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  1. Nocturn


    Mixtape can be another name for a studio album.
  2. Nocturn

    The only desperate attempts imo were HC album and BIM (song and video). HC wasn't really an album just for younger generation, it was more a product for USA. BIM had some creativity, but it was a bad experiment. It was cheap. On the other hand, using celebs in a music video doesn't have to be a bad thing, but BIM music video was unoriginal, so it was a mess. Aside from that, Madonna has been Madonna most of her time. That Drake incident wasn't desperate, but it was just pointless.
  3. Nocturn

    Madonna fans are the ones who should be disappointed or whatever. It seems here that haters are more upset and pressed than actual fans. I don't like it, but as long it isn't Madonna's song. I am cool with it. I wouldn't call her desperate with that song, since it isn't her song. And Madonna has been a feature artists on many songs by nobodies through her career. And when it comes to her new album, if there will be rap features, I wouldn't call her desperate if the music is great. Lana also had rap features on her last album. And I don't know why you are mentioning other people. MJ had many embarrassing moments. You obviously didn't pay attention to Mariah's career lately. Cher can be embarrassing too. When it comes to Gaga, it is refreshing she stopped being an embarrassment with dumb lyrics and concepts, and costumes that she "wears" in private too.
  4. Nocturn

    It isn't understandable. If someone like Lorde would release something basic for the masses, it would be selling out.
  5. Nocturn

    But that can be embarrassment too. Not just for older artists.
  6. Nocturn

    Not true. You can be young and still a sellout. Grimes was called a sellout by some people when she released Art Angels, which was musically more accessible in comparison to other of her works.
  7. Keep it. Can she sing without a vocoder or autotune these days?
  8. Nocturn

    It isn't on her album, so that's good.
  9. Nocturn

    I recently made a profile there again, just to see if things have changed. It is still the shitiest Madonna forum. Those crones are so unnecessarily mean to new members. They shouldn't even let register there, because their forum is just a club of pompous asses. Anybody new and vocal gets banned there.
  10. Nocturn


    It isn't Kate's fault Warner and Madonna are too greedy and can't agree about anything. Kate has never released an album under her level and has never been about fame and money. Someone so brilliant as her deserved this. Funny how some Grace Jones albums also got re-released with bonus stuff in the 2010s. And many other 80s acts, even one-hit wonders, have their works re-released. It is only Madonna who has this problem.
  11. Nocturn

  12. Nocturn

    I assumed it was you.
  13. Nocturn


    Also, a lyrics book, "How to be Invisible," is coming. B-sides that don't appear in the collection: Ken, The Confrontation, Dreamtime, Empty Bullring, Not This Time. Humming wasn't released before.
  14. The four vinyl box sets are called Kate Bush – Remastered in Vinyl I, II, III and IV and present Kate’s 10 studio albums across three individual box sets, with the fourth set being a brand new 4LP rarities collection of 12″ mixes, remixes, b-sides and covers. The first three LP box sets feature artwork imagery from The Dreaming, The Sensual World and Aerial, unadorned by any text, to mark each era of recordings they contain. The rarities LP box set features a portrait of Kate on the cover. The Red Shoes is now presented in a double vinyl gatefold sleeve format. Note: The Before the Dawn live album set has already been made available by Fish People since 2016 in its own 4LP box. The two CD box sets are called Kate Bush – Remastered Part I (featuring her first 7 albums), and Kate Bush – Remastered Part II which features Aerial, Director’s Cut, 50 Words for Snow, Before the Dawn and a brand new 4CD rarities collection of 12″ mixes, remixes, b-sides and covers called “The Other Sides” Note: The rarities CDs will only be available as part of the second CD box set. The Other Sides – Track-listing of rarities discs (vinyl and CD): 12” MIXES Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix) Cloudbusting (The Orgonon Mix) Hounds Of Love (Alternative Mix) Experiment IV (Extended Mix) THE OTHER SIDE 2 Home For Christmas One Last Look Around The House Before We Go I’m Still Waiting Warm And Soothing Show A Little Devotion Passing Through Air Humming Ran Tan Waltz December Will Be Magic Again Wuthering Heights (Remix / New Vocal from ‘The Whole Story’) THE OTHER SIDE 1 Walk Straight Down The Middle You Want Alchemy Be Kind To My Mistakes Lyra Under The Ivy Experiment IV Ne T’Enfuis Pas Un Baiser D’Enfant Burning Bridge Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 Remix IN OTHERS’ WORDS Rocket Man Sexual Healing Mná na hÉireann My Lagan Love The Man I Love Brazil (Sam Lowry’s First Dream) The Handsome Cabin Boy Lord Of The Reedy River Candle In The Wind http://www.katebushnews.com/index.php/2018/10/huge-news-kate-bush-remastered-all-albums-and-new-rarities-collection-on-vinyl-and-cd-in-november/