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  1. Hunty Bear


    of the year? how about the past 5 (4 if you count M3LL155X) years?
  2. Hunty Bear


    registered on PPL she's literally fucking coming
  3. Hunty Bear


    He's not wrong. Please at least quote relevant passages from the article/relevant tweets, because a single link on its own doesn't necessitate its own thread
  4. Hunty Bear


    if that's the album cover I'll gag! I'm actually so excited it's been 84 years (to say the least!)
  5. Hunty Bear


    @Urbanov @Lachlan @Andres @Liam idk who else but faggots lemme hear y'all make some noise!
  6. I'm shaking and crying, she's actually coming! she recently opened a mailing list and sent this package to select fans with a supposedly reliable insider revealing that a new single is coming out next week!
  7. Hunty Bear


    enough for an album and a complementary eBook! JonBenet Fucking Ramsey incoming?
  8. Hunty Bear


    when Dangerous Woman, Problem, and The Way all aged like milk?
  9. Hunty Bear


    not even One Dinah Jane? Dinah "One" Jane? DinahJaneOne?
  10. Hunty Bear


    she really named it Dinah Jane 1? not even DJ1?
  11. Hunty Bear


    2019 has been such a good fucking year for fucking music! thanks a lot Lana no but really if this year was barren like H1 of last year I'd be complaining a lot more but I'm really not that bothered tbh!
  12. Hunty Bear


    somebody call the taste police
  13. Hunty Bear

    the LAG and Soulmate placements are QUESTIONABLE to say the least Heaven Help Me is fine...at best!
  14. Hunty Bear


    okay...this is so fucking good
  15. Hunty Bear

    Juice Like A Girl Cuz I Love You Soulmate Jerome Cry Baby Tempo Lingerie Exactly How I Feel Heaven Help Me Better In Color 2-4 are interchangeable but this ranking is pretty cursory generally barring the last two spots!