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  1. Nocturn


    It seems Mike Dean isn't there just to mix things.
  2. Gaga supports R.Kelly. What is your point?
  3. Nocturn


    Anitta, Mike Dean, Lauren D’Elia, Sean Solymar, Kez Khou and Johnny Shahidi were at the Jungle City Studios. https://www.drownedmadonna.com/2018/12/07/madonna-with-anitta-is-at-the-jungle-city-studios-in-new-york-city/ Who knows, maybe those guys are working with her too. It would be too much. I don't like those clips. I don't mind if Madonna uses some elements of that music, but if she releases exactly the same shit, I will unstan.
  4. You stan Gaga? Where were you during Artpop, C2C and Joanne eras? Walking corpse? Drag your fave a bit.
  5. Nocturn

    I am surprised she got nominated at all. Sorry, but basic hit music by any artist shouldn't be nominated. However, Grammy Awards have lowered their standards, so anything is possible.
  6. Nocturn


    Since the mess started, she should drop the new music already. Enough of waiting. Surprise us.
  7. Nocturn

    This is so true. From a member RayRay on UK Mix. "For streaming particular songs it is sometimes best not to have too many hits. When people stream Bonnie Tyler, Heart or Cyndi Lauper most streams go to just a few songs. When they stream Madonna, those streams are divided by over 40 hits."
  8. Madonna : Album by Album - by Caroline Sullivan Written by acclaimed music journalist Caroline Sullivan, this in-depth, lavishly illustrated exploration of Madonna examines the superstar’s music, style, and cultural influence. Madonna is the top-selling female recording artist of all time, and a fearless, boundary-pushing artist who constantly reinvents herself and her music. Updated to include Rebel Heart, this authoritative illustrated book examines all 13 of Madonna’s studio albums in fine detail, placing each in context and charting the trendsetting musician's influence on fashion and popular culture. Covering every hit record and era-defining image, and featuring a wealth of rare and iconic photographs, Madonna takes a unique look at the legendary star's extraordinary output. https://www.target.com/p/madonna-album-by-album-by-caroline-sullivan-hardcover/-/A-54072552
  9. Nocturn


    I think this is a fan remix of Sorry remix interlude from Confessions tour.
  10. Exactly. It is funny how Moofasa stans dare to call Madonna jealous or bitter. Apparently Moo shading Jennifer was just sassy.
  11. But why Madonna did remove that clip the same minute she posted it? She has always said what she thinks. Too bad "talentless" Madonna delivered superior music to Moo's and Gaga's. Facts are facts.
  12. Nocturn

    I need something. Single or album release date, album cover, snippet...
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  14. Nocturn


    I agree that she should be with someone older, but I doubt she is looking for a soulmate at this point. If she wants to have fun, that's her choice.