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  1. Hunty Bear


    I literally don't know how you could do that it's insufferable not listening to at least one new album every 2 weeks
  2. Hunty Bear


    at least I can expect the album of the year Inshallahtion...I hope
  3. Hunty Bear


    also from one Tinashtray to another: if Hellride is on your list let alone in the top 10...
  4. Hunty Bear


  5. Hunty Bear


    your avi is a serve sissy
  6. Hunty Bear


    it's no one's fault that Lana just doesn't understand how time works!
  7. Hunty Bear


    "top of the year" still implies Q1 and March still is Q1, even if it's really pushing it
  8. Hunty Bear


    I only use Spotify half the time for artists that I don't wanna seek out downloads for so this is weird and so unrepresentative of my listening habits
  9. she's truly killing the song title game huh my god
  10. I'm still abstaining from listening to any new snippets (haven't listened to any of the new Cinnamon snippets or How to Disappear) but this sure is fucking tempting maybe I'll cave
  11. Hunty Bear


    "top of the year" but omfg
  12. Hunty Bear

    List of People (to Try and Forget About) - Tame Impala
  13. I mean Vishnu Bitch is a SOTY contender so no surprises there, but fucking ICONIC