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  1. Mariah has global hits under her belt. OT: Based on sales, impact, streaming, etc Madonna has remembered classics too. Queen Of Pop, King Of Pop and Songbird Supreme are all legends and globally known artists with globally known songs.
  2. light741

    It's a Bop. I believe she doesn't promote it because her ex lover Satan is very jealous still. Same reason why Mariah doesn't promote her song Oh Santa. Since her ex Lucifer threatened to leak certain photos of Santa that could make Santa go bankrupt.
  3. light741

    She did though. And as time goes by, she does it more and more. Also she had many great things to say about Madonna this decade.
  4. light741

    It's my observation, because one side says the other is petty, but then both are petty.
  5. light741

    @HninSi @Jjang @Yzma I am thrilled to know some things never change. I come back from being hospitalized, and the same old war is still going. It is unfair how certain fans of both Madonna and Mariah can't be objective and give credit where is due. Let me put it like that. The past days were like hell to me.I thought i was going to die because of a health issue, don't want to get into details so let me just say it involved seeing blood after going to the bathroom and feeling way too much pain. It was so strange to think about the fact that i lost 2 family members this year and for a moment i was like, so i am next?. This just made me remember once again that what i already said before is true. We only live once, being petty is not the way to live life. I know this threads are supposed to be fun, but there comes a point where it just doesn't work. But congratulations for the hit thread. Don't pay too much attention to this rant anyway. I'm still sensitive about my last experience. I will try to be less dramatic and messiah later. The med is still having an effect on me.
  6. When a hater is like JAJA, i won. And then.....
  7. This could be used for some.....
  8. light741

    winnie is winne. But ok. Madonna has: yzma. 350.000.000 records sold. simon. jjang
  9. Charts are not everything. Comercially Britney has always been bigger. But Xtina has more industry respect currently. I think Britney fans agree on that too. Britney needs time off to connect with her inner being again. Why fight over who is flopping harder? Both have nothing left to prove, are icons and left their mark in the industry.
  10. light741

    Madonna and Mariah moved on. They aren't fighting. They have been in good terms for many many years now. Curious. When you make these threads because 2 lambs(yes 2) in this forum known as FOTP, come for Madonna and don't acknowledge her overall bigger stats and stuff like that. Does it ever cross your mind that there are Madonna stans that also act the same way, and would rather eat glass than give Mariah credit for anything? Because i don't think your threads are working in changing anybody's view. The ones that troll from both sides are still doing it no matter what.
  11. light741

    You don't have to be a hit in 2018 to be a legend. And you say lambs but i don't see many lambs dragging madonna outside of 2 people.
  12. light741

    And madonna's streaming numbers won't be much better. They both have 10M listeners in Spotify. We know Madonna has the bigger career and fanbase, so she has bigger numbers overall. But it doesn't change the fact that she is on the same boat. They are both far from being comercial forces today.
  13. light741

    We love Gaga and Mariah. 2 girls with globally known hits and multi platinum sales under their belts.
  14. light741

    Well recently Glitter rached #1 on Itunes. But isn't itunes over according to many? You are lying again because most lambs don't claim Mariah is a comercial force today You along with @Yzma and a couple of other madonna stans here are just obsessed.