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  1. I literally don't believe this at all, but I also wouldn't even if confirmation came from Lana herself COCC is never coming out lbr
  2. I'm kinda gagged...her first live and televised performance since FUCKING SNL that's a lot of pressure
  3. Born to Die vs. Norman fucking Rockwell Off to the Races vs. Mariners apartment complex Blue Jeans vs. Venice Bitch Video Games vs. Fuck it I love you Diet Mountain Dew vs. Doin' Time National Anthem vs. Love song Dark Paradise vs. Cinnamon Girl Radio vs. How to disappear Carmen vs. California Million Dollar Man vs. The Next Best American Record Summertime Sadness vs. The greatest This is What Makes Us Girls vs. Bartender Without You vs. Happiness is a butterfly Lolita vs. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like m
  4. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIO9-ixBWE9/?igshid=1axtjpe9uzlve her vocals are gorgeous here! also annoying how it's not embedding but whatever
  5. Norman fucking rockwell Born To Die Cruel World Kill Kill Honeymoon Love Ride
  6. I'm living for how murderous she looks bloodsucking queen!
  7. and the fact that it's still low-effort lmao the bar is legitimately in hell
  8. literally bawp after bawp some songs I'm not too hot on (Don't Rock Me to Sleep and Cry Baby) but every other song is a banger
  9. it's like an official "live" music video and it's cute! the cover is fine, not her best but it's alright
  10. the album is out now and it's so fucking good omfg she never disappoints but I didn't expect the album to be as diverse and eclectic as it is, it def rivals Isolation
  11. why can't she just let her "controversies" die, is that really that hard to do that being said it's a little tired how people have been coming for Lana regarding her irresponsibility around COVID when there are so many celebrities repeatedly attending maskless parties (*cough* The Weeknd, Dua Lipa), like the criticism is warranted but let's please circulate that energy a little bit
  12. updated OP with tracklist! also te pongo mal is out as a promo single album is 35 minutes in total!
  13. the concept behind the cover is tired but I think it's cute, I like the fact that the quotes in the background are actually real quotes from actual articles (including from her NYT op-ed) but yeah Fever's cover is unmatched and Tina Snow's was also great but at least Good News' cover looks better than Suga's lmao
  14. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it Yayo (AKA version of course) Get Free Bel Air The Other Woman This Is What Makes Us Girls this made me realize that I've mostly grown out of her closers
  15. the end of this year was looking bleak in terms of music releases but the idea that we might get consecutive serves from Kali, Rico and Megan >>
  16. I think it features some of her worst songwriting to date by far, contains some of her worst and lowest-effort released music, and is remarkably incohesive to the point that it's impossible to listen to the album in one sitting anymore let alone the fact that I overplayed it, I literally have an aversion to it at this point it just felt overworked, I'm sure it would've been a much better project had she stopped meddling with it so much lol
  17. I knew this album was gonna be her best since Aphrodite since the release of MAGIC but wow this album is definitely her best in a while, Molden and Stream Me Once found dead in a Shelby 68
  18. for a second I thought it was jarring but I lowkey live, it's very futuristic and graphic but also impressionistic and kitschy queen of multitudes!
  19. also not me listing this album under KAYTRANADA LMAO just fixed the title