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  1. a mouthful of a title but I'm so excited!!!! I've been waiting for this for so long and it's conveniently coming out around my birthday wish Solita was on the tracklist but we've been knew for a while that it wasn't :/ @Urbi I also suspect that La Luna Enamorada must be coming out this week or so
  2. I knew it wasn't coming this year but I'm fucking laughing at the 16 WEEK DELAY I'm ready for a low-effort iPhone-recorded Christmas standards album that I'll play once and never again!
  3. I'm pretty sure it's a promo single a la Honeymoon and that the COCC title track is the lead single still boring though, but it's sorta grown on me since release lol
  4. well Doin' Time was also...her last music video before this (not counting the "short film" that we got t) I'm sure we'll get something cute this era, the teasers she's posted for other videos this era seem a little more promising and high-budget I'd actually reckon that it's not her label's fault that everything seems low effort, it's pretty clear at this point that Lana's just been phoning it in for the most part and does whatever she wants without intervention/guidance/feedback from her label
  5. 7, grading on a curve because it's one of if not the best song on LFL but my appreciation for that album has SEVERELY dwindled over time
  6. what is this witchy vampire aesthetic...not her trying to replicate the energy she teased with the LFL trailer before dropping it
  7. she really did that! could you imagine 8 years of building goodwill with the GP and the critics just to tear most of it down within a year yas queen
  8. I don't even think people hate it, they're just projecting their gripes with her and compounding it with how underwhelming this song is myself included in that
  9. yep, 2020 is not a good year to be a Lana stan this is the least hyped I've ever been for a Lana project and I've been a stan for a near decade now, which is funny because she arguably hit a new career high just last year
  10. on one hand, Lana has been annoying the shit out of me this past year on the other hand, LMLYLAW has done nothing to redeem that
  11. it's a pretty song! maybe I need more listens to connect with it more
  12. the cover is very Lizzy Grant-esque and that's not a compliment
  13. imagine reading this about a Katy Perry album 5 years ago
  14. bitch should be dragged, like literally what is wrong with her and this is coming from a stan of 8+ years....just ridiculous