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  1. Game

    unfortunately you can't :// voting for Big Brother is reserved for BB contestants exclusively! sorry!
  2. Discussion

    tb to when you said that this was the worst track on the album! πŸ‘€πŸ‘
  3. Game

    feel free to keep voting! bury ha alive! #AmericaIsOver
  4. Discussion

    LANA FACETIMED TYLER THE CREATOR When the Fans Were at War We Kept Facetiming!
  5. Discussion

    true! watch White Mustang get one
  6. Discussion

    that's why I'm perched for Cherry ha short-film will be the final nail in the coffin for Freak!
  7. Discussion

    lmao this was just an OTT reaction thread to Lachlan admitting that he prefers Freak I think the bitches and fucks don't really detract from the song as a whole honestly and they honestly kind of lighten the mood and I also believe that Cherry is Lights Years.m4a ahead lyrically! Freak has its fair share of messy lines and you don't need to have entire verses dedicated to evoking sexy imagery to have a well-written song? Cherry is short, simple, and straight-to-the-point and is much more effective overall but yes the Freak video is a hot mess!
  8. Discussion

    Freak is a muddy, disjointed, clusterfuck-y mess! Cherry is much more sleek, beautiful, and succinct and has much more replay-value! the scattered "bitch" and "fucks" make it more fun than Freak as well! Freak really does lose on every front!
  9. Discussion

    also I'm #js I'm listening to a couple songs off of BBTM for the first time since like 2015 and I'm getting SO nostalgic for 2 years ago idek why I don't even care that much for this album anymore that year was just a hot mess ig! I feel like I sound like @Mystique rn
  10. Discussion

    you sound like Logic rn fjkdfjsdk love being a POC! we should fight the white, Freak-stanning patriarchy together!
  11. Discussion

    @CHANEL #1 you skank ...
  12. Discussion

    13 Beaches deserves a cute, heavily-filtered video filled with cuts of various beaches all across the West [Best!] Coast.m4a πŸ‘€ that would be hella cute! could pick up exactly from where HBTB left off
  13. Discussion

    omfg where expose yourself πŸ‘€ thought you were a cute and hip young white hip-hop-stanning Lipster with hormonal acne! πŸ‘€ πŸ’‹
  14. Discussion

    you definitely said it ... not me! omg I'm malicious ... but right! and I'm doing it for the greater good!
  15. Discussion

    oh sweetie ... we been knew! πŸ’‹