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  1. here

    How do I restore the site back to what it was? this is disgusting and I'l leave forever if it stays like this

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    2. Entea

      The site will be restored once you log out rav2

    3. Galaxy

      what do you mean what? everything's fucked up, it's only showing recent threads and not the actual sections

  2. here

    what even happened to the homepage it's all kinds of fucked up

  3. who said that?.gif grimes is artistic excellence of the highest standard
  4. I listened to that humble song and i genuinely almost threw up (i'm not even lying when i said it made me physically sick - especially the ''sit down'' part and his ugly face in the video) how can people listen to that? how can he even be acclaimed? i'd rather stick a whole cucumber up my ass tell me fotp cause i feel like im living in an alternate reality
  5. Performance

    i know the song is called silent but damn sis, turn up those vocals other than that loved it, she sounds great nonetheless
  6. Performance

    WHAT was that performance kechita sis
  7. Event

    let's hope some of her talent will rub off on him
  8. Achievement

    One of her best remixes :giveup:
  9. danke
  10. @Dan
  11. here

    a fucking bop



    1. Urbanov

      I was listening to Allie X yesterday ny10

      Good is literally SO GOOD antm1

    2. Galaxy

      @Urbi Sanctuary, Lifted, Prime... whew quality cry9

  12. I live there and no one thinks it is a real thing sweetie lmao never seen/heard of stores doing that either
  13. Well duh, no one healthy thinks it is real lol
  14. Performance

    yeah single #2 please praying was cute but it's been 3+ months
  15. Right, so what you're trying to get me to believe is that the mom told the son to lie about being abused at school, then she had to know that police would immediately execute a search warrant so she somehow got a hold of some of her husband's semen and put it in the girl's pajama pants for the police to find afterwards. Then she also convinced her daughter to lie about being raped. Please Use Your Fucking Brain Anyway, just in: Nicki will be a witness and defend her brother in court!