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    Seven Seconds is a BOP
  3. She actually just reenabled them a few minutes ago so they're back on. But I think they're censored because I see less hate! But it was really bad before
  4. Y'all there's a time and place! This thread is to report the news of his passing! We do not even have the full story. Ariana had to disable all her comments on instagram because people like on here are blaming her for his death. News flash, this is NOT just a story for her. It's her LIFE. She is NOT his mother. She is NOT responsible for his actions. She is her OWN person. She acknowledge his issues and hope for his best. If he refused the help, that is NOT her fault. Yall make me SICK. His passing will be hard on his family and fans and everyone he knew personally. But lets not blame ANYONE else. If you do, you are part of the problem
  5. R.I.P to Mac Miller. I cannot imagine all the shit that was going on in his mind. Thoughts with his friends and family. Also, I cannot help but also think about his Ex Ariana. I hope she does not blame herself for this. Just when things were quieting down from the "scandal" from aretha franklin's tribute and now this. I'm sorry for them both
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  7. Miley

    I actually didn't mind the song Let You Be Right, and her song All the Ways would be cute if the hook was longer. I can appreciate an artist making cute bops since everyone is trying to be "hard" and "edgy". I hope she can loose the old look and be something new
  8. Miley


    It's cute!! Also half a million views in 3 hours not so bad!!
  9. Apple Music just recommended me LP so I checked her out and I really like a few songs, reminds me of a mix of Artist and also Bebe Rexa a bit. She has not charted in the U.S and a lot of the comments seem to be not in the US. But I think this type of song could SMASH in the states here. So, do we like her? Thoughts?
  10. Miley

    So what you're saying is, if you're a featured artist on a song, it only counts if your name is Rihanna? Rihanna is a featured artist sooo you gave her credit for the single. Mariah is a featured artist on the single AND is credited and you didn't give her credit. ok?
  11. but where is her album? I am confusion
  12. Literally was only hoping for Miley to announce a comeback or something its been too long since this blackout started.