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  1. They both were huge. WBT, a solo Mariah song from 2005 spent 14 weeks at number one. So it's not like she never achieved a lot of weeks at number 1 without another artist.
  2. Yes global. You say that but in many threads even in some where Mariah is not involved. You seem to move fast into attacking mode towards her.
  3. After you let sink in the fact that Mariah is a global legend with more than 225M records sold, one the most acclaimed and impactful vocalists of all time.
  4. Yes we love winners. And Mariah's career truly is the career of a winner. Madonna stans will deal with the fact that their fave is not the only woman with success and impact.
  5. She is #3 honey. Let that sink in.
  6. She has had enough global success. And her tours are huge globally. While others that have bigger chart runs have weaker touring power globally. We can't have it all can we?. OT. I think Madonna will always be the queen of pop. Beyonce is Beyonce. She has her own legendary career. She doesn't need to be compare to others to prove anything. Her career does all the talking for her.
  7. But a majority of pop stars even the ones that are veterans, don't write most of their music all by themselves either. Beyonce may not be the greatest of all time. That term doesn't truly exist. There is always somebody more qualified out there. In terms of vocals, or acting, or dancing, etc. But she is a great performer. And without the budget. She can still wow people with her vocals alone.
  8. Above Mariah where?. On what chart in the past 5 years?.......... You mean the only one with 3 imaginary peaks.
  9. Yes. She has 1.
  10. And where is Madonna on the charts today?.Exactly. And Madonna stans trying to com for anybody's vocals is a massive irony.
  11. If coadf is a peak for Madonna, then TEOM is also a peak for Mariah. Madonna peaked once. And every album after her peak sold less. Like it happens to everybody else.
  12. That is not what peak means. Madonna never had another era with sales as big as the TB era. That is her comercial peak. Mariah is a legend as well. So.
  13. No because comercially speaking. Madonna's biggest era was True Blue. The OP is asking who had the bigger peak in terms of sales. Nobody has more than one peak in that aspect. Mariah is not even fat anymore. But that has nothing to do with being a legend. Look at Aretha. She is a bigger legend than both.
  14. Yet Madonna, Janet and Mariah went through their more mature-sexual transformation way before xtina. According to xtina herself. These 3 ladies influenced her.
  15. I like Ray Of Light a lot. But Music is her best album IMO. Then American Life, Then Bedtimes Stories. Then Ray Of Light. Lemonade is great. Beyonce truly outdid herself with that one. Butterfly is my favorite. It means a lot to me. The vocals give me life. The lyrics are very emotional, and have an even deeper meaning now as Mariah opens up about her struggle. Nearing the edge Oblivious I almost Fell right over A part of me Will never be quite able To feel stable That woman-child falling inside Was on the verge of fading Her battle was real even way back then. And where is The Velvet Rope?. That masterpiece won't be ignored. You better not shade it.