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  1. Discussion

    It was! But then the ghosts came and I changed it back to KeshaOverdose (yesterday I changed it completely)
  2. Discussion

    back when my username was kinda messy
  3. Discussion

    I miss her being interactive on social media too, I went crazy when she tweeted me
  4. Ikr, it's been 5 years
  5. I see queen Pebe and her conspiracy theories about cancer influenced her Also she finally acknowledged Warrior again
  6. Game

    8, I used to like it more.
  7. Discussion

    Warrior era was my fave because I counted every day till she announced it and I followed her every move, also she slayed I was a big fan in Animal era but I was kinda young and didn't follow her that much (only big events, not much interviews or candids) even though I enjoyed her success & the album so much. People used to hate her so much tho I'm enjoying Rainbow's acclaim and success after waiting even longer than the wait for Warrior but sometimes it feels like something's missing, maybe WW success?
  8. Wait @Okan, are you also on ATRL? brit15scream1

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    2. TomTom2288

      I discovered you on ATRL jj2

    3. Okan

      Do you have atrl too? jj2 

    4. TomTom2288

      No, but I constantly check new Kesha updates and saw your latest reply in the Praying thread jj2

  9. Looks like she really enjoys to tour She's finally free from Warrior Tour ( It lasted like? 3 years? ) and can sing her new songs on tour
  10. Discussion

    I only know 11 Blocks and Ten Feet Tall and they are great I need to listen to more songs by him
  11. I don't like to admit but I miss ha too
  12. I like listening to Taylor and she's super famous so I'm here for it Thanks
  13. Single

    Radio became less stable
  14. Yours aren't bad either, I just don't have to be lazy all the time