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  1. Tara

    Kylie ofcourse! ...and Ke$ha after Kylie Here's one jam from Body Language sessions, year 2003. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lz5RlANPis
  2. Tara

    You all are crazy. "Sexy Love" is a fantastic single choice! Even better than "Les Sex" and is EXTREMELY radio-friendly. However, after this, i would go with "Les Sex" as a single #4, "Million Miles" #5 and call it a day (era)
  3. TiK ToK 18 (+) Your Love is My Drug 26 (-) Take It Off 24 We R Who We R 26 Blow 24 Die Young 30 C'Mon 8 Crazy Kids 24
  4. Tara

    Not a single material, yet still better choice than "Beautiful" or "Kiss Me Once" :coffee: "Les Sex", "Sexy Love" or "Million Miles" would've been the best choice!
  5. Tara

    Wow! That single cover seems... interesting... :rolleyes: Loving it tho! Original idea.
  6. Tara

    Okiess, why would any of us "rate" the songs and overflow this forum with unnesecarry stats? Tastes are different and individual anyway... :rolleyes: Speaking about video for "SexerciZe", i would say it's sexy which fits the song, but i hate the short-haired Kylie... So "Get Outta My Way", and i didn't like how she looked like in that video. That's why Body Language era was her best era when it's about the visual aspect.
  7. Tara

    Album sampler! I love "Million Miles", "Sexy Love", "Sexercize" and "Fine"
  8. Tara

    Agreed. I would actually dare to say that "Into the Blue" is her the way worst lead single EVER! :shrug:
  9. Tara

    "Hello Kitty" and "Bad Girl" should be released as 4th and 5th single of the album! :cheer:
  10. Tara

    Wanderlust is such a jam! :: Sophie rocked it up this time, really! I hope "Cry to the Beat of the Band" is going to be released as the third single tbh, it's just a magnificient song, and i'm almost sure - the very best on the album.
  11. Tara

    And what would be the second one? :queenbitch: PS. Does somene have a B-Side to ITB - "Sparks"?
  12. Tara

    Oh c'mon Kylie!!! I mean, it's been like what... 3 f*cking years since Aphrodite :usrs: