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  1. Single

    ITS WHAT WE FUCKING DESERVE ready for another AOTC 👏
  2. Single

    clearly not one of her best but it's what we deserve it's a fucking banger and trendy which is good, though I don't think it'll be a hit for her
  3. Review

    happy for you! seems like you had a fantastic time overall
  4. Gossip

    beautiful song, but I'm scared that her tone won't do it justice but I have faith in God so
  5. Single

    No XclusiveJams links of any sort please! It's coming out in a few hours anyway, y'all can wait (especially since the leak is relatively LQ)
  6. Discussion

    try try try try all you had to do is try
  7. Discussion

    I think she'll be dropping one a week for the next 3 weeks probably smarter anyway
  8. Discussion

    @Jake so only No Drama is coming out tonight?
  9. Single

    wow all of Børns' contributions were removed and suddenly it's a thousand times better
  10. Gossip

    soaking fucking ready
  11. Discussion

    couldn't be less not ready, it's been too long
  12. Discussion