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  1. light741

    You better believe it.
  2. light741

    Is the thread about hits, or about albums that we love every song on them?
  3. Talking about Nintendo. This gif is very relevant to many of the threads created by agu. @Urbanov @I Brings That Levity I'm trying something new, what do you think king? @Hylia
  4. light741

    This thread is dumb.
  5. light741

    Well she gave a good show, even if you don't like some of the things. It's funny to hear some of you talki about cringe. Because that word could be used for almost all the pop stars, when it comes to some of the things they do.
  6. light741

    Tell that tolegends like Elvis, Celine, Mariah, Cher, Bette Midler etc that have done Vegas
  7. Mariah ain't the only one snubbed here. Where is Maria Callas?, Diana Ross?, Ella?, Whitney ain't there either. I understand that in the minds of some people, being a big inflence mostly for vocals may not be "good enough" to make a list like this, but singing is a form of art, it is an artistic expression that has existed for so long. It shouldn't be understimated. It would be like understimating those that aren't great vocalists, even when they have other strong artistic points going for them. In my opinion there is an eletist way of thinking that needs to stop. Some people only look at one specific thing when they rank artists, instead of looking at all sides to understand and fully appreciate what each individual brought to the table. Art should be appreciated, not treated like a war game. Although we do that too here, but that's because we are bored so we can get a pass
  8. light741

    Forgot to say thank you. I'm saying it now.
  9. light741

    I tagged you first. But then i thought, maybe you don't follow this religion anymore.
  10. light741

    Well duh because like i said to @Hex Madonna vs Mariah is a sacred being from before earth was created. Everytime you have a doubt about the quality of BG. Madonna vs Mariah is the solution. Everytime you don't know what to wear, what to eat. Who you should #####, or what should your religion be. Madonna vs Mariah is the answer. When will xtina,britney, the beatles, Elvis, Janet, Michael, Jesus, Athena, Zeus, Kratos, etc.JAJAJAJA. Calling all the believers. @Régine Filange @Urbanov @I Brings That Levity @Jjang @Hylia @The One Beyond All @Moonflower Let's pray. Repeat. Like A Virgin Touched on The Roof for the very first time. Bitch Santa Is Coming To Town to make The Girls Gone Wild, as All They Want For Christmas Is to Vouge Together.
  11. light741

    But they still move in a comparable ballpark. And they are 2 of the few women over 40 with more than 10M in Spotify
  12. light741

    Pink has had great longevity. So i'm sure Halsey would love to But when it comes to agu's crazy comparisons. I think he would settle with just being able to....
  13. light741

    Madonna and Mariah have similar streaming numbers outside of xmas. Don't you think you are shading Madonna's own numbers by suggesting that nobody plays Mariah outside xmas?
  14. light741

    This is just a similar type of respond that the one from a few lambs telling lies about Madonna not having classics. Mariah was already at 10M in Spotify months before xmas. So obviously AIWFCIU is not her only remembered song. Madonna proving again she is queen of pop. Good for her.