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    mix of what people have already said and artists who have not been already mentioned
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    funny enough, I actually put in the effort to download, cut, and edit the metadata of each individual song like the night of its release thanks for the link, would've really saved me so much labor it was nice though! definitely background music but good background music at that
  3. honestly I've been ruminating on this and it's actually really what we deserve periodT give her the goddamn role! Great Gatsby sucked so it's not like I'm gonna tune in for the actual product but she needs the buzz and when it's right it's right!
  4. Priscilla Presley is fucking 74? are you fucking joking? they truly are doppelgangers too
  5. noah fence but Lana can't act for shit, hope she gets a minor role though if this is legit!
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    Real Love is boring, Party for One is fine but also not as interesting as the rest of the tracklist, and Automatically In Love is good but not as great as the songs above it meanwhile Feels Right weirdly grew on me a lot! truly a summer anthem
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    I think Emotion has higher highs but Dedicated just seems more consistent overall! probably more mature too you know what? time for another ranking! Julien No Drug Like Me Everything He Needs Want You In My Room I'll Be Your Girl Now That I Found You Feels Right Right Words Wrong Time Too Much Automatically In Love Happy Not Knowing For Sure Party for One Real Love The Sound
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    Simple mechanics. Say whether the song the user posts above you is either a bop or a flop.
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    remember when her birthday bash was "totally not an event sponsored by Lana and DEFINITELY canceled" and then it literally happened? round 2 maybe!
  10. wow what the fuck? at 20 years old? truly awful and surreal, may he rest in peace
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    Beyoncé just for Blow, though Ariana had some good bops with him
  12. I listened to Donkey Kosh and it unfortunately was shit My Best Dress was fab though! she has a lengthy and overwhelming discography, but it's best to just rip off the bandaid tbh! I'm of the opinion that HBx3 is her most accessible
  13. two of the unreleased demos (My Best Dress and Donkey Kosh) are out today though at least
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    Bringing this <<<classic>>> game back to the Lana section. Hope you know how the mechanics work already. Banned songs: Hawaiian Tropic TV In Black & White National Anthem Off To The Races Shades of Cool Hollywood Hit and Run Wayamaya
  15. How does the term "muddy trap energy" speak to you? Do you think she means that she's composing a Born to Die redux? Do you think that she's making literal woozy trap songs? Or does this indicate a totally different sound entirely? Discuss.
  16. what are you talking about? he's just innocently, non-sexually searching inside that man's underwear? this is totally heterosexual behavior
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    planning on listening to it soon! really wish it was available for streaming/download because I would like to listen to it on the go I would be more surprised if she didn't! she's always been very versatile
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    Venice Bitch vs. The Blackest Day
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    Mariners Apartment Complex vs. Cruel World
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    of course Lana's not doing any promo for the new Charlie's Angel collab
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    Mariners Apartment Complex vs. Is This Happiness