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    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Pop Music Revival is happening oprah15

  2. They did good at first though
  3. Seems like we’ll be on hot topics a lot
  4. Well it was one of the most active ones
  5. Dennis Reynolds mentioned you in FOTP Crosswords Crossword 2019

  6. So we’re changing Christmas meaning to “All I Want for Christmas is You’s Anniversary” from “Jesus’ birth”
  7. It’s just a promo single while we wait for the album just like My Own Dance I prefer this to My Own Dance tbh
  8. The way it became my #1 project of 2019 only my second fave
  9. Ugh I like this so much Life’s Too Short, Cash Race and So Much Better are my trinity atm
  10. Can I get an amen?


    1. ajp


      I stole your gif xtina5

  11. People say she’s only doing some chants over the drop, hopefully she’s not featured - I’m getting more excited and scared at the same time