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  1. Hunty Bear

    her music is SO astonishingly boring
  2. CNN is now reporting that Jussie himself orchestrated the attack https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/16/entertainment/jussie-smollett-attack/index.html
  3. Hunty Bear

    this and Taboo have been on loop for me this week :/ such a shame that RCA is the worst label of all time
  4. Hunty Bear

    Celeb News

    lmao throwback to my contributions to the Lana Section Set Swap for @Mint !
  5. Hunty Bear


    Glasshouse seemed like artistic stagnation for her (besides Midnight and Your Domino) but these past couple of singles have really captured what made Devotion such a special album
  6. Hunty Bear


    No No Angel?
  7. same the reverse Warholianism...whew!
  8. Hunty Bear


    Bebe is really out here living out Lana's baddie fantasy
  9. Hunty Bear


    bloodline, fake smile, ghostin
  10. Hunty Bear


    hopefully! idk about you but I CAN'T wait
  11. Hunty Bear


    a good length! 11 would've been short but 16 tracks like LFL would've felt super long-winded (as it did for LFL), especially considering the length of the tracks