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  1. back in the old days when i was a OMH whew
  2. im sour candy so sweet then i get a lil angry sour candy yeah yeah yeah
  3. Ryan


    I need to hear sour candy I’ll literally suck cock for it
  4. Ryan

    yeah cause people listened to running for naughty boy
  5. Stream it, inject it, absorb if
  6. my fave is literally pushing 60 and is releasing career highlights so no
  7. Ryan

    if that's a new low for Gaga then I don't even wanna think what circle of hell Legend X reached when she released Lotus!
  8. Ryan


    I'll take the gold cause my upgrade is due anyway but in general they can keep it
  9. Ryan

    No and I'm ready for the meltdowns
  10. Ryan

    she should just become a full time album artist