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  1. El Goot


    Thanks! This is the one I'm gonna use from now on.
  2. Hey guys. I really liked Ariana’s latest album (I think it has become my favorite by her) but I feel the track list is arranged oddly. I don’t like the main singles at the end and I really think the album should close with ‘ghostin’. Do you have a different track list order that you could suggest?
  3. El Goot

    My top three performances of the night were: Miley and Shawn Dolly Parton tribute Brandi Carlile
  4. Yes, it should. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  5. Let's face it. The new wave of pop girls is coming, and as 10 years ago there will be some that will stay and some that will not stay along for much time. I think Ariana, Dua, Selena and Miley will consolidate as the household names of this wave as Katy, Gaga and Rih did 10 years ago. Demi will be the Xtina: good voice but poor choices. And the newer pop girls will have to win their places (Ava, Billie, etc.) What do you think?
  6. El Goot

    Post Malone and mumble rappers.
  7. Today is the last day to vote! Vote, friends!
  8. He’s the closest I’ll get to that genre 😂😂 thanks for voting guys! You can keep voting!
  9. It's that time of the year again! As some of you may remember, last year I created my own fake awards show with my favorite artists/songs from each category and you guys got to vote! This year is the 2nd Annual Top 25 Awards Ceremony where you will choose the winners. Here are the nominees for the biggest categories: The show will be livestreamed with a fake red carpet and a fake main show on 12/16/18. (A link will be posted for the livestream) (The livestream is real tho) Don't miss out and cast your vote HERE
  10. TiK ToK - Ke$ha Say My Name - Destiny's Child Real Friends - Camila Cabello Pendulum - Katy Perry Like I Can - Sam Smith El Chico del Apartamento 5-12 - Selena Havana - Camila Cabello Ghost Town - Adam Lambert Good Grief - Bastille King - Years & Years
  11. LADIES, KATY JUST POSTED THIS ON INSTAGRAM. Plus, she was on set for three days in a row. WE'RE GETTING CHRISTMAS MUSIC FROM HA!
  12. Listen Here! http://katy.to/CozyLittleChristmas Sorry for the mass tag.
  13. El Goot


    Bastille - Wild World. That's it.