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  1. Album

    I think I kinda deluded myself into thinking that Joyride's good not even close to being on the same level as Aquarius or Nightride (or even some of her mixtapes), but there are good songs across the board
  2. Album

    truly among the best of the new tracks! hearing Version Of Me in the context of the album made me realize that it's probably the best song on here though Version of Me, Everybody Knows, Lightyears, and Black Sky are my first-listen faves
  3. Album

    I think it's her most cohesive and consistent album to date
  4. Album

    yeah it's trite and stale as fuck
  5. Album

    I kinda agree, it seems like they're doing too much obviously not my space to comment though
  6. her vocals clearly aren't mixed well and composed with the beat? they are weirdly muffled and kinda just tacked on top of the instrumental I don't care if it was a stylistic choice or not, it's not very delicious! OT: where is that Miguel avi from again? he can fucking have it!
  7. Album

    never heard of this
  8. the mixing on this song is really just not the tea
  9. April is the most chaotic month ever, but June is teeming with releases from some of my top faves (Lykke, Flo) so I'm so ready quality > quantity anyway
  10. this is so surreal, RIP
  11. not embedding because I'm on mobile but apparently all of her previous singles are on it
  12. https://twitter.com/JorjaSmith/status/987266197665275904?s=20