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  1. here

    slay a bit


    1. Opium

      nice rehash of Boombayah

    2. kira

      wtf it's nothing like bombayah lol

    3. Opium

      the verses parts instrumental is literally ripped off from Boombayah tho rip4 

  2. Migos (Quality Control) 21-24k, 1-2k tragic
  3. music video, it only counted 2 days I think, it should've went higher
  4. I don't think rih colaborates as much as so people think, it's just that almost all her colabs get huge in the past 3 years she did 6 collabs and only 3 got videos
  5. she released anti through her own label or something like that
  6. Charts

    one full day of sales? wth
  7. wild thoughts because rihanna >>>>>>>>>>>
  8. dua lipa didn't perform lost in your light? hailee didn't perform most girls? zara larson didn't perform don't let me be yours? or did they but there's no video?
  9. oh nice I'd say it will still take a while for her to release lady wood part2 but can't wait for firefade
  10. isn't fire fade the second part of lady wood pt1? I'm confused