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  1. Other

    She should lower the key a half or whole step down. That way she wouldn't struggle when singing it.
  2. Hahahah delusional snake. You wish Taylor had a hit as big and iconic as Firework.
  3. Ex-fcking-cuse you. Teenage Dream had more #1s than 1989 and way bigger impact.
  4. WIG
  5. Agree! The hate is decreasing this year is what I can see.
  6. Other

    Thanks! I'll be submitting my data to katycats.com for a chance to win a M&G!
  7. Discussion

    I really enjoy this song. This was my fave off of the album a few months ago where I was going though rough times and it helped me get through them. I really like it.
  8. Discussion

    For me it has aged pretty well, specially since I just re-arranged the tracks last month and now I'm enjoying it completely. This is my tracklist: Witness Bigger Than Me CTTR Act My Age Swish Swish Roulette Bon Appétit Tsunami Mind Maze Deja Vú Miss You More Save As Draft Power Pendulum I deleted Hey Hey Hey, Into Me You See and Dance With The Devil. (I still listen to H3Y as a stand-alone song, tho)
  9. Other

    I just wanted to share with you guys that I, El Goot, will be attending the concert in Mexico City on May 4. I'M SO FCKIN EXCITED! This will be the first time I ever see her live.
  11. Discussion

    Plz no. I hate Khaled.
  12. Photos

    Yeah there are some
  13. Discussion

    Not compared to Ghost, Takes Two, This Moment, Love Me, BTGOG, Spiritual, CYB.
  14. Jennifer Lopez or Justin Bieber tbh.
  15. Taylor Swift: She is a great songwriter. RED Album was an amazing album and it deserved the Grammy instead of Daft Punk. 1989 Album was great too.