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  3. Pretty great. I wish I could’ve experienced it live
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    Totally agree with Vampire. It’s one of my favorite unreleased songs from her. Wish she had more songs like it
  6. The same here I was like why do the song names never get mentioned and why are blind and dancing with tears in my eyes bops (had little English and never checked lyrics either so I kept listening) I was on keshaforum too. I was so upset that it closed and I found fotp by searching for it the owner is probably still added on my Facebook
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  8. I was waiting replies like Moo (feat. Mariah Carey): a song about cow and milk industry, collaboration with the previous record holder Mariah Carey herself. Big in Sea (feat. Demi Lovato): a song about whale exinction and the dirt in the sea. Demi Lovato whispers “I’mma flick your v*gina” Peppa Pig Diss (feat. Christina Aguilera): a song about how pigs are seen starting from the human childhood, bacons and going vegan. Whatevs
  9. all these ancient history info
  10. KFC (feat. Azealia Banks) sounds interesting though
  11. After singing about horse rights on “Old Town Road” and taking the issue on the spotlight, Lil Nas X released a song about how bulls get abused and their scream of pain at the arenas. The song is called “Rodeo” and is a collaboration with the fellow animal rights supporter Cardi B. Both songs were hits and probably lyrically highlights of the year. It also seems like Lil Nas X won’t stop telling people to take actions against animal cruelty and will release next project pretty soon. Which animal rights issue do you think he’ll get attention at on his next move? Who do you want to see the most on his next projects? Song names? Personally I think cows and dogs should be the next ones. Not sure about the song names and collaborations though. Curious about your thoughts.
  13. @Chris Morlock happy bday