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    ahhh she is out to sabotage herself
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    Mod Notice Trolling
  3. But when the fuck has she ever been hip hop?
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  5. if this is considered big i'm a fucking rhinoceros bye
  6. I'm just past the point of being able to get my hopes up now. Who knows though.
  7. Yes. Love my fave destroying the two biggest fraudulent evils in the industry like that.
  8. I hate her with all my heart and soul but none of that was offensive stfu. Saying she misses Obama and wants him back is racist? K
  9. I live in The Netherlands. No one knows who she is here.
  10. What parellel universe are you stuck in sis? Kesha's career isn't even 1/4th as old. Despite not having released music for 4 full years she still gets more headlines because of her lawsuits than these two who are OBVIOUSLY past their prime. If I were to go ask people on the streets who this Kylie person is NO ONE would know. No one. Literally only forum gays know her and I'm not shading or joking. Log the fuck off ffff
  11. And people give a fuck about Mariah or Kylie .... IN 2017? ahhhhhhhhhh
  12. Kylie? As in Kylie fucking Mhinoge? I never heard of the bitch until I joined this site. Kesha's career is a fucking wreck but that person doesn't even have 5% of Kesha's current "relevance" and that says a LOT. Wyd