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  1. Hunty Bear


    guess where this is from
  2. Hunty Bear


    remember when we all HATED Radiohead
  3. Hunty Bear


    it's truly magic, I'm really really loving the direction this album is taking so far they're like made in the same universe as UV but from a better state of mind
  4. Korra has better animation and generally darker subject matter and has 4 self-contained seasons, but TLA has way better character and plot development and follows the same overarching story arc over 3 seasons, so it has more flexibility in terms of building the universe both are incredible shows, but TLA is just beyond
  5. the video sucks though literally the same clip of cars on the freeway for like 4 FUCKING minutes straight
  6. Hunty Bear


    as if not 99% of her lyrics are like that
  7. Hunty Bear


    I never thought I'd be obsessed with a 10 minute track but I LOVE it, somehow it feels so short and breezy MAC had to grow on me but this was a pretty instant love honestly, and now I'm addicted to both!
  8. hearing MAC and this one after another is a holy Biblical transcendentalist kumbaya religious experience...inshallah ladies the album is gonna be magical, this already feels so much more inspired than 90% of LFL
  9. Hunty Bear


    tbh these songs sound so amazing after each other tbh cohesive masterpiece, LFL found gagged and choked in the Mississippi River
  10. it's a little long and overindulgent but it's so stunning I'm loving this album's direction so far honestly
  11. Hunty Bear


    I'm honestly so into the album title I weirdly doubt that it'll remain the title though
  12. Avatar is just not compatible with the live action format
  13. can't listen to the snippet rn but I honestly won't, I'm READY to be gagged tomorrow
  14. Hunty Bear


  15. Hunty Bear


    also we're like 99.9% sure that Charlie is a hunty, right? I can see it in his jawline