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  1. Hunty Bear


    someone else said that it was her worst! regardless, it's far from her worst imo but different strokes for different folks I guess!
  2. Hunty Bear

    I feel like these aren't really super comparable but What's My Name is a classique
  3. Hunty Bear


    I actually had a dream this section was deleted due to low activity if the taste in this section is of any indication though...
  4. Hunty Bear


    y'all saying BTD is her worst album when LFL exists
  5. Hunty Bear


    it's the way she actually wears this mask in public for me really? someone needs to fucking drag her
  6. she knows a thing or two about trap let's just say that 🙈
  7. it was "future retro" and "muddy trap" for Honeymoon iirc well at least she predicted Future Nostalgia
  8. As a stan, I'm gonna say this after reading the whole interview: I am so tired of hearing her waxing philosophical on what it means to be "delicate" and "feminine" and stroking her own ego with these hollow dissertations on what it "means" to be this or that. This whole interview honestly just strikes me as her and Jack, well, jacking each other off 💀 she's usually not very self-aware but it's particularly jarring in this interview tbh like what does this whole spiel even mean: girl I- I wish she spent more time discussing her creative process like she did at the start of the interview! that at least had real substance lmao
  9. well that's one pandemic down!
  10. Hunty Bear


    I highly recommend that you don't direct any more attention to the leak in general, it's not worth lording over when there's a literal potential ongoing legal investigation regarding the source of the leak
  11. Hunty Bear


    Is this her first album to not hit the peak? I expected relatively low numbers but this is still a little surprisingly low to me
  12. why do I feel like she's still a liar though
  13. Hunty Bear

    he's so fucking ugly
  14. "coming soon" she's a liar she lies a lot