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  1. Goodnight from here
  2. Saw a Turkish flag there nice makeup
  3. It's better haha here's mine: http://instagram.com/okxnok
  4. Does anyone have Instagram? I want more followers to follow more animals
  5. I'm reading it again and dying even for my old posts rn
  6. Single

    I honestly have no idea
  7. I gotta learn to let go
  8. What? I was the one crying after you left
  9. Iconic If anyone wants to read the meltdowns/cryfest on the last pages https://fotpforums.com/topic/95815-rotd-19-kesha-the-fotp-megarate/
  10. They were mad when those happened so they were having fun when the section become empty, we were having one of the biggest events/threads ever in this section & posting like crazy and they attacked the animal who organized it and he left the forum just before the megarate was finished. I'm happy that the other forum users are more positive now compared to back then or maybe I don't visit outside of the Kesha section much anymore. Yeah, I joined in 2014 and I felt the same about 2012-2013 threads too. There was keshaforum I used to visit and it was closed then I found here with googling "Kesha forum"
  11. Kesha's section was very active till 2015 (We even broke the post record of a fave section in 2014 with 10k+ posts in a week and it's still not broken yet) since we hadn't run out of games/mega rates etc and we would post any random thing on this thread but then it had to slow down, it revived a bit with the lawsuit day but with Rainbow we finally have new things to talk about again I'm so happy when I talk about Kesha :cries:
  12. I'm so happy to see this section active after all those years of drought. I wish I could post more but today was amazing
  13. Single

    Or Dr. Luke
  14. Game

    A 10/10 guilty pleasure