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  1. Just dropping by to say this is her best music video and one of the finest of the century as well! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!!!
  2. Yeah but I didn't upload it on social media so I can't post it here
  3. Omg I was just at Madame Toussaude in NY and her figurine was SO FUCKING UGLY. It literally looked nothing like her. Not even the outfit. It was the opening costume for the PWT. There was no Beyoncé, Britney, Micahel, Madonna, Elvis or Adele. But thanks for selena gomez and jlo I want a refund.
  4. Tomorrow's the day for me!! How long should I start queing before the show at the arena? I did it 7 hours before the show for Beyonce and that was in fucking Dusseldorf
  5. But I see pics of Beyonce living restaurants and stuff on my Twitter feed all the time. For the last 3 days in a row. How do these people know where she is? Should I camp with the paps in fron of the building she lives in at evening in hope she goes out?
  6. So I'm in NY for 2 weeks, how do I know what restaurants she goes to si I can go see her?
  7. I just read that DLMBTLTK peaked at #1 and Overprotected at #5 in my home country Romania. We used to stan hard omg, she was everywhere, even Someday was on MTV all the time
  8. Tbh that's when it all started to go downhill. Everything after that has been a trainwreck of bad decision after bad decision. Except for the Superbowl. That's like the highest point of the career. I remember being so proud that night. And I think I still want to get the same tattoo she got on the finger "XLIX".
  9. I was just kidding, but still she could easily do it imo. Just start singing "If I lost it all today" after she screams "I can finally see you" And then come down and finish the song with some choreo Of all songs she decides to cut Witness short. She's doing it on purpose I swear. She and her team definitely check/read social media, she knows her fans are obsessed with the song. It's been very hard to like her lately.
  10. Now I have to go both with a "glue a wig on your head" billboard AND a "perform Witness in full" one
  11. Please tell me she performed Witness in full last night
  12. Rise is a good song indeed, but it shouldn't have happened. It killed A LOT of her hype. This is how I think Witness would've worked best 1.Witness 2. Roulette 3.Swish Swish 4.Deja Vu 5.Power 6.Mind Maze 7.Miss You More 8.Tsunami 9.Bon Appetit 10.Bigger Than Me 11. Save As Draft 12.Chained To The Rythm Heyx3, Pendulul and IMYS are dreadful I'm sorry. I hate Swish Swish too but it's a guilty pleasure bop and it fits with the rest if the album unlike Pendulum abd IMYS so it can stay. 55
  13. Second half was messy but she did the SB and still served looks and now looking at the Witness era.. I'm not complaining The tour teasers look breath taking though!! I have high hopes!!
  14. The PRISM era was full of great performances Uncoditionally at EMAs is still one of my all time favorites And this still scalps me up to this day
  15. Like, I loved it from the begining, but I was more fascinated by Power and Witness. And then I found myself having it on REPLAY it's just so addictive. She delievered with this album. Witness, Tsunami and CTTR are top 10 best Katy songs ever period. You could even make a case for Power. Another thing that I hate is the performances. Like, idk wth happened with her. The only cool one was Swish Swish at X factor. I pretend she didn't do any of the other ones. Even the CTTR ones. Let's hope the tour is nothing like that.
  16. Oh I love it!!! I think it's her best album. Could've worked even better as a 12 track, there are a couple duds, but iverall her best body of work. She evolved as an artist and I'm so proud of her. Witness is her best song in my opinion. It surpassed TeenageDream. Tsunami is now my all time most played Katy song ( although there's sone naughty reasons for that too ) But I do hate her for the self sabotage. It's probably the messiest era of all time. The rollout is atrocious. Idk what happemed to her and her team. I would've prefered Witness as the lead, but I love CTTR
  17. Not a bit I miss mom though lol If the show is really good I'm gonna buy tickets for Portland too. I wanted to go to NYC because a concert at MSG will make my New York experience complete. Especially since it's Katy. I've seen B, after NYC and Katy I can die at peace haha.
  18. I wish But I do plan on moving there on the next couple of years I live in Portland now, which I absolutely love too! Oregon is just beautiful.
  19. Go for it! Thanks for the free promo haha -- She better have a stunning performance for Tsunami at least if she's not gonna do a video for it
  20. I do follow FOTPKatyPerry. Let me check the rts and replies lol And yeah I do plan on going early. I stayed in line 7 hours for Beyoncé at the FWT But it was worth it. Second round here I come!
  21. Romania lol Nothing ever comes there (can't blame them though)
  22. I'm very excited, this is my first time seeing her. She didn't bring PWT in my country and I was too young to travel at the time but now that I'm in the USA my time has come!!