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  1. light741

    A ballad?. Give us those killer vocals queen.
  2. light741

    I like the cover. It is a beautiful pic.
  3. WOW. We are already at the door of a new era. This will be my first era as a member of this forum since i joined in 2014, but i wasn't very active here back then. I hope to collect some great experiences. Bring it on mimi!!!!!!!!!!
  4. light741

    She looks amazing and the song is very good.
  5. light741

    Because he was a prisioner inside the debut album.
  6. I mean, she was the biggest diva on earth. But she was so unhappy. I wasn't a fan during her peak. But looking back now at many interviews. You can see the sadness, the sorrow in her. Like one of his friends said once. I never saw somebody have it "all" and be so unhappy. Look at this interview for example.
  7. light741

    I am more than ready for new music. I can hardly wait.
  8. You hit it hard with that one darling. By the way @Hylia. Would you be here for Hawkgirl gifs?
  9. Madonna is relevant in the US as well. All the legends, Madonna, Janet, Cher, Mariah, etc are relevant based on the mark they left. Even if they aren't talked about as much as before, for being at a point in their careers where they don't dominate the charts. Xtina has a legacy as a big voiced diva and still an influence for new artists. Same with Britney. Gaga is receiving attention for her new film. We'll see if the film becomes a hit.
  10. None of the veterans are comercially relevant today. But they are still known and have a presence based on their legacies. Well duh. Queen Of Pop. All the legends are relevant in the sense that they have left a mark for which they will be always remembered.
  11. We are ready queee, Give us the music.
  12. light741

    Germany went full gay mode that era with MImi. Madonna was socked.
  13. light741

    Making a statement for the gays like no other big voice diva since the 90s. When will the others?
  14. light741 here

    Even dogs stan the princess of pop. @Vesper @Loose Rap