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  1. i’m proud to say that i have the gayest music for pride month. these are both from my upcoming ep that i’m so proud of xoxo ❤️🥰



    1. Chris


      Bullet for my valentine jj5 

  2. $kinny legends stand up 


  3. reply to my message <33

  4.  anothaa gay ass rap song that i wrote in 5 minutes xoxo 

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y


      I'm actually trying to write and record something to it rn. I thought It might get spicier with a feminine feature. usrs1

    3. H.O.N.E.Y


      Yeah send it

    4. Micah Joel ♡
  5. plzzz listen <3 issa rough demo of what i want the final product to sound like. hope you lovee it. xoxo https://soundcloud.com/micahxjoel/fwu-rough-demo-1

  6. I definitely need to get it mixed! thank you so much
  7.  yes, i produced this basic ass beat too mad1

  8. thank you so much for listening <3 everyone is totally ignoring this thread
  9. sorry, this was posted twice! idk how to delete this first one.
  10. I've only been making music for a while and it all isn't at my best at the moment bc I use instrumentals I find and write lyrics to them, but I'd appreciate it if you guys checked out my Soundcloud. This is totally tacky to do but I don't really have any other people on it other than bots. I also did this music for one of my songs: It's all lo-fi/vaporwave/bedroom pop inspired music made on my shitty microphone, let me know what you (honestly) think xoxo
  11. +30mg was so slept on, she'll come for wigs later on.
  12.  hope you guys check out my bedroom pop/lo-fi style song xoxo 

  13. I didn't think it was, never even heard of this song. I just remember hearing it in a movie lmao
  14. The song that's at 0:19, the "touch me" song. I remember hearing it in Seed of Chucky during the Britney death scene but is it a real song??
  15. i'm very basic and stan beyoncé, gaga, janet, michael, britney but i love all kinds of music and have a variety of songs on my ipod that many don't listen to (example casablanca moon by slapp happy, etc).. you'd have to see my ipod to understand !
  16. So my playlist is dead rn and I've been the same songs for the past few weeks, so I need some new music to listen to. I'm open to all genres! Love music I could walk into school with and just feel like I run shit, or music I could just casually listen to. Thanks yall
  17. janet jackson- doesn't really matter bey5

  18. you're my favorite off of gwen's new album should've been the lead single. 2nd would be make me like you then 3rd could be rare. 4th could be used to love you. i would say 5th single could be send me a picture or misery. 

  19. janet jackson- let me know ny9

  20. Not me getting horny after Janet's iconic sex anthem Would You Mind fall1


    janet jackson- so much betta yas1 

  22. currently listening to janet's damita jo album maisy strawberry bounce is cute, lovinggg sexhibition