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  1. Miley here

    Lets just pretend Younger Now was a “buzz album” for her new album 😂😂😂 

  2. Miley


    High key hate it when artist laugh in their song. Sometimes its cute but now its not
  3. Love this song, video is cute at best. The song is a clear rip from Anywhere from Rita Ora but still....I like it
  4. What’s the point of this thread!? It’s like you’re trying to get people to bash Christina. Of course her third week sale was only 5% decrees because of the second week sales decrease was over 90% drop. Sis stop trying to make her fandom look bad. I thought you stanned talent not numbers.
  5. I think that's tooooo soon but time will tell!
  6. Miley Cyrus has removed all instagram post, has blacked out every profile picture with a black icon, and her own website is just a black screen. Preparing for a new era? See below!
  7. Miley

    I JUST SPIT OUT MY DRINK OH MY GAWD!!! Sooo savage but those radio spins..
  8. Miley

    Celeb News

    Its like a mix of Bangerz and Younger Now
  9. LOVED the fact that the same people gave the same low score for every song...
  10. Miley

    Queen of Flops of the Pop This is called Flop Of the Pops no? So queen wins here!
  11. Miley


    When Miley's Wrecking Ball was replaced at number 1 with Lorde's Royals, I was like, who da hell is this bish coming out of knower, then Miley replaced her again at number 1 with Wrecking Ball and then I was like, ok let me give dis girl a listen. And I loved Pure Heroine. Not really Miley directly, but, she was involved
  12. Miley

    The whole trying to be controversy is SOOO 2013. It's been done for years and year starting with Madonna, then to Britney, then to Miley. How about this year, we get some real talent on the stage? If they can get some of the new pop girls to premiere their new singles on stage live, they have a chance
  13. Miley

    Reminds me of when Miley went though her phase of the "hippie" thing. He'll get thought it