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    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Pop Music Revival is happening oprah15

  2. They did good at first though
  3. Seems like we’ll be on hot topics a lot
  4. Well it was one of the most active ones
  5. Dennis Reynolds mentioned you in FOTP Crosswords Crossword 2019

  6. So we’re changing Christmas meaning to “All I Want for Christmas is You’s Anniversary” from “Jesus’ birth”
  7. It’s just a promo single while we wait for the album just like My Own Dance I prefer this to My Own Dance tbh
  8. Lucid Dreaming vs. Feelings C'est La Vie vs. Life's Too Short Sunburn vs. Hopscotch Binaural Test vs. Stormy Weather Sacrifices vs. Save Room for Us Company vs. Story of Us Soul Glitch vs. Die A Little Bit You Don't Know Me vs. Perfect Crime Spacetime vs. Cash Race High Speed Chase vs. Link Up Ride of Your Life vs. Touch & Go Party Favors vs. Know Better You Can Stay Here Tonight vs. You Touch Pass vs. So Much Better Ghetto Boy vs. Remember When Nightride: 8 Songs for You: 7 Nightride still wins
  9. Dreams Are Real Feels Like Vegas Sacrifices 1 for Me Ghetto Boy this is so hard