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  1. Review

    You did nawt skip intro bye
  2. here


    1. Urbanov

      We been knew that Iggy Azalea was his side project? um2

  3. Slay I love this chart so much
  4. Queen of vocal ability
  5. Discussion

    SLAYAGE TURNED 1 So many memories with this album can't wait for the next one
  6. I love her I hope her message helps people
  7. Have to agree
  8. I don't like it much but I don't use the tag so doné
  9. here

    Swish Swish bish demi1 


  10. Tinashe appearing on the artist chart twice
  11. Ride of Your Life in my ass
  12. Other

  13. Other

    Omg this tweet brought back so many memories
  14. I think the hit one is the chainsmoker song