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  1. Discussion

    k but where is rise.mp3
  2. Discussion

    I love Birthday, especially the Cash Cash Remix
  3. Album

    My top 5: Pendulum Witness Mind Maze Swish Swish Roulette
  4. It's gonna be her Dark Horse 2.0 It had a moderate run on the charts and exited before its MV came out, then it became a smash hit.
  5. I think he did when he sang "there's a hole in my soul, can you fill it? "
  6. Because it is sh*t. Literally every song from 50 Shades soundtracks is sh*t.
  7. So, I've been living rough situations in my life recently. I'm currently studying a career, but I don't know where I'm heading to in the professional world, or which way I'm going with what I'm doing in other aspects and 'Mind Maze' has really helped me to define my feelings and served me as a 'soundtrack' for this time in my life. I think this is why I first fell in love with Katy's music, it's very meaningful and helps you to get through rough times. I'd like to know which songs from Katy have helped you through rough times or which songs have defined moments in your life...
  8. Despacito started huge in its original version here in Mexico, and it's still strong. I'm tired of that song. It's been enough.
  9. Game

    1. Witness - 70 3. Roulette - 85 4. Swish Swish - 75 9. Chained To The Rhythm - 85
  10. Vanguard Award? What has she accomplished in recent years? Being the laziest fave of them all?
  11. Discussion

    CTTR Swish Swish Witness Bon Appétit Pendulum
  12. Tracks that I use regularly: Witness Roulette Swish Swish Power CTTR SAD Pendulum Tracks that I use occasionally: Mind Maze Tsunami Bigger Than Me Bon Appétit Tracks that I skip: Miss You More Into Me You See Deja Who Nay, nay, nay
  13. Game

    1. Witness- 70 3. Roulette- 55 4. Swish Swish- 70 6. Power- 30 9. Chained To The Rhythm- 70 14. Pendulum- 15
  14. Discussion

    Okay but all the songs in the top 10 were real good ... now it's just trash.
  15. Game

    1. Witness- 70 3. Roulette- 65 4. Swish Swish- 75 6. Power- 30 9. Chained To The Rhythm- 60 14. Pendulum- 10