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  1. It's good. I still would have liked to hear what a remix with kim and cardi would sound like.
  2. light741

    Mariah is a sweet person. Yes there may be some lambs that don't like Ari. But most Mariah fans have nothing against Ariana and think she is a very talented girl. And let's not forget that things like this happened in Madonna land as well. When Gaga was stomping and being called the next Madonna. There were Madonna fans that took issue with that. It's normal i guess for some fans to act like that, but there is no reason to feel that way really. Madonna and Mariah have nothing left to prove and have their names in the music history book already. Let the new pop girls have their moment.
  3. light741

    Caution: Giving Me Life-Caution-The Distance.
  4. Mariah has global success in her resume as well. Sure Madonna has the bigger sales. She has bigger sales overall than any other woman in music. But today she is not a chart topper either.
  5. light741

    It depends. What fanbases said that? Vegas has been a thig for a lot of big names. From Elvis to Celine, Cher, Bette Midler, etc. All of the people that have done Vegas, have also done tours and other projects while doing Vegas. So it's not a bad thing for Xtina or anybody really.
  6. That doesn't mean she doesn't have hits there, or hasn't influenced singers there.
  7. light741

    I'd rather have super strength, speed, eternal youth, immortality. A castle on Jupiter and a talking squirrel. Then me and @Hylia will make a team of Super Heros called Hits Of The Pop. And Agugaga would love to join, but he'd be like
  8. light741

    You will have your memory back eventually. And i doubt the power of your amnesia could affect a whole continent
  9. light741

    But she sold millions in Europe. You forgot her you mean. You used to love to drag her like a cousin you have known and hated all your life.
  10. light741

    Yes. But what does comercial success have to do with this anyway? People like Aretha never had big sales. Yet she is a massive influence in the singing realm.
  11. light741

    And time Travel queen. She makes the list and i didn't know she changed her debut era date to the 80s or 90s.
  12. light741

    @Régine Filange @Urbanov @Moonflower @Sylk @Jjang @I Brings That Levity @Infrared
  13. light741

    Hi everybody. Happy new year to everybody!. Hope this year brings joy and happiness to all of you. Madonna and Janet are usually 2 of the most common names when it comes to female legends that influenced the next generations of artists in the art of performing, visuals, stage presence. Whitney and Mariah are 2 of the most common when it comes to singing legends that have influenced the next generations of singers. In your opinion, which other 3 artists would complete the top 5 in both groups? Madonna/Janet group. Mariah/Whitney group. I'm talking about artists from the 80s and 90s only. That can fit in one of the 2 groups. The legendary perfomers. The legendary vocalists.
  14. light741

    You better believe it.