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    Dark Ballet I Rise God Control Future Batuka Killers Who Are Partying Crazy Crave Medellin Ciao Bella Singles: Medellin God Control Crave I Rise
  2. Agent X


    Medellin is one of the best songs on the album and it represented Latino vibe of the album. You call her desperate for Medellin, but you want her to release Faz Gostoso as a single, which also has a feature. Faz Gostoso is one of the most generic songs on the album. At least with Medellin she made something interesting without exagarating and turning it into a reggaeton mess. Faz Gostoso (original) was basic and Madonna cover didn't deliver anything new. Deciding to have that on the album is trend following, especially now that it could be a single and a strategy to score a hit in South America.
  3. What do you expect? Madonna singing about gays and having them in videos in every era? Her artistic choices and reinventions had nothing to do with her support of gays. Life isn't perfect. She fell in love, got married and it turned out her husband was homophobic. That didn't make her anti-gay. By your logic Gaga is anti-gay because she went from "a creation for gay people" to "country lady for republicans and conservatives".
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    I can't at her not releasing So It Goes as a single.
  5. Agent X


    Madame X – Mojo Review Madonna’s 14th studio album fuses political intent with world pop disco. Madonna has always worked well one-to-one, and after her hip trap-inspired singles with Quavo and Swae Lee, and the reggaeton dalliance with Maluma, she has saved the best for last. The real treat on this album is Madonna’s vivid, dramatic work with Mirwais. They send the disco ball spinning on French house tracks like God Control and the very fine I Don’t Search I Find, while Dark Ballet is rococo brilliance, sounding like a deranged Nutcracker Suite. Where 2015’s Rebel Heart seemed like a record made by committee, this album reflects Madonna’s life in Lisbon – laid-back, curious, and intensely creative – absorbing influences ranging from percussive Moroccan gnawa to melancholy Portuguese morna. The pace plods on some mid-tempo tracks, but overall this is a personal, politically-charged mix of dark thoughts and good vibes. Lucy O’Brien 4 out of 5 stars
  6. I am not saying she is right, but empowering songs aren't the same as very political stuff she did currently on Madame X. She called out the government and all the shit. And this isn't the first time Madonna is political. When she did that in 2003, America turned its back on her. Also, she was political on her tours since then. BTW is pretty much an empowering song. Lemonde was all about freedom and rights of black people, unless I missed some other things. It is great what they did, but I don't think it was risky. Gaga and Beyonce weren't in a situation where people could have told them they were full of shit. If they did, those people would have come out as racists, homophobes or whatever. Madonna is already a laughingstock. Yes, her new political lyrics are messy on certain songs, but it seems critics wished she didn't do them at all.
  7. Agent X


    His description about Madonna's two Madame X songs turned out to be correct.
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    Make a tracklist with only 10 songs. Choose 4 singles. 01 - Medellín 02 - Dark Ballet 03 - God Control 04 - Future 05 - Batuka 06 - Killers Who Are Partying 07 - Crave 08 - Crazy 09 - Come Alive 10 - Extreme Occident 11 - Faz Gostoso 12 - Bitch I'm Loca 13 - I Don't Search I Find 14 - Looking for Mercy 15 - I Rise 16 - Funana 17 - Back That Up to the Beat 18 - Ciao Bella
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    I don't get why some fans are obsessed with Madonna debuting at no.1. in USA and UK. What matters is that she manages to reach no.1, not debut at it.
  10. Agent X


    Said a person who has been shitting on the new era since its start.
  11. Agent X


    True, but I referred to quality, not high budget. The thing with Madonna's latest low budget videos (Celebration, GI2M, TUTR...) was that they were too basic. Indie artists would deliver better things with the same amount of money. Crave was lovely, considering it was done in the last minute.
  12. Agent X


    I Bribe Phag Control Colombian Shop (a mix of Medellin and Candy Shop) Like a Prayer (Eurovision playback mix)
  13. Agent X


    Without those lame cameos, BIM wouldn't have reached so many views on YT. And even that didn't help it to become a hit.
  14. Agent X


    You misunderstood me again. It isn't a problem if she serves political visuals. The problem could be the quality. I Rise video is a mix of footage of protests and stuff. We don't need that, we want original music videos. Right? Madonna said she doesn't have any more money for videos. Maybe she was joking, but if she will continue making videos, then they should be on the level of Medellin, Dark Ballet and God Control (which seems it will slay).