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  1. prostitutions really is ariana's worst album huh

    1. Gabe.


      tea omg 

    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      It's also one of her best songs tho jj3


  2. Several songs I’ve seen, several I have not let me tell yall... Tonight is an EXPERIENCE I need to recover from that. Absolute slayage wow
  3. Nobody cares stop tagging me annoying bitch?
  4. Me and @Onika getting ready for our battle royale after our Tulsi Gabbard twitter argument


  5. OH I feel so sorry

    i feel so sad

    i tried to help you it just made you ma a ad

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor atrl dancing gif 

  6. Came across this lovely mashup today and whew I had to bop! Can't believe this decade about to end
  7. Fulltime internship killing the little time I had for a social life/online presence but yes still alive since I gotta make it to 2020 for HR!
  8. Ugh recently went through a shitty breakup (sorta) and every lyric of this song rings true to me truly and genuinely one of her best songs. But brb while i bawl
  9. Aw, you think my English is good? I do have some spare time now that I reside in banland so call me Mr. Watson The sweetest
  10. crawling out of the crypts of irrelevance, please make some noise for your favorite galactic hasbeen who is BACK by popular demand since North KoreATRL punched me out nicki4 merry early xmas mwah!

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      i heard what happened when it happened and you definitely did not deserve the perma.

      welcome back tho!

  11. Whew a MOVEMENT, the lil warriors are fighting for me .. this makes my heart warm please thank everyone who participated in the #FreePharaoh fight and send my regards to legend AvrilLaQueen, soul sister HEIDI and all the other animals.. collin, yourfavefan, bearman.. I'm gonna miss yall too ''The hope is fading from my lips.... when I kiss you with goodbye'' I might just send in appeal but idk which way to go with it? do i act stupid and tell them in my language handsome is synonymous with pretty or do i be #apologetic and write an apology
  12. I just came crawling back here after 32 years to make a royal announcement about my perma-vacay from ShariATRL. I really got done like that just for calling some bitch good looking huh? Been kinda pressed about it but then I remembered that I brought some fun lighthearted contributions to that SJW'd mess of a website and they punched me OUT for nothing. I'd expect a thank you as a farewell message but oh well? they can rim me for all i care ANYWAYS do you have like screenshots of that K*m thread that got me banned cuz I'm curious about the reactions and that on life support malfu
  13. turning 20 in one hour, the gay death is here to collect my soul yall... alexa play teen idle gaga1

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      omg i turn 20 in two years fall1 

    2. Galaxy
    3. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      not really fall1 

      im not looking forward to adulting fall1