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  1. happy to see some love for Flatline! underrated af I unfortunately agree that Jessie peaked with Devotion but it's still an incredible debut and she seems to be hitting her stride again lately with her most recent singles (Mirage is a banger!)
  2. not their worst list! a glaring lack of Tyler, slowthai, Little Simz, Carly, etc. though she's really been absolutely SMASHING these year-end lists....someone needs to make a megathread
  3. Hunty Bear


    @Lachlan @Urbanov way to end the fucking year....I'm gagging
  4. https://music.apple.com/us/album/bubba/1490035834?app=music
  5. Hunty Bear


    those are probably the most notable albums of the year, but other that I loved that are also notable enough for this list are: MAGDALENE - FKA twigs GREY Area - Little Simz Songs For You - Tinashe Charli - Charli XCX and more!
  6. Hunty Bear


    from that list (of the ones I listened to): Best: Norman Fucking Rockwell!, Dedicated, When I Get Home (and to a lesser extent Cuz I Love You and thank u, next) Worst: Romance, Lover, Madame X
  7. happy to see this development! I can see you growing to like this album more the more you continue to digest it piecemeal I still love Bartender! probably my fave non-single and non-title track song on the album
  8. Hunty Bear


    https://open.spotify.com/track/555ix1gW9A1QtXoVfCPbfB?si=3hk5GG29QmuCrgbVMn3Ftg she snapped y'all...truly snapped
  9. Hunty Bear


    Clairo's Immunity really surprised me tbh! I never liked her at all, but I found myself coming back to her album this year more than I would've been willing to admit last year
  10. Hunty Bear


    How to disappear Us Against the World Noir The greatest Yes to Heaven Betty Boop Boop Every Man Gets His Wish Angels Forever, Forever Angels Religion
  11. they didn't miss a beat these women are going on 40 and they can still dance like that...couldn't be me
  12. Hunty Bear


    I don't understand what the Spotify Experience is but if we get any more material I think I would die
  13. Hunty Bear


    sit on my face queen ending an amazing year for music with a banger I'm sure
  14. Hunty Bear


    2010: Bad Girls - M.I.A 2011: Shake It Out - Florence + the Machine 2012: Off to the Races - Lana Del Rey 2013: Gun - CHVRCHES 2014: Two Weeks - FKA twigs 2015: Rush - Kali Uchis 2016: Cranes in the Sky - Solange 2017: LMK - Kelela 2018: Venice Bitch - Lana Del Rey 2019: The greatest - Lana Del Rey there are definitely way more, but I didn't want to give ties
  15. Hunty Bear

    it's been very gratifying to see the warm reception SFY has been getting across the board! it's about time it's been faring decently commercially (doing better than I expected, at least), critically acclaimed so far, and even well-received by the Twitter gays that bullied her over the past couple of years! justice served periodt