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  1. Come back qwueen! alex1 


    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Pop Music Revival is happening oprah15

  3. Seems like we’ll be on hot topics a lot
  4. Well it was one of the most active ones
  5. Dennis Reynolds mentioned you in FOTP Crosswords Crossword 2019

  6. Can I get an amen?


    1. ajp


      I stole your gif xtina5

  7. Why am I getting more and more excited each day
  8. Yeah, the time has come for us to do the witchcraft for the lead
  9. To think how well Crazy Kids was received when it leaked… will.i.am ruined the song’s reputation forever.
  10. It’s been 7 years since 2012… She looked so cute in Japan can’t tell the same about the side cut though
  11. Joined. Not sure if I can be active though