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  1. this bitch is so dumb it boggles my mind...
  2. no words...the "I'm not racist my friend is black" jumped out!
  3. nope, just a preorder! that being said, it was supposed to come out last September but god forbid
  4. https://lastcollage.io/ (offers the most flexible date options, my personal fave) https://musicorumapp.com/generate (offers the coolest graphics by far and is generally awesome) https://lastfm-collage.herokuapp.com/ (similar to the first one, but offers playcounts) and set the parameter to 2020 or "one year"
  5. But actually! This era is gonna be super consequential for her, people grew weary of her after "question for the cuture"-gate and "mesh mask"-gate (deservedly so) so maybe her team is actually caring about her output for this album cycle. Katy for example failed to sustain her career momentum because of Witness (poor reception and just a weird era in general) and her career suffered for it, so maybe her team is aware of the stakes this era since shitty music + bad optics could really hurt her career permanently lmao
  6. https://people.com/music/lana-del-rey-engaged-to-clayton-johnson-flashes-ring/
  7. the song is still a bore but her vocals sounded great! EDIT: though it might be the acapella of the actual studio recording