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  1. if that's a new low for Gaga then I don't even wanna think what circle of hell Legend X reached when she released Lotus!
  2. This has me cryiiiiiingggg
  3. People like that deserve to be shot in the face with a shotgun
  4. To be honest it's too easy. Townies should be banned from communicating via PM. The fact there is a townie PM. Unless you're good at blending in mafia will get singled out easy.
  5. Because most mafia games villagers are only allowed to post when you need to lynch someone... This is the first mafia game I've played where you can post 24/7
  6. Why would scum expose themselves by voting to save their teammates?
  7. But the last werewolf is Semeria She tried to bargain with the devil and it backfired
  8. dd, your lies are dustier than that wig on your head. Be a bad bitch hunny and strike me tonight. We'll see who was telling the truth!