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  1. Lana stop terrorizing us with this image challenge! do that challenge
  2. oh my god what was his name I completely forgot about him
  3. Norman Fucking Rockwell! Born To Die Paradise Ultraviolence Honeymoon Chemtrails Over the Country Club Lust for Life Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant
  4. 4 - Venice Bitch 3 - Old Money 2 - Video Games 1 - Young & Beautiful 0 - When the World Was At War We Kept Dancing
  5. Norman Fucking Rockwell White Dress Born To Die Cruel World Kill Kill Honeymoon Love Ride that is how i'm feeling now.zip subject to change though! I've grown to REALLY like White Dress
  6. My rankings between tiers change often but I think I've settled into my 3 tiers for this album: BEST: White Dress, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, Tulsa Jesus Freak, Breaking Up Slowly, Dark But Just A Game GOOD: Dance Till We Die, For Free, Wild At Heart MEH or WORSE: Not All Who Wander Are Lost, Let Me Love You Like A Woman, Yosemite
  7. it's the way she can't announce projects these days without being messy at least this announcement wasn't laden with weird underpinnings like her COCC announcement! also there is 100% no way in hell that this is coming out this year let alone June, let me laugh
  8. White Dress - 9.5/10 (growing on me immensely, I can see it becoming an all-time fave if it continues to grow on me) Chemtrails Over the Country Club - 9/10 Tulsa Jesus Freak - 9/10 Let Me Love You Like A Woman - 6/10 Wild At Heart - 7.5/10 Dark But Just A Game - 8.5/10 Not All Who Wander Are Lost - 6.5/10 Yosemmite - 5/10 Breaking Up Slowly - 8.5/10 Dance Till We Die - 7.5/10 For Free - 7.5/10 the album is growing on me overall, I don't think it's her best work or anything but everything is starting to cohere nicely for me
  9. it really sends...if she was trying to do all those spins and twirls herself without a stunt double of COURSE she was gonna eat shit and break some bones
  10. the video isn't remarkable but honestly the more I listen to the song the more I realize wow what a moment in her career...
  11. The raspy, weary vocals were definitely an intentional aesthetic choice. I appreciate it — it makes the song feel more gritty and personal