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  1. Nocturn

    I thought this thread would be about Ryan Adams releasing three new albums this year. When will our faves? Not this mess. His version was great. What are you talking about?
  2. Nocturn


    If she is in London, then it could be Brit Awards.
  3. Nocturn

    What has GMAYL to do with Ariana's album? Forced to like it? Why is it so hard to understand that people like music no matter if it is good or bad in general? I said it before, every song I like doesn't have to be about quality. On the other hand, you are the one who acts that everything is great just because you like it. Madonna's 2010s singles have been far from what she is capable of. Too safe or too basic. And you can like GGW, but that won't change the fact that it was a basic EDM song. Perhaps some Madonna fans are forcing themselves to stan Ariana's new album, so they could drag Mariah. Mariah > Ariana.
  4. Nocturn

    Overrated and basic af. Some lyrics are laughable.
  5. Nocturn


    She never performed Spanish Eyes.
  6. Looks fun and I always like to see beautiful oriental surroundings in movies. Jasmine looks tacky though and Genie is a joke. That CGI...
  7. Nocturn


    I wouldn't be surprised if she puts LIB in a Latino section and reinvented Human Nature in an acoustic section on her next tour. And she will find place for Candy Shop. Honestly, it is time for Spanish Eyes.
  8. Nocturn


    People should stop with theories. It is a music video and those clips are "behind the scenes" stuff which could appear in her documentary that Nunoxico is working on.
  9. Nocturn


    Which finally makes things exciting. Reinventing herself is a formula that Madonna should always stick to. The last true reinvention was during COADF era, after that everything was non-eventful.
  10. Nocturn


    It is hard to judge based on that photo. It could be just a typical blond look she has been serving since 2008. Anyway, this is the best look.
  11. Nocturn


    She looks so good. The video will be interesting.
  12. Nocturn

    This. People making fun of Madonna's age, while stanning other older artists. How stupid can they be?
  13. From a fan for LAP anniversary.
  14. Nocturn


    It was a single.