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  1. Specially when Taylor has only become bigger. 16 years after her debut. The longevity is real. Some can't handle it. Just when haters thought she was over. This happens.
  2. Looks like some things never change around here. So now is Taylor the one that is hated the most by certain Madonna stans around here. What happened, Did Taylor shade Madonna or something? I am sure no stan of the queen of pop, who is all about power to the women and defending their rights, wouldn't attack other successful women for no reason. Right? Oops.
  3. Taking away z moves and megas. Cutting off a huge portion of Pokemon is a big no for me. I hope this issue will be fixed in the near future.
  4. I bet the bunny will be Fire/fighting type. Nothing against it, but they could try something new with the starters typing.
  5. Mariah has global success in her resume as well. Sure Madonna has the bigger sales. She has bigger sales overall than any other woman in music. But today she is not a chart topper either.
  6. That doesn't mean she doesn't have hits there, or hasn't influenced singers there.
  7. Memoirs. TEOM. Glitter. E=Mc2. Charmbracelet.
  8. Butterfly. Daydream. Emotions. Mariah Carey. Rainbow. Music Box.
  9. US and its flop taste can't appreciate this beautiful song that is a huge hit in Asia.
  10. It is not a cover. Didn't you know that when Mariah covers a song, it becomes hers? The power of her legendary voice and musicianship is that huge.
  11. I would start with Gen 6 or 7. Better graphics and all. For the nostalgia i guess HeartGold would be great. If you want, you can try to get into the competitive world and breed your fav Pokemon to create your fav teams.
  12. Because he was a prisioner inside the debut album.
  13. Even dogs stan the princess of pop. @Vesper @Loose Rap



  14. Darling i was watching this, and i just remembered you are a fan too @rose 



    1. rose


      that was beautiful cry9

  15. We love a global vocal legend that will be forever relevant. And the endless threads that her detractors create everyday, swearing she is irrelvant. Right? @Royale moo6

  16. Yet you still look at my posts to respond with that comment later.
  17. You acting like jlo is on Mariah's level. Or that Mariah lips but dion doesn't. Or that xtina's vocals have no flaws. LOL the delusion.
  18. That doesn't put her on Whitney and Mariah level. Those 2 also have everything you just named.