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  1. Yeah it doesn’t count as an allergy, it’s an intolerance
  2. Okan

    Why am I getting more and more excited each day
  3. Okan

  4. Okan

    Yeah, the time has come for us to do the witchcraft for the lead
  5. Okan


    Ok she found a way to make the bangs work
  6. Okan


    Why does a Kesha song have a writers demo
  7. Okan

    To think how well Crazy Kids was received when it leaked… will.i.am ruined the song’s reputation forever.
  8. Okan

    It’s been 7 years since 2012… She looked so cute in Japan can’t tell the same about the side cut though
  9. Okan


    Past Lives Boots Take It Off
  10. Truly an underrated gem
  11. Okan


    Oh, just noticed that I have it as my member title Hope you had a great time Kesha wasn’t really a big name here at all but people usually know TiK ToK, YLIMD, Blow and Timber. Not sure about Die Young Her Turkish fan base got really small in the court era but I see many Turkish people on her IG comments too.