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  1. 1. California King Bed - Rihanna 2. House on Fire - Sia 3. Young & Beautiful - Lana Del Rey 4. Another Day in the Sun - LaLa Land 5. State of Grace - Taylor Swift 6. Blonde - Bridget Mindler 7. Fix You - Coldplay 8. Full Circle - Miley Cyrus 9. Labels - Rachel Platten 10. Cannibal - Kesha
  2. Don't get me wrong, I love both girls deeply. TBH, I believe Ari will do better than Miley with numbers and sales (maybe not networth) all together. But Miley had, We Cant Stop, Wrecking Ball, AND 23, her (actual) rap song. back in 2013, to get 800+ views on a video WAS A SHIT TON harder than it is now. YouTube has grown. Each video was talked about EVERYWHERE. She had her own haircut all over the news, her own breakup, HUGE performances, literally everything an era needs. Plus, people calling GIAW "iconic" are lying to themselves. Like come on. Its a good track but will be forgotten like Taylor Swifts LWYMD. Female pop stars dominated the charts so she had more competition with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, etc. Honestly, Miley's 2013 is much more popular than Ariana right now. She's proving to be like Drake, a well received artist who charts well. However, I believe Ariana will outshine Miley's peak very soon if she plays her cards right. She has the GP's attention, use it wisely and she will win.
  3. Can't believe this will be only the second number one from ALL the Ex-Acts. They ALL deserve better
  4. Still waiting for them to upload full performance
  5. She needs to promote this single better especially in the US since it was blocked on YouTube for 3 days
  6. This could be her Bangerz and Wrecking Ball era tho so maybe she's coming harder
  7. Thanks! The video is not available in the US yet for some reason
  8. songs the same, added more scenes of the girls
  9. I love little mix but yikes Also @ their other song, Only You, sounding like Anywhere from Rita But still a bop so Im here for it
  10. But how? I love Gaga but you need an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. She only has a grammy. She's been nominated for both Oscar and Emmy. Maybe shell get an oscar for the movie but what about an Emmy? Also how is she gonna get a Tony any time soon? Again not hating just wondering
  11. Miley

    Plus, I bet it will at least debate in the billboard hot 100 and not the bubbling under
  12. Still listening to her song Altar to this day