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  1. Not a single material, yet still better choice than "Beautiful" or "Kiss Me Once" :coffee: "Les Sex", "Sexy Love" or "Million Miles" would've been the best choice!
  2. Okiess, why would any of us "rate" the songs and overflow this forum with unnesecarry stats? Tastes are different and individual anyway... :rolleyes: Speaking about video for "SexerciZe", i would say it's sexy which fits the song, but i hate the short-haired Kylie... So "Get Outta My Way", and i didn't like how she looked like in that video. That's why Body Language era was her best era when it's about the visual aspect.
  3. Album sampler! I love "Million Miles", "Sexy Love", "Sexercize" and "Fine"
  4. Agreed. I would actually dare to say that "Into the Blue" is her the way worst lead single EVER! :shrug:
  5. "Hello Kitty" and "Bad Girl" should be released as 4th and 5th single of the album! :cheer:
  6. Wanderlust is such a jam! :: Sophie rocked it up this time, really! I hope "Cry to the Beat of the Band" is going to be released as the third single tbh, it's just a magnificient song, and i'm almost sure - the very best on the album.
  7. And what would be the second one? :queenbitch: PS. Does somene have a B-Side to ITB - "Sparks"?
  8. Oh c'mon Kylie!!! I mean, it's been like what... 3 f*cking years since Aphrodite :usrs:
  9. I love new Avril's album! Such a treat for my ears! All the songs are great... :wub:
  10. "Busy" is such a jam... And i know Olly Had little something with him a while ago +tehe3+ He's DEFO not a gay u guys. Sorry!
  11. Live to Tell 22 (-) Like a Prayer 92 Vogue 88 Justify My Love 72 Erotica 12 Music 38 Hung Up 32 (+)
  12. Yey! Go Cascada!!! :cheer: