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350.000.000 records sold

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  1. 350.000.000 records sold

    The real Xmas classic. Queen of Christmas.
  2. 350.000.000 records sold


    This bitch. I can wait for 2-3 months for new music but I can't handle the fact that this may happening cause she cares more about the MDNA skin shit. She looks 5 tho.
  3. 350.000.000 records sold

    You stan Maximus from Tangled with the only exception that Maximus has better teeth, just gtfo bitch. And speaking of books, here's one for you:
  4. Is he a pedophile? He looks very young. Why he got arrested?
  5. 350.000.000 records sold

    Ignore him. He's old.
  6. 350.000.000 records sold

    Sis, they are coming for Madonna when in that pic Mariah looks blurred.
  7. Oh, I just want you to come with meeeeeee
    We're on another mentalityyyyyyyy




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    2. 350.000.000 records sold

      So I'm killin' it up, killin' it up


    3. Ghostface

      And I like it, I like it, I like it

      Don't matter how, what, where, who tries it

      We out here haunting, we haunting, we haunting


    4. Satori

      We STAN the song that should have been submitted in the Song of the Year category!! alex1

  8. 350.000.000 records sold

    This is her only album that can be called kinda mainstream and it rulled the US charts more than any late 00's and 10's FOTP album. You're lucky she didn't released another one. Even if Ultraviolence deserved more success... but quality doesn't sell that easy.
  9. 350.000.000 records sold

    Celeb News

    I suddenly want to be one of her cats.
  10. 350.000.000 records sold


    Mirwais will serve more Music. Good timing at listening to Music, since Music 2.0 is coming.
  11. 350.000.000 records sold

    Can you leave the forum please? You are literally useless now. Everyone is bored of your pathetic trolling, even Moo fans dragged you. Fake shit.
  12. 350.000.000 records sold

    Sis, I'm talking about the album. The album is timeless.
  13. 350.000.000 records sold

    The Venice bitch ended everyone. Ugh, her suicidal mind did that.
  14. 314 weeks charting in US. That's 2198 days, or 72 months, or 6 years. US yearly charts: 2012 at #70, 2013 at #53, 2014 at #56, 2015 at #62, 2016 at #116, 2017 at #143 For the most boring artist of the 10's (as some members called her) she did extremely well. None of her FOTP peers managed to chart for 6/10 years of the 2010's, why? Stream Born To Slay on Spotify: