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  1. but youtube and spotify are also free streams? what is the difference from tidal?
  2. is this some sort of joke?
  3. queens they're flawless, queens of kpop, 13,4 million views in 1 day
  4. here

    slay a bit


    1. Opium

      nice rehash of Boombayah

    2. kira

      wtf it's nothing like bombayah lol

    3. Opium

      the verses parts instrumental is literally ripped off from Boombayah tho rip4 

  5. Celeb News

    who doesn't
  6. Migos (Quality Control) 21-24k, 1-2k tragic
  7. here

    my wig is not ready



  8. music video, it only counted 2 days I think, it should've went higher
  9. I don't think rih colaborates as much as so people think, it's just that almost all her colabs get huge in the past 3 years she did 6 collabs and only 3 got videos
  10. she released anti through her own label or something like that
  11. Charts

    one full day of sales? wth
  12. wild thoughts because rihanna >>>>>>>>>>>