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  1. Thought I should post these, actually love these songs surprisingly
  2. Honestly just love a good, simple soothing song with some nice vocals.
  3. Miley

    I meant his signature under his post not his avi
  4. Miley

    Side note: Who is the guy in your signature, he looks so familiar and I just cant think of a name
  5. Honestly, I love it. I went into this video with no expectations. Her new song Liar, is what I thought this would be, generic and over done. However, this song has similar vibes and emotions as Never Be the Same, and the video is really well done. I hope more of her new music is like this and not like Liar.
  6. It's like a toned down version of Uh Uh and Issues combined
  7. I need a music video of her singing this song on the beach where they filmed "The Last Song" in her wedding dress with it ending with her walking away from the beach towards the city. PLEASEEE
  8. Here are ALL the tweets: I love her so much
  9. I'm so excited for She Is Here!
  10. omg I cant believe it haha
  11. I mean, i'm sure she made some money so she can make a new album right?