photoshoot for Confessions on a Dancefloor by Steven Klein, it has more than a retro-ultra modern theme. It's actually difficult to describe. Very bright and "Happy". This is the most accurate description. Madonna is definitely in the mood to dance, when you hear the first single you will be as well. When you will hear Confessions on a Dancefloor album, you will realize that 2005-2006 will be the year for Madonna. It will take quite an LP to surpass this. The buzz around Warner it is, without a doubt, her best work yet. If you think you know dance, Madonna has redifined it. Madonna has changed the face of dance music. This LP is very special. There isn't a bad track to be found. Every song is a potential single. That is the amazing thing about this one. Usually, fans found her other albums predictable in the sense that it was somewhat simpe to pick what songs would be potential singles. But on this one, no one will easily be able to tell which songs will be released after “Hung Up.” “Hung Up” will be offered as an instrumental ringtone for purchase 3 weeks before its release. LEAK: Today, “Hung Up” is leaked in a 13-second snippet online. September 6: “Hung Up” will be released one week ahead of its retail debut on iTunes and the album will be released on iTunes one day early – AND will feature a bonus track not on the album. September 7: “Hung Up” (with vocal) is posted in a high-quality snippet on Motorola.com as the official theme song of their new iTunes -ready cell phone, the ROKR. Also, today, all of Madonna’s back album songs are made available for purchase on iTunes. In 48 hours, the commercial Madonna filmed for the ROKR phone and iTunes will air worldwide – and will feature her new song. The commercial was directed by Jesse Dylan. Today, a Swedish newspaper does a report on Madonna’s new fascination with Swedish pop – nodding to her homage to ABBA in “Hung Up” and her current work with Bloodshy & Avant. The production duo says they did two songs for the album. For the first time she has invited two Swedish songwriters and producers to the recording studio. Confessions on a Dancefloor is about feeling good, non-stop, all the time, says Madonna on her webpage, and titulizes herself "America´s Ultimate Dancing Queen" The record is supposed to sound futuristic. And this is where Swedish Bloodshy & Avant come into the picture. The secrecy around the record is big, and the producers will not reveal any songtitles, but it´s a fact that they will contribute with two songs for Confessions on a Dancefloor "A big challenge" It´s among the biggest things we have done, says Christian "Bloodshy" Karlsson. On one hand it was a big challenge to work with such a big star as Madonna, and who works as hard as she does. On the other hand I´ve always been a great fan of what she does. It felt awesome to take part of this project. It was in the beginning of this year that Madonna called Christian "Bloodshy" Karlsson and Pontus "Avant" Winnberg for a co-operation. She was the reason they didn´t go to U.S.A. to accept the Grammy-award they got for the work with Britney Spears’ "Toxic". She [Madonna] has carefully selected the people she wanted to include in her team, tells Christian Karlsson. Both Stuart Price and Mark "Spike" Stent have worked with her for a very long time. It was awesome to be a part of that team. "Has incredible knowledge" Madonna has by now two decades of a very successful career behind her. For Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg it meant a different working situation compared to many other artists. It wasn´t until you sat in the studio with her that you understood what an incredible knowledge she has, says Cristian Karlsson. When we work with some artists we just give them finished tracks, or we work with the record company to develope new artists. But it was a co-operation with the artist, where the artist has a lot of knowledge. We have produced with her, that´s a totally different thing. Christian Karlsson describes Madonna as tough in a good way. Straight communication, and since she´s her own boss the options of decisions were minimal. When the songs were recorded in London there was only three people involved: Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnerberg and Madonna. It felt very simple, even though we worked very hard. Also today, word from France is that the new album will feature its tracks mixed into one another, with no pause in between – like a continuous dance CD. Madonna is seen leaving a pilates class in London. In her hand, she carries a photo of the possible album cover in a binder which is snapped by paparazzi. (it later turns out to be the actual album cover - well, the pose anyway, the coloring is different - the photo she held that day had the purple/blue/pink strobe lights all over her and was not the clean, colorful picture that ended up being the album cover) September 9: The ringtone for “Hung Up” will be released September 19. The official download single on October 17. The retail single on November 7. September 11: David LaChapelle’s treatment for the “Hung Up” video is no longer being used and Steven Klein is rumored to be in the director’s seat. There are new rumors that the 12-track dance disc will have its release date bumped up a week to November 7. September 13: David LaChapelle is back in the director’s chair for the video – this from Madonna.com. Rumors say the video will be a dance celebration in the streets of London with real spectators, as well as acrobats, being part of the video. Jamie King is working on the choreography. The shoot may feature Madonna riding a bike as well as dancing on a double-decker bus in downtown London. September 15: Another song title is revealed: “Sorry.” The current confirmed song titles are: • “I Love New York” • “Hung Up” • “Get Together” • “Sorry” September 16: “Hung Up” goes to French radio on October 19, 2005. “Hung Up” is the first song ABBA has given permission to use a sample of their music since The Fugees in 1996. Another new song title is revealed: “Future Lovers” Warner Japan lists “Hung Up” debuting on Japanese radio on September 21. September 17: “Forbidden Love” is another track name, the same name as a cut from the Bedtime Stories album. The name of the track "Jump" is also revealed. The album cover debuts on Madonna.com today. The video for “Hung Up” is set to debut worldwide on October 24. Madonna wants it to be premiered simultaneously on MTV, VH-1 and the new gay network, Logo. It will be shot in London next week. The single will definitely have a maxi-single release in the U.S. according to WB. Today, the ringtone debuts early on MTV.com as a paid-downloadable MTV Ringtone (more specifically, a digitone – an actual song) – these are only available and work for Virgin Mobile phones. They cost $2.50 a piece. September 19: New Zealand cell phone company Vodaphone is the first to offer the “Hung Up” ringtone to customers today for $3.50. Later today, Vh-1 launches its ringtone of the song for subscribers of T-Mobile, Cingular and AT&T Wireless. RUMOR: Madonna & David LaChapelle are having MAJOR creative differences over the direction of her new video “Hung Up.” Madonna reportedly wanted a very sexy look and LaChapelle balked at the idea commenting on her age. She reportedly slapped him in the face. The problems are so intense that Madonna is considering getting a new director immediately and getting rid of LaChapelle. Swedish director Johan Renck is being considered as an alternative. (DrownedMadonna.com) Madonna was to attend a party tonight thrown by Donatella Versace at the London Versace store, but did not show. Donatella has reportedly designed a very special outfit for Madonna to wear in her “Hung Up” video. September 20: Madonna.com reveals the entire tracklisting for Confessions on a Dancefloor: 1) Hung Up 2) Get Together 3) Sorry 4) Future Lovers 5) I Love New York 6) Let It Will Be 7) Forbidden Love 8) Jump 9) How High 10) Isaac 11) Push 12) Like It Or Not