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  1. i’m proud to say that i have the gayest music for pride month. these are both from my upcoming ep that i’m so proud of xoxo ❤️🥰



    1. Chris


      Bullet for my valentine jj5 

  2. $kinny legends stand up 


  3. reply to my message <33

  4.  anothaa gay ass rap song that i wrote in 5 minutes xoxo 

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y


      I'm actually trying to write and record something to it rn. I thought It might get spicier with a feminine feature. usrs1

    3. H.O.N.E.Y


      Yeah send it

    4. Micah Joel ♡
  5. plzzz listen <3 issa rough demo of what i want the final product to sound like. hope you lovee it. xoxo https://soundcloud.com/micahxjoel/fwu-rough-demo-1

  6. I definitely need to get it mixed! thank you so much
  7.  yes, i produced this basic ass beat too mad1

  8. thank you so much for listening <3 everyone is totally ignoring this thread
  9. sorry, this was posted twice! idk how to delete this first one.
  10. I've only been making music for a while and it all isn't at my best at the moment bc I use instrumentals I find and write lyrics to them, but I'd appreciate it if you guys checked out my Soundcloud. This is totally tacky to do but I don't really have any other people on it other than bots. I also did this music for one of my songs: It's all lo-fi/vaporwave/bedroom pop inspired music made on my shitty microphone, let me know what you (honestly) think xoxo
  11. +30mg was so slept on, she'll come for wigs later on.
  12.  hope you guys check out my bedroom pop/lo-fi style song xoxo 

  13. I didn't think it was, never even heard of this song. I just remember hearing it in a movie lmao