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  1. I will never understand the next-level hype that Future Nostalgia has it's good but everyone's acting like it's so transcendent when it's not...at all
  2. it's a poetry book! not a new album w8 chile...what idk about that omg $25??
  3. Hunty Bear

    definitely Gaga and Marina, though Gaga's back in my good graces somewhat after Traumatica!
  4. who hasn't Stanet inspired
  5. Hunty Bear


    I'm playing as Honeymoon
  6. Hunty Bear


    1. Honeymoon - Madonna 2. Honeymoon - CHANEL #1 3. Terrence Loves You - Hyun. 4. Terrence Loves You - Hunty Bear 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. lordt TLY is still the best song on the album
  7. Hunty Bear


    I have no idea! maybe Spotlight, the title track and Soul Control right now? I'm also in love with Ooh La La, Step Into My Life and Save A Kiss my least favorite is probably Adore You though, it never gripped me like the other singles and still kinda underwhelms sandwiched between 2 more danceable songs
  8. Hunty Bear


    I stan so hard! everyone's trying so hard to craft their most "personal album" so it's so refreshing to see someone like her literally do the opposite and admit that the just wanted to make "music that would make people want to have sex" Glasshouse was that "personal album" for her and it was boring, but this is infinitely more interesting
  9. Hunty Bear

    she was good in Wizards of Waverly Place! has she done anything since?
  10. Hunty Bear


    so good!! I was worried that they'd lost the plot with STTY but this is such a return to form! very experimental and personal but still boppable
  11. Hunty Bear


    absolutely phenomenal album! I can see this maybe becoming my favorite Jessie album ever tbh
  12. Hunty Bear


    1. Jake - God Knows I Tried 2. Hyun. - God Knows I Tried 3. Merryem - God Knows I Tried 4. LÉON - God Knows I Tried 5. Hunty Bear - God Knows I Tried 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.
  13. Hunty Bear


  14. Hunty Bear


    The way I was so wrong I was robbed regardless! maybe you'll win for me this time around