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  1. Does FOTP have a regular plug.dj meetup or anything?

    1. H.O.N.E.Y


      We'll def start  regular plug.dj stuff in a few weeks.. But currently there is an ongoing Movie Club, where we decide on a movie through a poll and watch it together in a site called rabb.it. rav2 


      It's hosted by me and Anna-wa (she doesn't post in fotp atm but shows up regularly to these sessions) and regular members are P.E.T.E.R, Princess Aurora, Regine Philange, Entea, Chris Morlock, and Vulnicura. If u ever wanna join u can. rav2 



    2. Holly


      Sounds fun! I'll join if I can, being in NZ will probably make the time zones fucky though brit2 

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