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  1. Thank god, LL Cool J was becoming insufferable. This guy is funny.
  2. did you really post two pics of Susan holding signs as evidence of her "standing" for something? I could do the same 1000x times over for Hillary
  3. Also, can we effectively end this "the DNC screwed Bernie!!!!" narrative? Bernie screwed himself. Wanna know why Hillary won the primary season? More people voted for her. Internal emails sent after it became mathematically impossible for Sanders to win the nomination simply did not influence the will of Democratic voters. The primaries were not rigged against Bernie. He lost. And yes, the DNC was annoyed with him because he kept telling his supporters that DNC 2016 would be a contested convention, knowing full well that he had already lost and he could not flip superdelegates, instead of init
  4. I've spent the past 14 months of my life dedicated to the Clinton campaign. I feel like it was all for nothing. All the hard work that we did, all the weekends we spent making calls, all the mornings we spent knocking on doors, all the afternoons we spent breaking the bank to donate a few extra dollars; and for what? I've been wallowing in self pity for the past couple of days, haven't we all? Maybe I should've signed up for one more canvass shift. Maybe I should've flown to Florida or Pennsylvania to volunteer down there. Maybe I should've backed Bernie from the start instead. It's a dark, dark, dark week for America and this feeling isn't going to just "go away". Ashamed of my country.

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    2. QUINN


      Thank you for the dedication you put in. Take time to understand how much this hurts, but don't give up. We have a lot to fight for. ❤️

    3. Dawni


      you have no reason to feel like that, all people who didnt vote or voted for trump should feel bad. You did everything you could and im european but i think america needs more people like you lana1

    4. Reputation


      Even as a person whote in Bernie:

      1. Thank you for your service for this country, lots of people did jack and just wrote lazy comments on Facebook and Twitter

      2. This election shows America is a bunch of racist rednecks

      3. What could have YOU done to make America less racist or sexist or the scandals go away?



  5. This is the most bullshit I've ever read I can't breathe
  6. “All of the people you listed" Reading is fundamental, kids
  7. Trump claims to be a billionaire but still needs RNC donors to solicit donations.
  8. All of the people you listed are true progressive leaders. But apparently, you lack basic reading comprehension skills, because all of them are also flawed. No politician is perfect. No human being is perfect. Sorry
  9. Is Hillary a flawed candidate? YES. Is Hillary a flawed human being? YES. Can any of you find someone who isn't? NO. Y'all can attempt to utilize these Trump talking points all you want, but all you're doing is enabling him. Attempting to justify Trump's rise by claiming that it's a result of voters "waking up" to Hillary's "corruption" is intellectually dishonest and downright absurd. Trump is doing so well because he has capitalized off of and exploited the hopes and fears of racist, bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic deplorables and the handful of Republicans who are just su