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  1. I agree with all of this, even though I'm a Bey fan. Bey's and Brit's careers wouldn't have been the same without those respective songs. They played important roles. Beautiful, although a big hit and controversy back in the day, it's quite overlooked when it comes to Christina. I hear Genie, Dirrty and even Hurt and Candyman more. Dark Horse is not even top5 signature Katy songs, plus Legendary Lovers or Walking on Air would've seen similar succes given single treatment most probably. We Found Love is just there like any other Rihanna song. Lots of big hits but mostly forgotten. You could choose any song for her any her career woul've been the same. It's more her image and marketing that made her an icon rather than the music itself imo.
  2. YoungForever

    Rihanna being better than Britney Spears teas
  3. Well, she got that contract before her decline started most likely. Aren't there Idol promo pics with her when she still had hair? She was coming off a smash era, massive world tour, being the top paid musician in the world (didnmt she top Forbes a year or two ago?) and a succesful and praised Halftime show. You can see why they thought it would be a good idea to invest a lot in her. No one could have predicted the bitch would go ham and completly ruin her career and image by this time last year.
  4. YoungForever

    Except neither did Gaga bounce back Just because she's not receiving negative press anymore doesn't bring her back on top. She's arguably more irrelevant than she was during Artpop. And I don't see it for Katy either. Her brand is damaged forever. I don't think she'll ever be perceived as cool again. Nobody will be able to unsee this version of her. As I said before, this is kinda similar to Britney's case (except Britney was going through serious problems that needed treatment, Katy is just a mess willingly). But still, both their brands were massively damaged. However, Britney managed to literally come back on top with Circus. The reason why I don't see it for Katy is people never cared for her a 10th of how obsessed everyone was with Britney back in the day. She was still the headline of every publication. They have simply moved on from Katy.
  5. Gurl, they literally never counted other platforms before Gaga. It was the first time they released such numbers. All we had prior were TV ratings. And Katy had way higher ratings. Which would make sense tht she would have bigger numbers than Gaga had they counted all the platforms for her too. Katy's the most watched halftime show in hisory. Period. But you can stay bragging about Giphy views or whatever
  6. YoungForever

    I'm mean, all power to her for doing what she wants and having fun Deepthroat was something. But after seeing Doggy Style I can never take this girl seriously
  7. How did Rihanna even get mentioned in this thread? This forum is something else How do I request a permban? But as a reference, Whitney, Mariah, Prince and Elvis are closest.
  8. YoungForever

    I'm sick of this narrative. Was Katy over when she had a hit with Dark Horse just because it wasn't solo and someone dropped a random rap verse on it? Drunk In Love was a hit. And a big one. Maybe not a worldwide smash but still a hit. And it would have been with or without Jay. Lemonade's singles were awfully managed. Not saying she would've got a smash out of it but Formation would've been a much bugger hit if she released it properly. And if her fanbase alone can help her sell out stadiums worldwide and gross hundreds of million dollars with no "hits" then that I'm glad she only has her fanbase keeping her alive.
  9. YoungForever

    There's no such thing
  10. YoungForever

    The bigger the star the bigger target
  11. YoungForever

    This is literally the definition of a classic. I feel bad for the pressed souls in this thread, there is no argument you can make.
  12. YoungForever

    No one performs like Beyoncé. At least no one who is alive.
  13. YoungForever


    Well yeah as few before me already mentioned, it was seen as bad because everyone expected a Slave or Oops level of slayage. But compare it to Rihanna or Katy Perry and it doesn't seem that disasterous anymore
  14. YoungForever

    Issa bop but it should've stayed a guilty pleasure album cut, just like Peacock. It did more damage than good to her career, especially after CTTR.
  15. YoungForever

    She matured and evolved with this album. As a whole body of work I agree it is her best. Witness the song might just be better than Teenage Dream the song as well (which is more than often considered Katy's best song). My only problem is that it's unnecesarily long, she could've cut like 3 duds and make it even better. I'm 100% is would have been so much better received had it and Katy herself been marketed differently. It's not innovative, but surely different and new for Katy. Neither of her peers have brought innovation in music, idk why y'all getting kiis but oh well