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  1. Game

    Yeah, wtf. Didn't expect it to be guessed this easily
  2. Ok but if we're talking tea, this section strived through me and died with me
  3. whew love my fans But can we keep that meltdown mess in the past it's gonna haunt me forever
  4. wait wtf is that mess it actually looked decent and cute, dk what happened
  5. now bitch can we not do me like this
  6. bitch.... there IS evidence. WHY do I need to repeat the same thing three times here are yall that braindead lolz he is still on trial, the fact that yall are trying it with the ''but he hasn't been convicted yet'' is the real disgusting thing here when his DNA has been found on a little girls clothes, y i k e s, the lenghts yall go to to defend your fave anw, wasn't that Only video fanmade? didn't nicki like it and the decide to WILFULLY post it? or was she forced into that with a gun to her head? let her take responsibilities for her own (objectively vile) actions puhlease
  7. his semen was found on the girls pajamas wtf more do you want, DISGUSTING way of dismissing an obvious case of PEDOPHILIA and RAPE if you ask me!
  8. ahhh my peak
  9. Game

    Let's see if anyone gets this
  10. Game

    HYD I'm like a lil kitty and I can see at night, I got eyes like a hawk babe I'm watchin all the time
  11. his semen was found on the child's pajamas wtf do you mean innocent
  12. repeat after me: worthless nazi prostitute
  13. that's why we're different people, e.g. i don't think presenting yourself as hitler is acceptable either back to the topic at hand, how does it feel to stan a rape and pedophilia condoning NAZI?
  14. Are we pretending to be shocked? Discuss.