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  1. Galaxy here

    ugh let me tell yall OCD fucks you UP. for me it's worse than it's ever been and i can't even enjoy one second of my damn summer without my brain abusing me. what did I do to deserve this


  2. anyone got a spare 1billie? let's free this humanitarian
  3. Let's celebrate with the perfect bop for this occassion, sistren!
  4. Galaxy


  5. People always try to tear down powerful black women. Disgusting!
  6. Galaxy

    Celeb News

    Stan for ''Pray''
  7. When I say 6:30 ENDED me
  8. Galaxy here

    The gays convincing themselves they like Accelerate fffff it's Joanne all over again lmfao1

  9. You posted a comment while I made a thread? revoluTionary
  10. Mod Notice Do not troll outside of Battlegrounds.
  11. Yes... that's indeed what I said
  12. oop ye lets do that @mods http://www.nme.com/music-interviews/kim-petras-interview-2300441-2300441