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  1. A disturbing amount of these new video games revolving around androids end with me wanting to fuck the robot. ny3 

  2. can u remind me later im at Ikea mad3 

  3. Okay wtf I swore I had like 3000 something rep points but now I only have 1200 brit2brit2 not that it matters but cmon brit2brit2 did a bunch of old threads get deleted or something

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y


      I'm making  a game inspired by last nights massacre of rep points rip4 

    3. Holly


      Okay now I've seen people losing like 30,000 or something I think I have perspective and feel a bit better xtina1 

    4. H.O.N.E.Y


      Some older posters that still post lost over 100,000 - 150,000 rep rip4

  4. Officially got my job offer to stay on as permanent full-time, after a successful six month contract for the government brit2brit2brit2 

    1. Venice Bitch

      Venice Bitch

      Congrats honey cry6 

    2. xoticvvitch



  5. Does FOTP have a regular plug.dj meetup or anything?

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y


      Anna-wa and vulnicura are gonna be usually in a seperate session just because of that issue. They will be on either 8 or 9 PM Eastern Time. Can u check if that time is good for u or not? 


      The others will be at an earlier time.

    3. Holly


      8-9pm eastern time is 12-1pm my time and I work full time brit2 Maybe if y'all do it on the weekend?

    4. H.O.N.E.Y


      Well the other group doesn't have a specific time (each session is agreed upon) but they are all gonna be early in the day. rav2


      How about I add u to the taglist and when there's a new session u decide if the timing is good for u or not. rav2 

  6. Thank god for small blessings. Kween Adele.
  7. He reminds me of my coworker. Basically, started working together, he was quite overweight, he was anxious, kinda nervous about messing up, but was a really sweet guy and I enjoyed working with him. He was a good guy. Then he lost weight. Now, he literally does fuck all work, constantly talks about his matches on tinder and how he gets wolf whistled at the gym all the time (he's really not THAT attractive...). But the thing is, he's the same person. And he genuinely was really sweet before. So I'm stuck thinking, was he a really sweet guy that got changed, or was this raging asshole always the
  8. He has no crown, tbh. In my mind, the ones leading male music rn in the mainstream are Justin, Justin and Bruno - all of which have been around for much longer, and have switched their sounds up enough times and ways to prove their legitimate artistry.
  9. "On My Mind" is considered to be Ellie's clapback, but it's definitely not a diss track, if anything it's pretty nice. "Don't" was bitter and nasty as hell. Full of straight, blunt insults, "don't fuck with my love" because she had the audacity to have sex with him and not immediately become his and his alone even though he knew that wasn't the plan from the beginning, etc etc. This bit makes it clear it's a clapback: "Next thing that I know I'm in the hotel with youYou were talking deep like it was mad love to youYou wanted my heart but I just liked your tattoos" and "I always hear,
  10. I see where you're coming from with the gender discrepancy. It might be because it's cockiness pretty much straight out the gate - Rihanna's been in the game over a decade, her cockiness is her persona and she owns it unapologetically - yet it's a more personal self confidence, rather than needing to build herself up by tearing others down, like Ed does. With Ed, he's been around a few years, is basic AF, and acting like he's gonna do down in history as one of the greatest and he sets the standard for others to imitate - while also trying to pay the sympathetic underdog angle at the same time.
  11. Was writing a reply to this but it turned into a irritated rant that was way too negative to be in a non BG thread So made a topic in BG Trust me, I feel you.
  12. Yes, this is long, that's how I roll. I knew it wouldn't happen, but I was hoping he'd somehow flop and get a reality check. God, he's so arrogant. Here's hoping Taylor releases so he won't have best selling album of the year! Seriously, Taylor, please. We all know you're petty (love you but seriously), so hopefully the fact he's being all buddy buddy with Katy or something will make you wanna take him down a notch, he's also spreading stuff about your supposed album date, that's definitely not his place. Be petty? Please? Don't release early 2018 to do him a solid, come on. I mean, he wou
  13. LOL the first video title says "Start Treatment Dunk", but in the video it's actually "STAR Treatment Dunk". This is toooo messy. And this isn't me dragging Xtina, it's me dragging whoever's in charge of the YouTube account uploading, that's okay, right?