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  1. itzney

    this sounds pretty good. gives me 2004ney circa vibes
  2. itzney

    i kno right. she did sooooooo much http://fotpforums.com/uploads/emoticons/default_.gif' alt='cry3'>
  3. itzney

    i love that hairstyle and her face is just FLAWLESS
  4. itzney

    she looks soo tiny. love her outfit
  5. itzney

    prizmatic slay tour
  6. it wasnt up to her. i mean she let it slide but her team kind of pressured her into it. they are evil even justin has said this before
  7. itzney

    i thought it was very skanky . i mean ariana is a beautiful girl. im not hating but i disliked that a lot
  8. itzney

    i like her style but since that kiss at the end of her first music video, i kind of lost a little respect for her. there's still a lot of things to admire about her but i dont get too crazy about her
  9. itzney

  10. itzney

    oooooohh MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  11. they did it on purpose. her team is evil as fuck and the industry did that to her on purpose xtina16
  12. itzney

    or the album wasnt even finished so there's nothing to release and no mystery behind it. they arent denying it though because they WANT us to think there's more so keeping it a mystery, they are making fans crave britney still. oh well. i honestly dont kno what it would of been like but i think focusing on what we got is what we should b doing. she'd done a lot in her career and she deserves the credit so let it go. im sure its not something godney would want us holding onto. (i really find it hard to believe that album exists somewhere)