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  1. Rumor

    Days Are Gone did not age cutely so I hope their new music snatches!
  2. Gossip

    she truly has the worst taste in men
  3. she really clocked those climate change deniers! clock 👏 Scott 👏 Pr*itt 👏 !! and I even detected some mild Kellyanne Conway shade sprinkled throughout the entire caption as well
  4. you should give her album a shot! it's a lot of fun
  5. omg Blue Jeans is playing at this restaurant that I'm at rn! Flo's Shake It Out played earlier also
  6. is it this? if so, then yeah it is that U.S. Girls record and I won't lie that it's kinda spotty, but I like it as a whole!
  7. I hope she speeds up this album's promotional campaign because I'm not down to be forced to sit with only Love and Lust for Life for another month or so before the album comes out RELEASE Yosemite and/or Tomorrow Never Came !!
  8. you'll see death when you do methTM
  9. Charts

    #6 with dark green updates! will likely pass TWIL and reach the top 5 soon
  10. lmao, she still looks better than me 20 weeks into her pregnancy
  11. Charts

    fell off the pinnacle with the same update that displayed LFL's entry into the top 10 #CurseDelRey'd !!
  12. Charts

    #7 now with a dark green update!
  13. Rumor

    hate to bump, but I just remembered that she tagged Yosemite in this pic! it's all coming full circle