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  1. Galaxy


    The way yall are so confidently typing out your tasteless opinions is quite embarrassing OT: album of the decade wbk
  2. Galaxy


    No one cares rats stop polluting my thread and celebrate Tonight as Kesha’s new single
  3. Galaxy


    No 😘
  4. Galaxy


    Just confirmed as the next single via Tik Tok
  5. Galaxy


    Several songs I’ve seen, several I have not let me tell yall... Tonight is an EXPERIENCE I need to recover from that. Absolute slayage wow
  6. Galaxy


    The album leaked nn
  7. Galaxy

    Nobody cares stop tagging me annoying bitch?
  8. Galaxy


    Weasel sucks ass
  9. Galaxy here

    Me and @Onika getting ready for our battle royale after our Tulsi Gabbard twitter argument


  10. Galaxy


    Can they just bloody release Tonight already and save the era
  11. Galaxy here

    OH I feel so sorry

    i feel so sad

    i tried to help you it just made you ma a ad

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor atrl dancing gif 

  12. Galaxy


    now watch selena push her date back to jan 31
  13. Came across this lovely mashup today and whew I had to bop! Can't believe this decade about to end
  14. Fulltime internship killing the little time I had for a social life/online presence but yes still alive since I gotta make it to 2020 for HR!
  15. Ugh recently went through a shitty breakup (sorta) and every lyric of this song rings true to me truly and genuinely one of her best songs. But brb while i bawl