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  1. Photos

    Omg I lover her but she looks bad. Stop adding lip fillers pls you look great already
  2. Other

    No it's just one of the tracks from Linda Perry's new album, along with other female artists
  3. Other

    It's great that we finally get a new song from her, but I want a BOP! but when is she gonna release the damn album
  4. Other

    Idk it sounds basic but great vocals. It's an ok song for me
  5. I like most of their title track especially TT as my favorite but I think it's gonna be Likey soon since I've been repeating it for days. As for their album, Lane 1 is deff my fave. Jelly jelly a fun bop
  6. I'm a full time Once I think should change my set to Likey
  7. I didn't know there's a kpop section here
  8. She's probably like "let me tweet something so the rats can shut up"
  9. Can she at least give us anything like a hint, a teaser or just anything
  10. Photos

    Skinny kween
  11. I like almost all of their stuff honestly but Monster, Lucky One, El Dorado, Overdose, Baby Don't Cry, & Growl are deff on top for me. They have such good albums
  12. I just got into Kpop like late last year I love exo and monsta x