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  1. if that's a new low for Gaga then I don't even wanna think what circle of hell Legend X reached when she released Lotus!
  2. here

    This lowkey PUNCHES the original lbr 


    1. Americunt

      Doesn't really change the fact that it's a bad song, though.

  3. here

    How am I already on 7 fucking WPs on ATRL? That site is a joke. rip4 

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    2. Ryan

      @Mystical Monkey Didn't he get banned? rip3 

      @RihannaRTTlmfao1 Girl

      @Hyun. Half my WPs are for off-topic. I do have one which, admittedly, I do deserve for 'insensitive'. But now I've just collected one for flamebait. Unless people stan paedophiles I don't understand how I was baiting anyone!? rip3 

    3. Serene.

      Then he got unbanned because they accidentally permed him thinking he was a dupe katy1 

    4. Taylor

      well ATRL is the pits, so


  4. here

    Followed you on Last.fm


  5. here

    Life really does improve when you find the right guy giveup1 

    1. Honey

      Awe congrats cry2 Love is amazing ny10 

    2. Ryan

      Oh it ain't love ny5 But it's good enough! cry9 Thank you cry9 

    3. Honey

      Oop jj5 oh well, either way you're welcome hug1 

  6. here

    I'M FINALLY IN TO ATRL giveup1 

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    2. Jony

      My verification mail wont arrive 

    3. Chris Pratt

      Come through LaixTRL giveup1

    4. Onika

      FOTP cancelled, bye y'all rih8

  7. here

    We got that hood love we got that good love


    Let me make baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad


    Boy you make me make bad decisions



  8. here

    This era is lowkey becoming a meme lmfao1 tumblr_o7fozgG9RA1soatv3o1_400.png 

  9. here

    UNCHARTED 4 IS HERE giveup1 


    1. Carlos

      I CANT WAIT TO PLAY IT!!!1111 scream1 ;lsidfjs;aldkfjas;lfmjhas;lkrnsmdflh;flfnv;amslfasjda'sdk';asldk'ad'd

    2. Carlos

      I may have to wait a lil bit here in my area but rest assured I WILL PLAY THE FUCK OUT OF IT! scream1 THE GAMEPLAY IS IN FUCKING HD! I CANNOT scream1 

  10. I love Una cry9

    1. Ryan

      The talent of the Saturdays cry9 stan cry9 

    2. TattooedHeart

      I miss them cry9 

  11. here

    Ya'll better get in the chat, shit is going down!



    1. Coca-Cola

      edit wrong post fall2



  12. here

    I don't think people realize Born to Die is actually one of the biggest eras of all time giveup1 

    1. Gilly

      it was massive and so influential giveup1 

    2. Hunty Bear

      not to mention one of the best! giveup1jj5