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  1. I'd be here for this tbh, it's not as basic as Rainbow.
  2. Photos

    Thanks ❤️
  3. Photos

    Post yours or your favorite ones here just made this one but the quality sucks
  4. Have a good evening
  5. I don't want to live with these, peaceful in word, hateful people but sometimes I see the hate all around the world with a different costume so I don't want to complain much.
  6. I agree that Americans are trash but we're not different.
  7. I think they were the extra ones I'm Turkish.
  8. I'm not a native English speaker and I was like 14 so don't judge me much.
  9. Omg i had a similar experience before. I need to go to sleep but let me do it after I write this. I found Animal on torrent before it was out and it had like 19 tracks (some of them were "(Bonus Track)". I also searched YouTube for "Animal bonus tracks" and I thought Animal had like 10 bonus tracks over the world. I downloaded it, bopped to them even though some sounded off but kept doing it till I bought the CD when I found it. I put it on my father's car on our way home then I was like Why does Hungover have the title lyric in the song and is a totally different song? Then I listened carefully and some songs the instrumental changed, some songs stayed the same and some were completely different. Then I realized the one I listened for weeks was a compilation of her songs released officially or put on YouTube by her, leaked demos and unreleased.
  10. Doné
  11. Then it's not really worth it
  12. they've all been my favorites at some moment I need to hear Bootycall, Woo Hoo and Feels Like Rain again
  13. Thanks, yeah I need more people to vote but I hate those annoying shouts. Hm I don't think they'll do it since they haven't changed the other artist's names but still worth a try
  14. Discussion

    I think it's ok Welcome to the forum btw, you'll get to used it
  15. Discussion

    He sent you a link for her unreleased how's that mean
  16. Can you upvote this pic? @Chris Morlock @Rosé. https://www.last.fm/music/Ke$ha/+images/2ed77bc6a8de6b0542846bf2f77101d1
  17. I need to have a listen again too
  18. Discussion

    Yeah, thankfully this is the one I got as a gift
  19. Discussion

    I'm glad that the one I have is one CD
  20. It Ain't Me, Babe
  21. Photos

    That would be a great idea to promote ngl
  22. she was so sad
  23. idk but I kinda feel like she's trying to build hype instead of other people leaking her stuff I hope I'm not wrong though
  24. they're from the backstage of firefly music festival, appeared out of nowhere.