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  1. I was looking for how many times she's used the word "boogie" on twitter and found this on one of the tweets, March 1, 2015
  2. I'm so over this era already, I hope she releases new music soon after the tours end.
  3. I think it's coming this week Edit: I guess with Joyride preorder on March 30?
  4. I love the eye one but not this
  5. I hope it fades faster I missed her
  6. We don't call her the queen of longevity for nothing
  7. LWYMMD Delicate ...RFI End Game
  8. Music Video

    It's a great video, I love it. It felt like it didn't fit the song at first but it got better with time and left a feeling on me after watching it.
  9. Why would it be lol it's just flopping
  10. Discussion

    We have the official C'Mon stems, ToY inst & 2 of the Crazy Kids instrumentals (album & will.i.am version) too. They're not leaked by hacking Luke or something, they're on some databases that some people have access to, but I don't think more will leak. what they're saying is they'll make fanmade stems. I don't care for them since, well, they're fan made.
  11. This was one of my favorite vids of her a role model