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  1. Photos

    Post yours or your favorite ones here just made this one but the quality sucks
  2. she was so sad
  3. idk but I kinda feel like she's trying to build hype instead of other people leaking her stuff I hope I'm not wrong though
  4. they're from the backstage of firefly music festival, appeared out of nowhere.
  5. Event

    happy birthday release AG4 now queen
  6. I made a new set My avi was supposed to move at the same time with my VIP banner but it delays
  7. Game

    Does it talk about boys?
  8. Game

    Or if anyone wants to keep the game going I can give them my turn
  9. Game

    I'm going to bed now so y'all get your questions ready for tomorrow
  10. Game

    Because I deleted her unreleased from my phone and keep forgetting about them also there aren't many rock influenced songs post Animal era Does it have anything in common with machine guns?
  11. Game

    What Do we have it in studio quality?
  12. Game

    Oh does it talk about her being chained to the rhythm luke
  13. Game

    Innocence and Pills?