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  1. Other Hey Hey Hey the next single?

    Actually Chained and Swish were good choices: Chained Witness Swish Swish Roulette Pendulum
  2. Local Artist drags Taylor

  3. Beyoncé has been in the industry for 20 years, but has no memorable moments or visible influence, why?

    I think OT was trying to talk about Taylor but made a typo.
  4. Albums that should be inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame?

    Teenage Dream tbh
  5. So this guy won't see that I'm all he needs because he's still not over his ex who cheated on him at least 3 times. nicki1


  6. Other Hey Hey Hey the next single?

    Not another feature for this era please.
  7. Witness vs. Reputation

    Ganando como siempre amiga
  8. If Bey doesn't care about singles, why does she keep releasing so many of them?

    She actually is telling some truths. Living in Mexico, Beyoncé's figure has practically faded here since Sasha Fierce/4. She's become more local in the United States without promoting singles, making music that is more appealing to the US. At least in Latin America, she hasn't had big hit since Halo/Single Ladies. While other artists that are flopping in the US are having great success here (Katy went #1 with Swish Swish in Mexico). Can we stop acting like the US is the only market in the world?
  9. Witness vs. Reputation

    OMG sis I'm praying for your soul. SS and Pendulum are amazing tracks.
  10. Witness vs. Reputation

    Mess @me lol
  11. Witness vs. Reputation

    So, now that the two main faves and faces of the beef ot the year have released their albums, this comparison was bound to happen. Witness vs. Reputation Witness vs. Ready For It Hey Hey Hey vs. End Game Roulette vs. I Did Something Bad Swish Swish vs. Don't Blame Me Déjà Vu vs. Delicate Power vs. LWYMMD Mind Maze vs. So It Goes... Miss You More vs. Gorgeous CTTR vs. Getaway Car Tsunami vs. King of My Heart Bon Appétit vs. DWOHT Bigger Than Me vs. Dress Save As Draft vs. TIWWCHNT Pendulum vs. Call It What You Want Into Me You See vs. New Year's Day
  12. Game El Goot Awards 2017

    Hey! I created my own awards show based on my favorites from this year. You can vote here: https://goo.gl/forms/lqC0caf9nI7zGmu62 C A T E G O R I E S Artist of the Year Album of the Year Record of the Year Song of the Year Best New Artist Collab of the Year Video of the Year Favorite Male Artist Favorite Female Artist Favorite Duo/Group/Band Pop Artist Pop Song Alt/Rock Artist Alt/Rock Song Urban/Latin Artist Urban/Latin Song EDM Artist EDM Song Movie of the Year YouTuber of the Year Hottie of the Year Vote with me! https://goo.gl/forms/lqC0caf9nI7zGmu62
  13. Music Video Bastille - World Gone Mad (Official Video)

    This song is amazing... my favorite band ever!
  14. Why are sales/chart so important for some people?

    I think we all agree this years charts were a mess so numbers are not reliable either.
  15. Why are sales/chart so important for some people?

    I get they measure a song's success or popularity, but why do we keep comparing faves based on this instead for the quality of their music? I'd like to hear your opinion, cuz basically I follow not so popular artists like Bastille, Erick Macek, Jaime Kohen and some Mexican locals. The only "successful" artist I follow hardcore is Katy and I'm not bothered by her not charting or selling so much this era 'cuz she served quality in my opinion.