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  1. Rumor

    bout time
  2. also this >>>>>>
  3. the camera angles are SO FUCKING BAD anyway, queen
  4. Photos

    the description is 'stay pressed' queen
  5. Charts

    also in hot100 for 2 years? really impressive
  6. where do you see those points? havanna is selling really well rn plus her views on youtube have increased a lot, she might have a chance next week idk
  7. how does that work? swatt someone? how can they file a false report? this is wrong in so many levels....
  8. Discussion

    most pop girls rn would "kill" for a top5 with no video or promo and you call that flopping? gurl pls
  9. Single

    her singing voice tho
  10. is this her first performance of the year? it's been so fucking long