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  1. You are the one complaining about Mariah not being a "good" person. You do it on here. On Youtube, twitter etc. Everywhere you seem to think you are the God that judges who is good and who is bad. You dedicate your time to attack an artist you don't like while complaining that Mariah isn't a nice person. Did you take a look at your own attitude darling?
  2. Honey i have been absent from this forum for months. I'm just passing the time. Him on the other hand. Criticizing Mariah is his way of life............
  3. I'm not constantly posting things about artists i don't like and lecturing artists that don't even know i exist about morals and being a good person. So i'm far from having a meltdown. Celine is not perfect with her technique either. But that doesn't mean she has bad technique. It is important to remember that some of the common singing approaches we here in mainstream music, are not what would be considered the best way to do things by the most conservative vocal coaches. But that has to do with the fat that the rules in mainstream music are not the same ones from the Opera or Brodway s
  4. Yea girl. Context. Mariah has had nodules since childhood. Which means she should have been more careful with the way she treated her voice in the long run. Some of the choices she has made were not the best. Like smoking, overworking, drinking. All things that are not good for the voice. But she is not the only vocalist in history to make some bad decisions towards her instrument. You named Whitney which is another example of that. Mariah has had better vocals post 1998 than the ones she had in 1998. So i don't know what you are trying to do here. And this is not a competition about who is be
  5. The fact he spends more time naming everything he hates about Mariah rather than focusing on his favs. And he thinks he can talk about anybody being or not being a nice person when he is full of hatred.
  6. She has nodules since childhood. She was a heavy smoker since she was 12. So yeah. Context matters. Mariah is far from being this terrible technique singer. So honey it's time to get your facts right and get a life. You are not doing yourself any favor by posting your twitter posts where you show you have nothing better to do than bashing Mariah 24/7.
  7. Most older singers haven't been singing with nodules their entire career. And don't show me that video as if that's the best she has done in the past years because that is far from the truth.
  8. It is not. Her whistles are part of her singing style. It is her choice and right to use it in whatever way she wants. And Mariah doesn't need whistles to hide anything, because she has proven countless times that she can sing with breath support.
  9. The way Mariah sings is not a mess or weak just because you don't like it. Mariah has proven countless times that she has great musicianship. Showing great inflections. Knowing how to play with the meter, whether that’s behind in or in front. Rhythmic intuition and melodic phrasing that can handle very complex vocal lines. Hearing the spaces between intervals. Choosing the most effective embellishments/ articulations. Extrapolating and resolving melodic statements. Being able to float above a pop melody, settle into a hip-hop groove, as well as turning around and give jazz interpretations of a
  10. Let's see if Mariah doesn't have good vocal moments in her career shall we darling? @Ahmed
  11. Darling there are a lot of good performances to prove she can still sing. And 15 seconnds are enough to show if somebody can still sing or not.
  12. Honey Mariah has a lot of performances post 90s proving she can still sing. You think you are doing something by claiming Mariah is not a talented singer while defending jlo's vocals? Mariah is up there with Celine and Whitney as one of the greats. Oh and by the way. Patricia Carey an opera singer said Mariah wish she was the singer Patricia was. She didn't mention Celine. You can bet most opera singer have a more polished technique than most mainstream singers including Mariah and Celine. So let's not.
  13. That's what she wants us to believe. But secretly she was there. It's just that you can't see it very well in that gif. Here take a closer look. Mottola is the short hair that got her faced blow up. jlo would be the purple one. The most racially ambiguous. Like the character she played in her classic rom coms.
  14. Did i mention that the other 2 in that gif helping mottola in trying to end MC and MJ are thalia and jlo?
  15. In this particular case though. mottola probably compared Mariah and Michael because they had some things in common. They were both at Sony. They both had to face mottola trying to ruin their careers and both loathed him for that. The way both exposed his ass. He was acting all cute thinking jaja i got them forever. Like this. But they were able to reveal his true face. Which probably looks like this. And then finish the evil forever. Like this. It's amazing how Sailor Moon has a gif
  16. Well now you know that i don't have an account on atrl.
  17. No. I don't have account on atrl. Are you a fan of me now and want to follow me around?