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  1. That sadly happens all the time and to pretty much anybody. Mariah suffers from that too. There are fans of artists that come for her, even though she has bigger career stats than those artists.
  2. light741


    I think it is a good thing they didn't reveal much. The music sounds great. And the trailer looks great without revealing any of the biggest moments of the film. Steve has many ways to come back. Wonder Woman verse is involved with divinity and magic.
  3. Well. It's already coming for the title of highest selling female single ever in the UK. So she has won either way.
  4. And when did i compare one thing to the other? If this thread is about a Billboard record that has been broken, it wouldn't make sense to talk about other stuff. Also Mariah has worldwide achievements too. She is not Madonna, but she still is one of the big names of the music field in her own right.
  5. Just because Madonna is the highest selling female, that doesn't mean Mariah is some unknown bitch with no achievements. Mariah is a legendary vocalist, globally known as one of the greats in the singing history book. How many time do we have to go through the same debate?
  6. I didn't say Madonna doesn't have records. It doesn't change the fact that Mariah has her good amount of records herself. Also the payola card is truly overused by some of you when it comes to mimi. You should know that record labels have used tactics like that for many big names. Michael, Whitney, Destiny's Child, jlo, etc. That doesn't mean that all of a sudden, all their hits become invalid. All of them (Mariah included) have remembered hits.
  7. Getting excited for Breath Of The Wild 2 @Hylia ?
  8. light741

    Some delusional statements: Beyonce is not a great dancer. Gaga's success with ASIB is because of bradley cooper. Janet, Mariah and Beyonce aren't global. Madonna doesn't have talent.
  9. For once, you let your partner have some fun
  10. No need to do that because Mariah has remembered hits.
  11. Thanks sis. Did you miss me? Rumor has it that you didn't need me around to keep on making Mariah bashing bait threads
  12. The thread was made by a Madonna stan. And it is about a Billboard record. So yeah. The True Blue Album has nothing to do with a Billboard single chart record. You are just doing what you typically do. Try to minimize Mariah's achievements.
  13. light741

    The video in the op proves she can still sing and sound really good. Which Mariah also can.