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  1. Discussion

    Neither wtf, I hope she doesn't hate herself THAT much to name an album that
  2. Ffffff RUDE But at the same damn time, what has gotten into this bald bitch's head? At least Iggy had a career, even if it lasted for a hot minute.
  3. Single

    But how do I format a fuck to give? Edit: oop thanks b @Americunt
  4. Music Video

    She's coming whores Can't believe she invented women
  5. Quality prevailed. Lack of artistic integrity lost. It's a good time to be alive.
  6. here

    Roulette might be Tit's best song. Too bad the rest of the album is beyond awful. carla1 

    1. Kimmy Kardashian

      Roulette is one of the worst on the album sis, Hey Hey Hey and Pendulum are the better of the 3


  7. Album

    ahhh she is out to sabotage herself
  8. Music Video

    Mod Notice Trolling
  9. But when the fuck has she ever been hip hop?
  10. Celeb News

  11. if this is considered big i'm a fucking rhinoceros bye