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  1. Nocturn


    She looks amazing.
  2. Nocturn


  3. People usually give it a high score, so I always give it a lower one.
  4. I assume they will interview her. At least she should talk about her new album. Probably we will get an essay about how she removes blisters from her pussy with MDNA creme.
  5. If they are doing album artwork, I assume the album is finished or almost finished. Assumptions: Lead single to be released in July or August. Album to be released in August or September.
  6. From PopJustice. People associated with Madonna currently in Lisbon: * Photographers Mert & Marcus * Hair stylist Andy Lecompte * Makeup Artist Aaron Smith Henrikson * Art Director Giovanni Bianco * Stylist Eyob Yohannes
  7. Nocturn

    Brit will deliver those heavenly vocals.
  8. Mess. Didn't I give Hung Up a very low score?
  9. This could be for the album artwork, but it could be a photoshoot for a magazine too. Anyway, I hoped she would work with someone else.
  10. This is about new MDNA Skin advert.
  11. Nocturn


    This fall?
  12. I did. Anyway: The most daring: Britney and Xtina for releasing BJ and Flopus. The most fearless: Britney for lip-syncing without fear.
  13. I would say her magnum opus is In The Zone. Certain albums of other faves can't be compared to it. It is better than Teenage Dream, but TD is more accessible and catchier.
  14. The most successful: Madonna. The less successful: Beyonce, I guess. If we talk only about commercial success. The most admired: They all get admired at some points. Well, not all. The most loved: They all get loved and hated at some points. The most hated: They all get loved and hated at some points. The biggest fashion icon: Madonna. Every time she served a new look, it was always a successful reinvention. With the biggest impact on music: Madonna has become one of those IT girls, a defining pop artist, but other faves influenced too. We got Britney type of artists, Mariah type of artists... With the biggest stan base: I think many have big fan bases. The most controversial: Madonna. The most ambitious: Madonna. Without it she wouldn't have been where she is now. The most daring: Madonna. Do we really need to discuss? She did so many controversial things and was willing to experiment and not playing safe. It was always a risk. Let's face it, Like a Prayer could have been even bigger if her video wasn't that provocative (white vanilla "fans" being offended by black saint figure). The most fearless: Madonna. The same as above.