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  1. @Jjang @Merryem So the question is... will Katy bounce back?
  2. Katy: Part of Me Teenage Dream This Moment Bastille: The Anchor Weight of Living, Pt. 1 Lethargy Maluma: Me Llamas (Remix) Corazón Borró Cassette Demi: Skyscrapper Heart Attack Daddy Issues
  3. Discussion

    Okay, let's get started. Katy Perry 5: ELEMENT Witness the Tour ends. Katy is kept out from the public eye and all her social media remain silent. That's how we know she's working on coming back. She makes her first public appearance during the 2019 Grammy's since she concluded the Witness tour. She attends the ceremony, but does not perform anything. Maybe she could present an award. Her hair is short and dark again. She rocks a look similar to to this one: Around March/April 2019, she is featured on a track by a well-known producer or DJ (Marshmello, Zedd, Calvin, etc.) or on Nicki's new single around at the moment. The music video is fabulous and the song goes Top 10 on Billboard (peaks around 7-9) Meanwhile, she's seen working for charities as UNICEF or the Boys and Girls Club and that's what her social media is all about. On the first week of August 2019, she drops a trailer for KP5's lead single. Which is released a week later. It is produced by Max Martin and has a sound like this: The MV for the Lead Single is released a week before the VMA's and features Katy in a beach/tropical island. This era is all about nature look-wise. The song peaks at #3 on Billboard Hot 100, due to rap/urban still being the most popular genre at the moment. VMA's 2019. Katy is awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and performs her new single preceded by a medley of her hits: I Kissed a Girl, Hot N Cold, Cali Gurls, Firework, Roar, Dark Horse, Swish Swish and the new single called New Places. First week of October 2019. A promo single is released along the announcement of the album. The album is called Element, and it's visuals are about nature (deserts, tundra, beach, etc). The promo single peaks at #24. It's a slow song with acoustic guitar dominating the most of the track. Last week of October 2019. The album (Element) is released along with the second single. It is an empowering song (what Katy does best), it has a strong beat and strong sounds. It goes straight to #1. The music video is released on November 2019 and its shot in a desert. Those are my ideas for at least the first two singles off the album and the beginning of the era. The album is maily produced by Max Martin and Avicii. It has more natural sounds (acoustic guitars, piano, etc) It has at least three 100% pop songs (ala Walking on Air or Roulette) The theme for the era is nature and ecosystems (forests, lakes, beaches, tundra, deserts) The lead single is up-beat and the MV is shot in a beach/tropical island. The first promo single is a slow acoustic guitar song The second single is her biggest hit of the era and it's an empowering song. The tour focuses on the nature visuals. She has long, dark hair for the whole era and tour. No wigs.
  4. Music Video

    We'll have to wait 'till OPH4 first video lol remember Torn Apart. That stuff was messed up af.
  5. Music Video

    You realize this is Craig's video and not Bastille's when it's so normal and just about getting wasted at a party with no death involved.
  6. So can we call 1989 her "TD" era and Reputation her "PRISM"?
  7. Rumor

    OMG GUYS THIS IS NOT TRUE. December 28th is Fool's Day here in Mexico and that rumor was originaly posted by a Mexican fan page for Fool's Day. Then some brazilian fan page posted it as real and then it became a "rumor".
  8. I agree with @Gemma Collins that it sounds more like an OOTB track, and I doubt it would've been a hit in any era. It just lacks that GP appeal that Roulette or Witness could have.
  9. Ludwig Van Beethoven.
  10. Photos

    Honestly she'll have to stick witn blonde short hair as long as the tour continues. Can't imagine her singing CTTR or Swish with long hair. Plus, she's already filming Idol with short hair. It's like when Gaga was already singing jazz but still had to wear her outrageous costumes on the Artrave tour.
  11. Hi Everyone! In this post, I'll be sharing my Top 40 Songs of the Year. All along this year I'll be creating my own charts based on the music I'm listening to, how often I play those songs and how much I like them. I compiled all the chart data and here are the results. #40. Witness - Katy Perry This song is one of my favorites in the album. I love the message and how we all are looking in this world for people that can be with us in the highs and lows of the life, call them family, friends or a significant other. It is always nice to be aware that we are witnesses of other people and they are the witnesses of our journey in life. #39. Glorious - Macklemore feat. Skylar Grey I'm glad he's back! And he came back with an amazing song with a great message and a really cute music video. I also wonder when will Skylar Grey break through, tho. #38. Too Good At Goodbyes - Sam Smith Another one who came back after a while. I always enjoy Sam's voice and the message of this song hit me real deep because of a certain guy who I thought was (and sometimes I think he really is) the love of my life, but he moved to another city and the story had to be over. I also love the music video and he looks hot af. #37. 3 A.M. - Jesse & Joy feat. Gente de Zona Let's admit it: reggaeton took over 2017. A bunch of latin artists that before sang ballads or pop switched to more latin sounds and this is one of the examples. Jesse & Joy were already a successful and talented duo (they're brother and sister). But then this song came out and it just clicked for me. The crossover felt natural and it came out really well-done. I bop to this song at the club everytime. Stay tuned for more!