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    Technically 93k pure sales and 120k with streaming but it's about the total picture right
  2. http://hitsdailydouble.com/sales_plus_streaming A comeback
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    I..... I'll be Praying.mp3 for you.
  5. Game

    Last Goodbye Past Lives Out Alive VIP Dirty Picture CUNT Gold Trans Am Emotional (wtf was she thinking honestly )
  6. Between this and ha twitter polls I live. To be fair tho, her intentions aren't wrong. Let the sis breathe.
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    Ooh ooh, look at that oh yeah yeah
  8. Event

    Someone here has to have taste
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    Y'all notify me when Spaceship is on I aint sitting through Satanzilla
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    but ooold flames cant hold a candle to yew whew, a pussy poppin boP
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    If you can't handle these claws, you don't get this kitty. RAWR
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    Y'all fucking quick Lemme just skip to Boots since it's the best on the alberm anw after Godship ofc
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    We love a Disney rehash