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  1. Hunty Bear


    Venice Bitch The Greatest Mariners Apartment Complex Fuck It I Love You Doin' TIme hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it this was fucking HARD but I'm confident my ranking with change when the album actually comes out (or leaks)! HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI has the best lyrics easily and I think that it'll stand out more as the closer of the album too! let's not forget that the worst song on NFR is lowkey better than 90% of LFL
  2. lowkey weird but beautiful music video! the songs are incredible but we've been knew Fuck It I Love You's video >
  3. Hunty Bear

    I'll say it: I've ALWAYS been a crusader for Vespertine and always campaigned for it to be considered her best album, but lowkey I think that Homogenic is her best right now maybe it's just a mood thing, but if so then I've been in a Homogenic mood for a hot minute
  4. Hunty Bear

    Emotional and Paradise for tracks not already picked!
  5. okay? but Snoh culminating UTFA with Peace redefined the socionormativity and the stigmatizations around the world by reevaluating the plethoraexanoroma and rules of society with modicum pancreas dignified with pragmatic tetroxides within endoplasmic reticulums
  6. @Venus XCX ALERT: someone's talking about 5H!
  7. Hunty Bear


    Shades of Cool, Venice Bitch, and inevitably The Greatest!
  8. they're certainly flawless, let's just say that
  9. omg a classic, LITERALLY a classic the way a budget just manifested itself ... also the Ultraviolence vibe is fucking REAL
  10. Hunty Bear

    The Fame (Monster) was such a flawless era...too bad I can't say the same about anything she's released since then
  11. I think she delayed it, but we will never know for sure considering her track record that being said, whatever! we've all heard it at this point - we can afford to wait for a video
  12. Hunty Bear


    it's so crazy how almost none of us cared about the leaks
  13. Hunty Bear

    Situationship Find Someone Like You I Want You Around Nothing to Me You Peace I Didn't Mean to Fall In Love Toronto Love Like That Whoa Charleville 9200, Pt. II Here Now (Intro) Be Careful Njoy cursory ranking, but the singles were well chosen tbh You is probably better than NTM tbh but it is where it is just for the sake of not ranking all the singles first
  14. Hunty Bear


    oh still PLEASE leak ifgaf at ALL