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  1. Pendulum Swish Swish Bon Appétit Witness Roulette
  2. I have a lot of love for this album. The era was a mess, not gonna lie. But it is her most cohesive work so far and it really tells a story. Pendulum and Roulette are the best tracks in the album.
  3. Katy is keeping steady on all platforms, maybe we can snatch that Top 10 debut next week! I'm happy for her.
  4. In no particular order: Teenage Dream Part of Me Roar Legendary Lovers Unconditionally Ghost This Moment Love Me Double Rainbow Swish Swish Pendulum Hot N Cold Roulette Firework Rise OOTB = 1 Teenage Dream = 3 Prism = 7 Witness = 3 Non Album = 1
  5. Pendulum Bon Appétit Chained to the Rhythm Roulette Tsunami Witness Swish Swish Miss You More Deja Vú Mind Maze Save As Draft Power Bigger Than Me Act My Age Into Me You See Hey Hey Hey Dance With The Devil I generally only skip the bottom three tracks, which in my opinion are irrelevant to the album's development. I sorted my own tracklist. Witness Bigger Than Me Chained to the Rhythm Act My Age Swish Swish Roulette Bon Appétit Tsunami M
  6. Prism's first three singles paved the way for a change. Then Capitol throwed it all in the trash by releasing Birthday and TIHWD as singles instead of releasing WoA and Legendary Lovers. The GP was already taking her more seriously until before Birthday was released as a single.
  7. TiK ToK - Ke$ha Say My Name - Destiny's Child Real Friends - Camila Cabello Pendulum - Katy Perry Like I Can - Sam Smith El Chico del Apartamento 5-12 - Selena Havana - Camila Cabello Ghost Town - Adam Lambert Good Grief - Bastille King - Years & Years
  8. I'm voting for #1 too
  10. So this guy won't see that I'm all he needs because he's still not over his ex who cheated on him at least 3 times. nicki1


  11. Because it is sh*t. Literally every song from 50 Shades soundtracks is sh*t.
  12. So, I've been living rough situations in my life recently. I'm currently studying a career, but I don't know where I'm heading to in the professional world, or which way I'm going with what I'm doing in other aspects and 'Mind Maze' has really helped me to define my feelings and served me as a 'soundtrack' for this time in my life. I think this is why I first fell in love with Katy's music, it's very meaningful and helps you to get through rough times. I'd like to know which songs from Katy have helped you through rough times or which songs have defined moments in
  13. Despacito started huge in its original version here in Mexico, and it's still strong. I'm tired of that song. It's been enough.