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    Idk what happened, the Tati girl exposed him about something. But seeing his subscribers dropping is really the best thing that happened in 2019. https://socialblade.com/youtube/c/jamescharles/realtime
  2. Madame X


    Am i the only one who haven't watch the video of Crave yet?
  3. Madame X

    This is already tiring. James Charles is over and i refuse to even pay attention to his side, or the rest story of this messy situation. I'll not either praise Tati or suddenly support her in everything, but i'm glad she exposed him, someone had to. That's all, waiting for the next drama duo.
  4. Madame X

    Eurovision starts in 20 minutes. I haven't see a single performance yet, i was waiting for the final songs. Who do you think will win?
  5. Madame X

    Not me being a main suspect at first chapter.
  6. Madame X

    Only 6 at chapter 3.
  7. I thought @Unapologetic Bitch made a mistake at the title. Why would they ask Maluma for Madonna's love life.
  8. I thought he was talking about music single omg.
  9. Madame X


    I have to say this is slowly becoming my favorite. I mean, her vocals in the bridge are still a nightmare, especially the way she screams "YOUR" future is bright. But i think i changed my mind about it. I mean, i liked the beat / rythm / lyrics from the start, her voice was kinda weird. I still think this is her worst era (based in what we have heard) vocally. Album + live perfomances.
  10. No one said is original or idk, isn't inspired by Marina for sure tho. Madonna couldn't even name a Taylor Swift song when they asked her and they have meet + perform together. I don't think she listens to many new artists. Plus she already revealed from where she got inspiration about this theme, from her dance teacher, Martha Graham.
  11. Everyone is talking about the 40 seconds autotuned part of Future sis. They are sheeps. Madonna tried to mix many genres in an album (remember the IG story saying mixtape?) and she failed to do it right, till now at least. It sounds like the songs are made by others, cause this doesn't feel like Madonna, not even 10%.
  12. The stage was amazing and the theatrics too, the only problem was the vocals at the second half of Future.
  13. Many people are praising her for showing support to Palestine tho.
  14. Twitter is problematic to death anyway.
  15. Watching Slender Man.


  16. Madame X

    She showed the Palestinian flag, snap.
  17. Madame X

    I want that Spain guy. Cyprus should win btw.
  18. Madame X

    Estonia clearly copied Ariana's One Last Time chorus.
  19. She just performed and twitter compared her outfit with Madonna
  20. The Cyprus performer is behind Madonna. I bet she's SHAKING. She stans Madonna hard. She has put many outfits similar to Madonna's in some shows in Greece.
  21. Madame X

    I was focused in her boots the whole time, but we stan.
  22. Madame X

    Germany. Bye sisters...