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  1. Celeb News

    Stan for ''Pray''
  2. When I say 6:30 ENDED me
  3. here

    The gays convincing themselves they like Accelerate fffff it's Joanne all over again lmfao1

  4. You posted a comment while I made a thread? revoluTionary
  5. Mod Notice Do not troll outside of Battlegrounds.
  6. Yes... that's indeed what I said
  7. oop ye lets do that @mods http://www.nme.com/music-interviews/kim-petras-interview-2300441-2300441
  8. Struggling up-and-coming aspiring popstar Kim Petras just went on the record to say she doesn't believe Dr. Luke abused Kesha, essentially calling her a liar. Imagine being OVER like this before having started. Will the gays care or will they continue to stream her dated, late on the bandwagon, basic ''pOp BoPs''? Discuss.
  9. Philip, thoughts on your fave's DISGUSTING behavior?
  10. @havok Stay away from me + my posts, you are sick trying to downvote them to stalk me. Leave me alone!!!
  11. Kesha's was way more recent, looks more identical + they are on the same label so it's more likely she copied her than Lana. She's a laughing stock, it’s cheesy, it’s disgusting. I personally find it absolutely artistically atrocious.
  12. Those are random pap pics of girls on the beach? =/= professionally shot promo picture that is identical to that of another artist
  13. ''DiDnT knOw KeShA iNveNtEd BeAcHeS'' The sunset by the beach aesthetic was clearly snatched. Hope Myth X flops once again just for being unoriginal!