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    I already fixed it
  2. OMG is there people who still care about a #1 in the BB100? The chart has become local as fuck, it does not longer represent global trends and hip-hop is dominating at the moment. Hell, even Lil Poop or idk his name will score a #1 faster than any of our girls because the GP in the US loves trash like Post Malone, Lil Lucifer and other acts.
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    Calvin Harris Sebastián Yatra Will from Bastille
  4. You didn't read anything in the article, right?
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    Hi, Cats! So, as many of you know, today Witness turns 1 and I did my own album tracklist and re-imagined the single choices. So here I present you The album is presented as a full 17-track journey. Each song narrates a different aspect of Katy's life through the years since PRISM was released but it follows a cohesive line. The Songs It opens with the title track, 'Witness', a mid-tempo song that prepares us for the journey that is about to begin, talking about finding that someone special to live it with us. But the album is not only a personal journey through Katy's emotions, it's about finding a purpose in life, 'Bigger Than Me' expands our perspective to a more global one. 'Chained To The Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley)' follows the path left by 'Bigger', an 80's inspired song that calls for our awakening and action into the world's problems. We then move on to a fully-woke queen mode. In 'Hey, Hey, Hey', Katy breaks all the molds by presenting herself as a powerful and outspoken woman who can be her own boss. Katy keeps giving zero f*cks about what you may think of her attitude with 'Act My Age' and inviting us to get rid of all the taboos and age restrictions that society imposes. And since she's now in that zero-f*ck attitude, she can take a little bit of time to dedicate a sassy song to all those haters that keep talking stuff, that is 'Swish Swish (feat. Nicki Minaj)'. 'Swish' serves as a transition so we can move into the full-party and sexy mode in the album. Katy is now enjoying herself and life, so why not have a "little of consensual adult fun". 'Roulette' talks about freeing your mind every once in a while and allowing yourself a little encounter with certain someone. 'Bon Appétit' keeps this mood alive inviting this someone to taste her cherry pie. 'Tsunami' represents the orgasm of the night, moving into a more sexy but slow mood. 'Dance With The Devil' introduces us to the dark side of the album. The self-blaming feeling is all up on Katy and she wants us to connect to that feeling. She's recognized she lost control during the night (or months) in the full-party mode and forgot her direction that was well-determined during the first four tracks. 'Mind Maze' represents the struggle inside of her brain and feelings. All this confusion leads her to miss her former lover, 'Déjà Vu', one of the last upbeat of the album, talks about her past relationship and how it affected her deeply. The couple of ballads then come in back to back. 'Miss You More' talks about the part of the journey where Katy feels unoptimistic and realizes all his love was more an idealization of her than real feelings. Despite that, Perry struggles to decide whether or not to contact him again in 'Save As Draft'. Time passes by, and Katy remembers her original purpose: trying to be a better version of herself. Now, she has realized that she can do it with or without someone by her side and no one can hide her true 'Power'. The journey is almost over, but Perry wants to deliver two last messages to her audience. 'Pendulum' serves as an encore to the album, and tells us that, just like her, our life is a journey with highs and lows and it's up to us to grow above everything and rise. To close the album, 'Into Me You See' is the "thank you" for all the fans who have been there to support her along time and thanking them for witnessing her highs and lows along all these years. Tracklist 1.- Witness 2.- Bigger Than Me 3.- Chained To The Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley) 4.- Hey Hey Hey 5.- Act My Age 6.- Swish Swish (feat. Nicki Minaj) 7.- Roulette 8.- Bon Appétit 9.- Tsunami 10.- Dance With The Devil 11.- Mind Maze 12.- Déjà Vu 13.- Miss You More 14.- Save As Draft 15.- Power 16.- Pendulum 17.- Into Me You See Singles Released: February 2017 Peak: #4 in the BB100 Performed at Grammys, BRITs and iHeartRadio Awards Released: April 2017 (along with the Tour Announcement) Peak: Top 20 in the BB100 Performed at SNL Released: June 2017 (with album release) Peak: Top 20 in the BB100 Performed at VMA's Released: November 2017 Peak: Top 30 in the BB100 Performed at AMA's Released: March 2018 Peak: Top 40 in the BB100 Peformed at Grammys and American Idol NOW THIS IS A SOLID ERA KATY. CONTACT ME FOR THE NEXT ONE. BYE.
  6. Hi KCats! Let's get straight to the point. One of the main reasons that Katy didn't release Roulette as a single is her inability to perform the song live. It's a difficult song for her to sing. Period. That's why on tour she always sings the lower harmony in the chorus and let's her backup singers do the main melody. She wouldn't be able to give a vocally powerful performance for promoting it.
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    Twitter is saying she's performing Part Of Me... smh.
  8. El Goot

    Lol I bet she's used to sleep late. Plus, that night she flew straight to LA because she had Idol that weekend.
  9. Where are her 6 #1's tho?
  10. El Goot

    Here in Mexico opening acts start at 9PM. Katy started her show until 10:20 PM for Witness The Tour in all her Mexico dates with the show finishing at 12:30 AM. It's normal for us mexicans to go home really late!
  11. El Goot


    She could perform: Pendulum - with a massive choir ala WTT in Mexico Witness - stripped down performance and release an acoustic single version Roulette - but she won't lmao. But most likely the three judges will perform together a cover or something.
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    Honestly, she needs an EDM collab ASAP. Zedd x Katy Marshmello x Katy or something like that...
  13. Hi KCats! So, as you may know, I attended the second date of Witness The Tour in Mexico. It was her 69th show from the tour and it was a-freaking-mazing! I had a wonderful time, plus, she performed one of my favorite songs of her that she had never sung live: Pendulum. Enjoy! Here are a few pictures of me enjoying the show
  14. El Goot

    Well, Swish Swish and CTTR did better WW than all of Reputation's singles (except LWYMMD). Bon Appetit had a similar chart run than End Game and better than Delicate. (It also charted higher than both in the UK) But... you do you I guess.