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  1. Event

    I've been through all these years as a Kesha stan but I'd unstan
  2. Event

    Iggy feature coming?
  3. Completely agree with you but maybe she's too good for GP's taste?
  4. I never thought I'd watch that show but I guess I'll do.
  5. here

    Tinashe's flame shock1 

    Wig burnt 🔥

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    2. Okan

      I have it jj2 

    3. Juinae

      Light our collective weaves on fire sis and share it! cry7 

    4. Okan

      I don't want to be sued by my favee2yqgD4.jpg

  6. Discussion

    It can still be on the Japanese deluxe if it's getting only Focus'd
  7. here

    Tfw you see the guy you fucked last year two days in a row at uni jj3 

    1. Entea

      He's secretly tryna tell u that he wants to fuck again ny1

  8. I don't want to be tagged, thanks
  9. Single

    Burn me queen 🔥
  10. Game

    Cheese burger > fat > fat and bearded guys > beards > eating beards > putyourbeardinmymouth.tumblr.com > Kesha's tumblr > Kesha Ice
  11. Discussion

    My trinity are Dirty Love, Last Goodbye & Die Young and Love Into the Light is probably in my top 5 too. The only song I kinda hate is Wherever You Are and it's because it feels like a forced-electro song to me.
  12. Discussion

    I like both of them when they're playing but I forget about them when they're over.
  13. Discussion

    Happy Birthday queen!
  14. Celeb News

    It's disgusting but not surprising coming from him
  15. Haven't you still noticed that they're talking about Diplo's reply which is irrelevant to honeymoon under that tweet?
  16. Game

    Warrior Animal Die Young Take It Off
  17. Single

    I love her country voice so much
  18. This, and it hurts so much
  19. Yeah that's what I thought